By using the Yandere Simulator Wiki, you agree to follow all of these rules. If you have questions, please ask our staff, you can find them in the navigation bar under "Staff".

For rules relating to images, please see the Image Policy page.

Rules relating to the Discord can be found on the Discord page.


Main Rules

  1. No attacking, targeting, bullying, or harassment.
    1. Harassment on other wikis will always count if the harasser is following their victim to this wiki or vice versa.
    2. Harassment on other sites will also always count if it's clear the other site was used to get around punishment on this wiki.
  2. No bigotry.
  3. No spamming/trolling.
  4. No vandalism.
  5. No badge farming.
  6. No advertising.
  7. No linking pornography or other NSFW material.
  8. No spreading private information about people.
  9. No sharing leaked info or leaking info.
  10. No removing warnings from your wall.
  11. No false reporting.
  12. No pretending/claiming to be staff when you aren't.
  13. No heavy swearing.
    1. A list of "swears" can be found here.
  14. No adding OC pages.
  15. No necroposting.
    1. Necroposting is defined as replying to a comment older than 6 months.

Smaller Rules

  1. No adding categories to user-pages and blogs.
  2. Keep blogs on the topic of the game or wiki.
  3. Make sure your edits are in English.
  4. No adding auto-playing music to pages.
  5. No adding templates only staff members can add to a page.
  6. No claiming something is yours when it's not.
  7. Due to the game being developed in the United States and using American English, this wiki uses American English. One will not get in trouble for using non-American spellings of words, unless intentionally changing spellings with malicious intent.