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By using the Yandere Simulator Wiki, you agree to follow all of these rules. If you have questions, please ask our staff, you can find them in the navigation bar under "Staff & Help".

For guidelines, please go here.
For rules relating to Signatures, please see here.
Rules relating to the Discord can be found on the Discord page.
Rules relating to the Minecraft server can be found on the Minecraft page.
For info about warnings, please see here.


Main Rules

  1. No attacking, targeting, bullying, or harassment.
    1. Harassment on other wikis will always count if the harasser is following their victim to this wiki or vice versa.
    2. Harassment on other sites will also always count if it's clear the other site was used to get around punishment on this wiki.
  2. No bigotry.
    1. Bigotry includes homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism, and other similar means of discrimination.
  3. No spamming/trolling/vandalism.
  4. No linking/posting pornography or other NSFW material.
  5. No doxing or sharing private information about someone.
  6. No excessive drama or fighting.
    1. Discussion that has degraded into unproductive arguments will be stopped and actions may be taken by staff.
  7. No necroposting.
    1. Necroposting is defined as replying to a comment, post, or blog older than 6 months.
    2. Owners of a message wall may grant exceptions if they wish.
  8. No vulgar language or slurs.
    1. A list of "vulgar" words can be found here.
    2. Slurs are banned regardless if they are on the above list.

Page Rules

  1. No speculation.
  2. No advertising.
  3. No badge farming/spam editing.
  4. No fanmade content.
    1. This includes OCs, fanfiction, and fanart.
  5. Please edit using American-English.
    1. Non-American spelling are permitted if it belongs to a quote.

User-Staff Rules

  1. No removing warnings from your wall.
  2. No false reporting.
  3. No claiming to be or impersonating wiki staff.
  4. No adding templates only staff members can add to a page.

Miscellaneous Rules

  1. No stealing and claiming content from another person.
    1. Reposting someone else's work is allowed if they are credited or permission is given.
    2. Reposting official artwork does not require credit or permission.
  2. No editing the userpage of another user without permission.
  3. No adding categories to user-pages and blogs.
  4. Keep blogs on the topic of the game or wiki.
  5. No adding obstructive elements to userpages.
    1. No elements preventing navigation.
    2. No autoplaying music.
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