This page documents policies for the Yandere Simulator Wiki Minecraft server.

The Yandere Simulator Wiki Minecraft server is currently in open beta.


Any Discord member can join. The server features it's own verification system that is automated via a plugin and Discord bot.


Any user can report another user by typing "/report (UserName) (Reason)".


Moderation of the Minecraft server is carried out by all staff members, and all can issue MC Warnings. Staff are split into 7 groups; Intern, Helpers, Lower Staff (Rollbacks/Chat Mods), Middle Staff (Content Mods/Discussion Mods), Mini-Admins, Admins, and Bureaucrats.

Helpers can jail and mute a user, Lower Staff can kick, Middle Staff can temporarily ban, Mini-Admins can permanently ban, and Admins can IP ban. Additionally, the server has some automated moderation through several plugins.


Depending on rank, staff members will have access to the following on PebbleHost's panel. Each rank gains the previous.

  • Interns: Start
  • Helpers: Stop/Restart
  • Rollbacks/Chat Mods: Logs
  • Content Mods/Discussion Mods: Players
  • Mini-Admins: Worlds, Backups
  • Admins: Options, Software, Plugins
  • Bureaucrats: Full permissions

The Head Bureaucrat shall keep the server and plugins up to date.

The Head Bureaucrat may change settings as they see fit to maintain performance. When settings have been changed, the Head Bureaucrat must announce the changes to staff.

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