The Yandere Simulator Wiki is governed by the following pages. This page is intended to give an overview and link to the pages which govern the wiki.

This page also documents any policies which do not belong to said pages, but nonetheless are apart of the wiki.



The Rules page documents and lists all of our rules. By using the wiki, you agree to these rules. Staff hold the right to enforce our rules on you, and you have been given proper notice of our rules' existence when you first edited, along with various links around the site.



The Staff page documents all staff members, staff positions, and staff jobs. Staff are elected members of the wiki. The lowest ranked staff are the Intern and Helpers, and the highest ranked members are the Bureaucrats.



The Councils page documents the duties of the 2 councils that govern our wiki. These councils are the Council of Administration and the Council of the People.

The Council of the People is the lower council and propose policy to the Council of Administration. Each month the Council of the People hosts a Community Feedback Meeting which everyone on the wiki is invited to attend.



The Committees page documents the system of which each committee is apart of. Committees are assigned tasks by the Council of Administration. Each committee has a unique goal and some even allow non-staff members to join.



The Affiliates page documents our affiliation rules with other wikis, including those of other languages.

Social Features



The Discord page documents various policies that relate to the Yandere Simulator Wiki Discord Server.



The Minecraft page documents various policies that relate to the Yandere Simulator Wiki Minecraft Server.

Misc Policies

Forums Transition

The following details the transition plan from Forums to DPLforums & Discussions.

Wiki Governance
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