Do you want to be a Yandere girl? Do you like stabbing things? Do you like "Idling" games? If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, Yandere Clicker is the game for you!
— The description of the game at KONGREGATE.

Yandere Clicker is a spin-off game by YandereDev.[1]

The game can be played here. The game is a parody of an addictive game called Cookie Clicker and has an almost identical playstyle. The player plays as Ayano Aishi and every time the player clicks their mouse, Ayano will stab a senpai with a knife. The more the Senpai is stabbed, the more upgrades she can unlock. These upgrades will only automatically stab Senpai. The game has no end and will continue until the player exits the game.


  • This game was created on April 16th, 2014, where the player could only stab the senpai, and nothing else. The upgrades were added on April 19th, 2014.
  • As of March 8th, 2017, the game has been updated with an updated character model of Senpai, Ayano now wears black stockings and the player can adjust her bust size with the < and > keys.
  • This game brought many people to believe Osana Najimi was Senpai's little sister, but in reality, Osana Najimi's original appearance was just used to represent an "Imouto" upgrade that the player could buy. This is not Rival-chan.[2]
  • The Time Machine is the most expensive upgrade in the game. The player needs 123,456,789 stabs to unlock it.
  • YandereDev would like to make a sequel of this game, called "Headpat Clicker".[3]


Quote Details Picture
"Develop telekinesis and unlock the ability to stab Senpai with floating knives." Summary of Telekinesis. Costs 10 stabs.
"A knife controlled by telekinesis. Automatically stabs Senpai once per second." Summary of the Knife. Costs 15 stabs.
"A kawaii imouto who will stab Senpai for you." Summary of the Imouto. Costs 100 stabs.
"Grows knife plants from knife seeds." Summary of the Farm. Costs 500 stabs.
"Produces large quantities of knives." Summary of the Factory. Costs 3,000 stabs.
"Mines knives out of the earth." Summary of the Mine. Costs 10,000 stabs.
"Brings in fresh knives from the knife planet." Summary of the Shipment. Costs 40,000 stabs.
"Synthesizes base metals into knives." Summary of the Alchemy Lab. Costs 200,000 stabs.
"Opens a door to the knife universe." Summary of the Portal. Costs 1,666,666 stabs.
"Stabs Senpai across multiple timelines." Summary of the Time Machine. Costs 123,456,789 stabs.