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This page documents policies for the Yandere Simulator Wiki Minecraft server.


The server features it's own verification system that is automated via a plugin and Discord bot. Being a member of our Discord server is required to join.

The server is a Minecraft Java server, but Minecraft Bedrock players are capable of joining. If joining with Bedrock, you will need a Java account and to use port 25599.

The server tries to always be on the most recent version of Java, but players may join from 1.9 or up.


The server features several worlds and gamemodes to play on. They include:

  • Survival: A basic survival world. Has it's own Nether and End.
  • OldSurvival: The survival world from when we used Aternos. Has it's own Nether and End.
  • NetherSurvival: A survival world with only the Nether.
  • EndSurvival: A survival world with only The End.
  • Anarchy: A world where only chat rules and anti-lag rules apply. Has it's own Nether and End.
  • Purgatory: The server's jail world; but anyone can join and try to survive in it.
  • Creative: A simple creative superflat world.
  • Roleplay: A Yandere Simulator themed roleplay world.
  • Other worlds: SkyBlock, OneBlock, AcidIsland, CaveBlock, SkyGrid, Parkour


Any user can report another user by typing "/report (UserName) (Reason)". Staff any online will be notified and any offline staff will be notified when they next join. You can also report users in the #mc_help channel.


Moderation of the Minecraft server is carried out by all staff members, and all can issue MC Warnings. Staff are split into 7 groups; Intern, Helpers, Lower Mods (Rollbacks/Chat Mods), Higher Mods (Content Mods/Discussion Mods), Mini-Admins, Admins, and Bureaucrats.

Helpers can jail and mute a user, Lower Mods can kick, Higher Mods can temporarily ban, Mini-Admins can permanently ban, and Admins can IP ban. Additionally, the server has some automated moderation through several plugins.


Depending on rank, staff members will have access to certain features on PebbleHost's control panel. They are:

  • Helpers: View server, View resource usage, view chat, start server, see connected players
  • Lower Mods: View console, send chat messages, use a nickname in chat
  • Higher Mods: Stop server, restart server
  • Mini-Admins: View player details, view extra info about players, use kick command
  • Admins: Kill server (force stop), use give command, use tp command, manage scheduled tasks, view command, manage commands. view audit log, read/download files
  • Bureaucrats: All permissions

Bureaucrats shall keep the server and plugins up to date. When a large update comes out, the Head Bureaucrat may order to not update the server until plugins have updated.

Any Bureaucrat may change settings as they see fit to maintain performance. When settings have been changed, the Bureaucrat must announce the changes to all staff.

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