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The Yandere Simulator Wiki is willing to affiliate with other wikis, if they meet certain criteria and be voted on by the councils.


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For a wiki to become affiliated, a wiki's staff member must request so during a Community Feedback Meeting. If the Council of the People votes on it during Phase 1 and passes it to the Council of Administration, the Council of Administration will vote on it during Phase 1.

While affiliation requires both councils (always starting with the Council of the People), only the Council of Administration is required to end an affiliation. The Council of the People can propose ending an affiliation, but doing so does not automatically end affiliation and only starts a vote on the Council of Administration.

During Phase 2, the Council of the People may vote to request to affiliate with another wiki. If passed it will then proceed to the Council of Administration's Phase 2 and if passed will require the Head Bureaucrat to request the other wiki to begin an affiliation.

If the wiki is a fan-content wiki, they will be displayed on the main page. If the wiki is a different language canon wiki, they will also be added to articles with interwiki links.

Additionally, wikis that request affiliation must have a minimum of 25 pages. If a wiki is under 100 pages, affiliation will be voted on again, by only the Council of Administration, after 3 months if it has not reached 150.

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