Umeji Kizuguchi, a Violent student. April 26th, 2018


A student with the Violent Persona. April 26th, 2018.

Violent is one of many personas in Yandere Simulator.


All delinquents have this persona.

If Ayano Aishi gets too close to them, they will push her away. If they see her approaching them with a weapon, they will enter a fighting stance until she either stops or backs away. If she bumps into them too many times or continues approaching them, they will begin a combat mini-game. If Ayano initiates a fight with them, they will fight until either one of them is injured. If they lose, they will drop their weapon. Injured students will no longer fight or push Ayano.

If they see Ayano carrying a corpse or murdering someone, they will run up to her and initiate the combat mini-game and will not stop attacking her until one of them loses. If the Violent student loses, they will continue to run up to her and initiate the mini-game again until they are killed. Ayano's "health" is measured in her number of current injuries, and if she is injured too much she will be knocked out and receive the apprehended Game Over since the Violent student will no longer stop attacking. If a student with a low reputation or a bully is killed, they will react with the Spiteful persona.

When injured, Ayano can go rest in the Infirmary to heal, however, she will miss class time and as a result, will lose reputation.

However, if they see a corpse but do not witness Ayano committing the murder or carrying the corpse, they will leave the school for safety reasons, but will not care about the corpse. They do not call the police or report the death in any way.

Ayano cannot interact with Violent students in any way. Complimenting them and gossiping to them will have no effect, and any sort of attempts to talk to them will be met with rude, dismissive remarks. If a Violent student spots Ayano doing something suspicious, they will comment on her strange behavior, but not cause a reputation penalty.

If a Violent student is befriended through a task, they will no longer shove or fight Ayano unless they witness a murder. They will also become more receptive to compliments, although complimenting them still does nothing for Ayano's reputation.



  • This persona was implemented in the April 26th, 2018 Build.
  • Previously, this persona was called the "Delinquents’ persona" and applied to the previous delinquents.
  • This persona is exclusive to Delinquents


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