傲嬌醬(Tsundere-chan)是冷嬌模擬器(Kuudere Simulator)的第二女主角。她的本名目前未知。



她有著一頭綁成雙馬尾的橘色長髮,和一雙看起來總是很憤怒的藍色眼睛。 她只出現於 冷嬌模擬器 (衍生作品)遊戲中。 她在遊戲中穿著短袖水手制服。

In the game, she stands right next to a chair with her hands on her hips and her head always facing right. The player is able to scroll the mouse around to see her better.




  • Tsundere-chan's appearance is a reference to Asuka Langley Sohryu from the anime Evangelion. Her hair is similar to Saki Miyu and Witness-chan.
  • B能讓她說「笨蛋!」(baka!)
  • E她會戴上一個眼罩。
  • 再按一次T使角色切換回冷嬌醬。
  • She is a simple character who was created purely for Kuudere Simulator.  She may be added into Yandere Simulator as a student since the final game will need 100 students, but this is not a high priority for YandereDev at the moment.
  • He has later reconsidered this idea as he calls Osana Najimi "Tsundere-chan with an actual design that had effort put into it." There is only enough room for one tsundere.
  • All her quotes are highlighted in orange.
  • tsundere is a common personality trope in anime where a person will show aggressive/rude behavior towards another character, but this is only to conceal their true, more sweeter side. This personality is widely considered the antithesis of the yandere personality.

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