Last month, YandereDev teamed up with us to do a Q&A where any user could leave a question in a thread and we (wiki staff) would compile them all into a list (cutting out some if duplicates or too vague). Well, we compiled them all and he's answered them! Any question he answered here can be used as a citation on our wiki.

Without further ado, let me give you the answers!

User Questions

The following questions were asked by normal wiki users. Note: Wiki staff did simplify and paraphrase as to not make questions too long. This was done before we sent the questions to Dev, and Dev's answers are in full and have not been altered.

"Who is your favourite non-rival? Why are they your favourite non-rival?" - Starbuckswover

This is a hard question to answer. If I create a character, I can't really be a "fan" of that character; it would feel egotistical to be a fan of my own creation. I tend to think of each character in Yandere Simulator as an entity who serves a purpose, whether it's to be an obstacle, a tool, or both, depending on the circumstances. I see them as the function they serve, rather than as "characters", so it's difficult to really develop a connection with any of them or become partial to any of them.

I do really enjoy answering questions about the Student Council members, since I tried to give them very distinct personalities and identities, so out of all the NPCs in the game, those are the ones who I tend to think of as "characters" and not just GameObjects in a Unity secne.

"Who would most likely be a yandere if Ayano wasn’t around?" - Starbuckswover

Horuda Puresu is the only person in school (that we know of) who can be driven to commit murder. Since she already has the potential within her to kill another person, she is the most likely person in school to develop yandere tendencies, under the right circumstances.

"How many game prototypes were made before Yandere Simulator?" - OneMoreTomorrow

It's difficult to know the exact number. Some of them I worked on for months, and others I abandoned after a few days. The number was definitely more than 10, but not more than 20.

"Which one of those prototypes would you want to see become a full game?" - OneMoreTomorrow

A lot of them, actually! The old game prototypes that I constantly think of are:

  1. A spiritual successor to an old Flash game called "Seventh Sky". It was a very basic game about robots fighting in the sky, but I've never played another game with the same "feeling" as Seventh Sky, and I would really like to capture that feeling and build upon it.
  2. A game about being a bartender serving drinks to a cast of unique and funny characters. The emphasis would be on allowing the player to easily put new characters and scripts into the game so that users could generate lots of fun content for each other.
  3. A game with similar game design to Wind Waker (sailing across a giant ocean, discovering and exploring islands) but with a different setting.
  4. A fighting game that I spent a lot of time prototyping and designing characters for.
  5. A Metroidvania-style game, using aspects of the combat system from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
  6. A dating sim about dating monster girls.
  7. A game for the Playdate, utilizing the "crank" on the side of the device. I think it would be fun if the crank was used to manually power a chainsaw that is used to attack enemies.
  8. A side-scrolling stealth game that I've wanted to make for more than 10 years. A lot of emphasis would be on moral dilemmas and the player's choices drastically changing the gameplay and the story.
  9. A game that uses the same mechanics as Yoshi's Island for the SNES; converting enemies into ammunition, hovering, richocheting bullets off of walls, etc.
  10. I had a dream about a game about a giant spider monster that protects a little girl who is searching for a way to revive her dead mother; the player would control the spider monster. Even if it's a short, 60-minute experience, I would really like to turn this dream into a reality.
  11. A game with similar mechanics to Valkirya Chronicles, since it feels like there are absolutely 0 other games in that genre (combining turn-based strategy with real-time strategy).
  12. A spiritual successor to No More Heroes; a hack-and-slash game about a character with a laser weapon who does part-time jobs by day, and hunts down their enemies by night.
"Would you consider redesigning Akademi to better resemble a Japanese high school?" - OneMoreTomorrow

I always think about this, but it's hard to rationalize making any significant changes to Akademi at this point in time. Some of the game's scripts expect certain objects to be in specific places, rotated in a specific direction (like the incinerator) and if those objects are moved, the scripts have to be updated to understand that the object could be naywhere and could be facing any direction. I'm not sure exactly how many scripts would need to be updated, but redesigning the school would definitely result in a lot of new bugs, so it's something I'm hesitant to commit to.

"How are the future models coming along?" - OneMoreTomorrow

No progress has been made. The final step is to have a character rig created for the model, and I haven't been able to find someone who specializes in creating character rigs.

"How did you come up with Yandere Simulator?" - JennyShelly

Before I started developing Yandere Simulator, I had a ton of other game ideas, and developed a bunch of simple game prototypes. However, I lacked the models and animations necessary to actually turn those prototypes into finished games, so none of them left the prototype stage. I decided that my next game should be designed around models and animations that I had access to, so I could actually go further than prototyping.

I searched for models in an online store, and spotted an "anime schoolgirl" character model. This made me try to imagine a game with an anime schoolgirl for a protagonist. I asked a friend of mine for suggestions, and he proposed a "delinquent simulator". I tried to imagine the most extreme version of that idea, which made me envision a game about a serial-killing, instead of mere delinquency. I asked myself what kind of schoolgirl would kill people, and instantly thought of the "yandere" archetype - a character that kills anyone between her and the one she loves.

I asked a high-traffic message board if they would be interested in a "yandere simulator", and received a very positive response. All of my previous game ideas had not generated very much interest or excitement, so when I saw people getting hyped about this "yandere simulator" idea, I knew that it had potential to be a successful game. Just one thread about the game was enough to convince me to begin developing it immediately.

"Were you inspired by someone when coming up with Yandere Simulator?" - JennyShelly

There was no one specific person that I was thinking of when I came up with the idea for Yandere Simulator.

"Who/What inspired you to make Nemesis?" - JennyShelly

There is a game on Steam titled "Sir, You Are Being Hunted." That title is so chilling and dramatic that the phrase stuck with me for a long time. While I was implementing Mission Mode, I was reminded of that phrase, and decided to create a character who would embody it - a hunter attempting to track down and kill the player.

"Why does Nemesis want to kill Ayano?" - JennyShelly

There is actually a manga that explains why! I hope you enjoy reading it!

Actually, a "Chapter 2" for the manga was sketched, but never fully completed. I would love to see it completed one day, but I would need assistance from an artist.

"Did you ever consider giving up?" - Rexy&Maxie51509

Not really. If I ever decided, "I can't take this anymore! I quit!" I wouldn't just abandon the game. I would put the remaining 9 rivals in the game (as clones of Osana with different hairstyles), and make the credits roll when the 10th rival is killed. That way, the game would technically be "finished" in a sense. This would be a last resort, since I would rather implement the remaining 9 rivals properly - with voice acting, cutscenes, and animations - instead of just cloning Osana 9 times.

"Who made the characters of Yandere Simulator?" - YanSimp18

After I came up with their identities, I described them to 2D artists, who created concept artwork that was subsequently modelled by 3D artists. Many different 2D artists and 3D artists contributed to this process.

"Will the portraits be updated to have a higher resolution?" - IndecisiveYandere

Honestly, the portraits should not be pre-rendered. The way it *should* work is that when the player views a student's profile, the game should spawn that student far outside of the school and display a video feed of that student, so that the player sees the student with whatever uniform / hairstyle they are currently supposed to have, instead of seeing a pre-rendered image that could have a uniform / hairstyle that is inconsistent with what the character is wearing at school.

"How did you come up with the rivals?" - TheSkyIsPurple

First, I came up with fun and interesting ways for a person to die (like an actress being killed on stage during the middle of a play). Then, I designed characters around those deaths.

"Where were you inspired when coming up with the rivals?" - TheSkyIsPurple

I didn't draw inspiration from any one place or character, but from all the anime and games I've enjoyed over the course of my life.

"Why were the rivals put in the order they are in?" - TheSkyIsPurple

I tried to order them in terms of power, or how difficult they would be to defeat. The first few rivals are average, friendly girls...but then as the game goes on, you face tougher girls, like an athlete, two adults, a gang leader, and the heiress to the world's most successful company. Hanako will be difficult to eliminate for reasons unrelated to physical strength, though.

"Will we ever be able to play the full YanVania experience?" - Mimikins6789

I think about this all the time. I would absolutely love to develop a complete version of Yanvania after Yandere Sim is complete.

"Would you introduce a character with a disability?" - Alejolteon

This answer might be disappointing to hear, but it can be very troublesome to add a new character to the game who possesses traits that no other character has.

Every time I add a character to the game with unique traits that set them apart from "normal" characters (like Geiju's two-word sentences, Horuda's Fragile Persona, or Raibaru's "follow Osana" routine) I usually need to edit a lot of code blah blah

"Are you planning on updating the rivals’ appearances?" - DreamerReborn

I don't have any plans to. I know that there are people who enjoy re-designing the rivals, but it's not common for any studio to reveal a character design, then completely change it. Character designs are usually final once they are revealed. There are a few rare examples (like the Sonic the Hedgehog re-design) but those are the exception, not the norm.

"Will every week have a certain theme?" - His Nightmare

It's possible that each week might have an event occuring at school, such as "bake sale" or "sports festival" or "student council election", but I can't guarantee that the school will have an entirely different look-and-feel every week, or completely different props lining the hallways on a week-to-week basis. It's one of those "depends on what kind of budget we end up with" situations.

"Will the elimination methods get updated in any way?" - Shady Sneak

I don't currently have any plans to drastically re-design any of the elimination methods. However, some of the game's core mechanics might get updated or replaced. For example, I'd like to add another method for splashing students with water, aside from the bucket method.

"Are the rivals’ themes and names final?" - StompyMyMood

Their themes (cooking/drama/occult) are definitely final. I sometimes wonder if I will retroactively declare their names to be nicknames; for example, Oka Ruto's real name might be Oka Rutomoto or something else that sounds more authentically Japanese.

"When will the crowdfunding campaign launch?" - Razzor09

It's extremely difficult for me to predict this. I made a video to explain why:

"What’s the weirdest thing Shiromi has ever worn?" - The Floofy Poof

She once cosplayed as her Star Wars OC, "Chewbacca's girlfriend." She looks like Chewbacca, but with pink fur.

"Are you going to make another game after Yandere Simulator?" - KittySelfieQueenTD

I think about it nonstop. There are a ton of game ideas I'm super-enthusiastic about, and I can't wait until the day I can finally begin working on one of them.

"Do you consider the ideas shown off in mods made by other developers?" - MangoVibez

Sometimes, yes. For example, Pose Mode was inspired by the Pose Mod from KGFTBZ.

"Why are body bags a feature?" - FazRabbit

I made an entire video explaining why.

"Are club buffs going to get revamped?" - FazRabbit

I think that the current club buffs are completely imbalanced, so I consider revamping them all the time, but it's really difficult to come up with the perfect solution for every club. It's something I'll probably need to ask for the fanbase to help me with in the future.

"What is the functionality of the hedge maze (game-design wise)?" - Cocarivealive

To be entirely honest, I think I added it on a whim just because I wanted the east side of the school to have something equivalent in size and shape to the gardening club area on the west side of the school. But, with that said...

"What role will the hedge maze play in the final game?" - Cocarivealive

I envison Senpai and rival girls having important scripted events in the hedge maze, and Yandere-chan having to sneak through the hedge maze to eavesdrop on them without being seen.

"Will Mission Mode have achievements?" - Kortooney

I'm always really happy to see people who enjoy Mission Mode, but at this point in time, I haven't planned any achievements for it.

"Will the ability to add extra difficulties be in the final game?" - Kortooney

The original plan for the game did involve the ability to choose a difficulty level at the start of the game. I haven't thought about it much since then, but I suppose I'm still planning to add it eventually.

"Will Nemesis’ aggression level be added to single mission?" - Kortooney

With the current interface for adjusting Nemesis' traits, it's hard to make additions/changes. I don't think I'll add new functionality to it anytime soon, but I'd consider it if fans of Mission Mode were vocal about it.

"What does Asu think of outgoing men?" - Guy who makes bad decision

Asu is very outgoing, herself, so it's very easy for her to get along with other outgoing people, too.

"Will Kocho and Genka walk around the school in the final game?" - Invrsins

No, never; those two characters are essential to the story, so they have to remain safe in their rooms, unable to be affected by the various things that the player can do to victims.

"In your opinion, which rival will take the longest time to finalise?" - Invrsins

It's almost guaranteed to be Megami, since she will have the highest number of traits that make her different from the other rivals.

"Will you add every rival to the game separately or all in one?" - OMGitsRWBY

The current plan is to do them all separately.

"Will you make speedrunning the game harder?" - UnderSet

I don't really have a desire to make it difficult for speedrunners to run the game. However, I might have to remove game-breaking exploits that would interfere with a player's ability to enjoy the game normally.

"When did the Aishi family start?" - Zachjdjd

The "First Aishi" - the first woman to have the Aishi Condition - was born in 1780.

"Do you plan on keeping the alias ‘YandereDev’ after Yandere Simulator is completed?" - Thewayofthestoney

It's hard to say. The advantage of having a recognizable name is that people pay attention to what you do and care about what you do. The disadvantage is that if people invent drama and attach negative publicity to your name, you have to deal with a lot of bullshit for as long as you're using that name, and it might be more advantageous to just abandon that name and return with a new identity.

At this point in time, it's impossible to know what the right answer is. After Yandere Simulator is complete, I will analyze the situation and make a decision.

"What kind of games did the company you used to work for make?" - DrCandypop

They developed fighting games almost exclusively, then switched to mobile games.

"Would you consider adding back the (Male) rainbow characters?" - Borichamo

If they came back, I think they would be added to 1980s Mode.

"How about doing a stealth mission at the Saikou Mansion/Saikou Corp.?" - Momos Cipher

I wouldn't like to comment much about my plans for future stealth missions, but I'm very excited about some of the things I have planned!

"Is every rival truly in love with Senpai?" - Monoaminethatweird

The majority of the rivals do develop strong feelings for him, but it's difficult to say whether or not their feelings actually qualify as "love", since I'm sure the definition of love varies a bit from person to person.

"Would it be possible for someone to be able to develop a crush on Ayano?" - Minecrafter3113

I've discussed the possibility in the past, but at this point in time, I'm reluctant to add any game-changing new features to the game, since I'd like to move past the "add core features" phase and move into the "complete all the rivals and finish the game" phase.

"If there is a Yandere Simulator 2, will there be a new character or will it be Ayano again?" - Minecrafter3113

If I developed another Yandere Simulator title, I would probably make it a prequel starring Yandere-chan's aunt, set in the 1990s. It would be much easier to design and develop the game if it was set in a time period with less advanced technology.

"If one of the Basu twins saw Ayano kill someone, and then one of them died, would the other attempt to apprehend Ayano because they saw her murder previously?" - Minecrafter3113

No; that wouldn't be enough evidence to provide reason to apprehend Ayano.

"Why don’t the teachers walk around the school when Ayano’s skipping class?" - Minecrafter3113

The teachers are busy teaching class; they aren't required to track down students who might be skipping.

"Would Ayano purposely trip in front of Taro so he would help her up?" - Minecrafter3113

Although it's not an aspect of the game, yes, this is something that Ayano hypothetically would think of doing.

"What suggestions do you have for people who’re trying to get into programming?" - XxBpdlChanXx

If you decide to learn programming through tutorials and guides instead of taking classes, be very careful not to pick up bad habits that will eventually harm you.

"Is Ayano actually in love with Taro?" - ThatWeirdOtaku

It's a difficult question to answer, because her feelings are primarily motivated by the way he makes her feel, rather than the way she feels towards *him*. However, I will say that the game's True Ending gives this question a definitive answer.

"When will Taeko be added?" - ThatWeirdOtaku

Whether or not the game will have a "female Senpai" option is entirely up to the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign.

"Can you add an Animal Crossing easter egg?" - Akane Toriyasu1

Although I enjoy Animal Crossing, I've never actually felt a design to add any kind of AC reference or easter egg to Yandere Simulator.

"Will student routines change for each week like they do in the Amai challenge?" - Nicanooby

Absolutely; I think that every student's routine should change every week.

"Have you worked on any other rivals besides Amai?" - Nicanooby

A little bit, but I can't provide details, since it would spoil some surprises that I have in store!

"Is Ayano right-handed or left-handed?" - Lunox 15


"Did you intentionally not give Geiju Tsuka a task?" - Cherrdsadaieeee

Geiju has a unique character trait; he only speaks in two-word sentences. This means that he cannot use the "Go get a book from the library" placeholder task that everyone else uses. He would need to be given a unique task, and I haven't come up with an idea for him yet.

"What is Aoi like when she’s with Megami?" - Iiexquisitedancer

Aoi is much less tense, and much more calm when alone with Megami. The two of them speak much more casually when they are the only two in the room. I'm sorry for not elaborating further, but any more details would be spoilers!

"What does Aoi like to do when she’s not at school, same for Megami." - Iiexquisitedancer

I'm sorry, I would prefer to keep most details related to Aoi a secret for now. However, Megami is almost always undergoing some form of training to mold her into the perfect future CEO for Saikou Corp.

"What are Aoi’s and Megami’s goals in life?" - Iiexquisitedancer

Since she was a small child, Megami has always been told that her purpose in life is to become the CEO of Saikou Corp and operate the company effectively.

"What are Aoi’s relationships like with people, besides Megami?" - Iiexquisitedancer

Aoi doesn't have a close relationship with anyone; she's too unapproachable to make friends. Shiromi calls Aoi a friend, but Aoi doesn't consider anyone to be her friend except Megami. Megami's relationships with others are simple and businesslike.

"Are Megami and Aoi competitive with each other?" - Iiexquisitedancer

No - Aoi doesn't feel a need to compeet with Megami in anything.

"When will Aoi and Megami’s short story be released?" - Iiexquisitedancer

I'm honestly not sure! It always feels like there is something higher in priority that needs to get done first...

"Will all club leaders have tasks?" - Butterscxtch Biscuitz


"How would you be able to join the Student Council, if ever possible." - PrasiddhiHasDied

You would have to do a task for every member of the council first, similarly to joining the delinquents.

"Will other students eventually react to the player being in Senpai’s aura?" - PrasiddhiHasDied

I suppose I haven't ever really thought about implementing this.

"Why is Kizana the 3rd rival?" - QSenpai

In terms of "power" and difficulty to eliminate, she arguably comes after Amai and before Oka, in my mind.

"If she’s popular, wouldn’t that make her harder to beat than Oka and Asu?" - QSenpai

Asu will be harder to beat because of her physical strength and speed. Oka will be harder to beat for reasons that haven't been revealed yet!

"Will it be possible to customize Ayano without unlocking the extras/debug menu?" - Upsoarx

This is a common request, so I consider it a lot. However, like with other things, it always feels like there's something a little higher in priority to work on instead.

"What is Hanako’s favorite animal?" - Contessa Nappier


"Do you ever want to change the name of the game?" - MyTerrritory2

At this point, it's actually kind of difficult to imagine re-naming the game, since I've been using the current name for so long "Yandere Simulator". In 2016, I proposed the idea of using the name "LoveSick". People liked that suggestion. It's possible that one day, I might re-name the game to LoveSick: Yandere Simulator.

"Will Kencho ever make an appearance, besides the boat?" - MyTerrritory2

All I'll say is that he'll never make an appearance anyplace where Yandere-chan's knife might be able to reach him.

"If Raibaru fought all the rivals, which would she win/lose against?" - Malwarehouse

Raibaru would only lose to Megami. However, she would also lose to Osoro if there were no rules and any kind of dirty fighting was allowed.

"Will there be a weather system so the rain coat isn’t always suspicious?" - Malwarehouse

I understand that it would look nice, but it would affect too many aspects of the game's design and mechanics. Different weather conditions (such as rain) would affect the player's ability to use some of the game's features, and change many of the students' routines in numerous significant ways. For example, student routines would have to be adjusted so that they don't go outdoors during rain, blood pools would be washed away by rain, Yandere-chan's clothing would get wet if she was outside in the rain, characters would have to use umbrellas when walking to school, etc. Weather would change the game in so many different ways that it would drastically increase the amount of work that must be done to complete the game, so it's very unlikely to be added to the game.

"Why is it easy to drown Raibaru, despite her self-defense being invincible?" - Malwarehouse

Because she's poisoned at the point in time you're drowning her.

"Will Taeko’s personality be any different from Taro’s?" - Clare Gundersen

Currently, I am not planning on giving Taeko a different personality than Taro.

"Will it be possible to meet Info-chan in the future?" - Froggy100

It will never be possible to enter her room, since I don't want to give the player the opportunity to kill an important gameplay mechanic.

"Is there a possibility that bullies would change if they were threatened or kidnapped?" - AkariYamamoto2436

No; all of them, except Kokoro, have already become the people they will likely remain for the rest of their lives.

"Is Saki’s hair final?" - AkariYamamoto2436

I know that I've changed it many times throughout development, but I'm pretty satisfied with the current version, and I don't really have any desire to change it any further.

"When Osana is expelled, does Raibaru try to prove she is innocent?" - Finnfazhog

She probably does, off-camera, but does not succeed.

"Does Oka eventually encounter a supernatural being?" - Finnfazhog

You'll have to wait and find out!

"Is Oka into anime?" - Finnfazhog

Not much; she is more interested in verifying what exists and doesn't exist in the real world, rather than fictional worlds.

"Does Midori do anything except sending you random emails?" - Finnfazhog

She also plays video games!

"Is Oka interested in aliens?" - Finnfazhog

Yes; the possibility of extraterrestrial life is another topic that interests Oka.

"What will stop us from killing Oka?" - SilverMousy

Her clubmembers will play a role, but there will be other factors, too. I'd rather not spoil it here!

"What will stop us from killing Asu?" - SilverMousy

Asu will not have any self-defense capabilities whatsoever, but she have shorter reaction times, quicker reflexes, and will sprint faster than anyother character. These factors will be part of the reason that she won't be easy to eliminate.

"Is it decided if the yakuza will be added to the story?" - SilverMousy

If he is, he'll be added in 1980s Mode.

"Will more students have crushes?" - SilverMousy

It's entirely possible; for example, one rival elimination method might involve earning a massive favor from a student by helping him enter a relationship with the girl of his dreams.

"Did you ever consider strangulation being an elimination method?" - SilverMousy

Yes; it's something I would implement if I had the animations for it.

"What would happen if Ayano had no rivals?" - SilverMousy

She would stalk Senpai and slowly build up a tolerance to the "Senpai Effect" until she gained the ability to speak in his presence without panicking and freaking out.

"If all the rivals were at school at the same time, who would have the best chance of getting Senpai?" - SilverMousy

Megami, since she never fails at anything she sets her mind to. Aside from her, though, it would be Osana, since she has been acquainted with him the longest.

"Will it be possible to explore more of Ayano’s house in the future?" - Kennedy1212

Only if there is a meaningful reason for the player to do so.

"What is your favorite Personality/Persona type?" - Kennedy1212

I think I like the Fragile type the most! It's chilling to think that someone with the potential to become a murderer is lurking at school undetected, not seen as a threat.

"Who are your favorite male and female Persona 5 characters?" - MoonlightScars

I like Junpei for the comic relief he brings to the game, and Mitsuru for being such a cool badass!

"What is your favorite Persona game?" - MoonlightScars

When I first played Persona 5, I said, "This game has de-throned Perosna 3! This is my new favorite Persona game!" But after all these years, I still think about 3 more often than 5, and feel a closer connection to 3's characters than 5's characters. So, my true favorite might be 3.

"Is anyone in the game inspired by Persona 5?" - MoonlightScars

Nope; all of Yandere Simulator's characters were already firmly cemented in my mind before Persona 5 was released.

"Will it be possible to bring the bullies back to their old selves?" - TheKillerInPurple

Only one of the bullies was a nice person in the past. The rest were always nasty people.

"If DLC rivals are made, will any be male?" - Nequient

It can be a fun thought exercise to imagine what DLC for Yandere Simulator would be like, if it ever happens. I've considered what DLC rivals might be like, but I've never imagined any as men.

"Will 1980s Mode be DLC or will it be free?" - Nequient

As of now, I imagine it as a free update.

"Will there be multiple endings or will the story be mostly linear?" - ZShiryo

The cutscene at the ending of the game will be different depending on the primary methods Yandere-chan used to eliminate her rivals, and Senpai's mental state. In addition to that, there will also be a handful of alternate endings, such as the Genocide Ending and True Ending.

"Why do you think Aoi is cute? How is she capable of being cute?" - Mari Eolande

Did I ever say that I think Aoi is cute? I don't recall that. I think Aoi is cool, though!

Note from Jack: Mari Eolande's question is cutely referenced in one of staff member AoiRyugokuTSFG1's questions. :)

Staff Questions

This section contains questions asked by Wiki Staff members.

"Why do you change the year the game takes place in, instead of just picking a specific year?" - Jackboog21

I want Yandere Simulator to take place "in the near future," which means that it must take place at least 1 year after it is released in the real world. So, for every additional year the game is in development, I have to push back the year that the game takes place...

"You’ve said that there are some characters you view as gay, but you haven’t said which. Could you reveal at least one of these characters?" - Jackboog21

If a game developer creates a character, and that character's sexuality has absolutely no effect on the game's mechanics or plot, and the character's sexuality will never be relevant at any point during the game, then I don't see any reason why the creator would bother announcing the character's sexuality. Under those circumstances, announcing the character's sexuality seems like a plea for attention or praise, rather than a meaningful statement relevant to the game.

"Did the unused yandere rival have a name?" - Tsuzuro Yamazaki

No, sorry.

"What became of the yandere rival?" - Tsuzuro Yamazaki

The idea of "a rival who has all of your abilities and is your equal in every way" is a cool concept, but in Yandere Sim, most of Yandere-chan's "abilities" are not things that would make an opponent challenging to defeat. "She can put buckets on doors, too!" doesn't really turn a rival into a fearsome, intimidating enemy. The idea was dropped because the gameplay wouldn't have been as cool as it might initially sound.

"Will the other rooms (Science Lab, Home Ec, etc) have faculty assigned to them?" - Tsuzuro Yamazaki

Only if I make major strides in improving the game's framerate and can to add more characters to the school without negatively impacting the FPS.

"How would you describe how you go about developing the plot? How about how you develop characters?" - GalaxE

I think about gameplay mechanics first, then I design a plot and characters that facilitates the gameplay mechanics I want to have. "All teachers need to be threats to the player. But how? They should all have martial arts training. But why? The headmaster should be traumatized by the experience of having a serial killer in his school in the past, so he should require all new faculty to have martial arts training. But who was the serial killer? It should be the protagonist's mother, who imparted her knowledge to her daughter, to explain why the protagonist knows a lot about how to get away with murder." Etc.

"Is there some way you try to make sure side characters are important enough compared to main characters? (not too important, but not there to just fill numbers)" - GalaxE

I honestly think of them as gameplay mechanics first and characters 2nd, so it's rare for me to make a deliberate effort to make a side character as important as a main one.

"What is it about her family that makes Aoi not like them?"/"How do her parents treat her?"/"Are her parents abusive or harsh towards her?" - AoiRyugokuTSFG1

I'm sorry, the answers to these questions are spoilers!

"How would Aoi react if someone told her they look up to her?" - AoiRyugokuTSFG1

She would be embarassed, and would try to hide it with dismissive language. She would blush and try to hide it. Ah, I guess she is a little cute, after all!

"Was the game planned to be 3D from the very beginning?" - SeiShii


"If you could give a 26-27 year old Alex a piece of advice, what would it be?" - SeiShii

Reduce the scope of the game. Build a very small and simple game. Designing and developing a large, complex game will only lead to problems in the future.

"What made Osoro become a delinquent?" - GhoulGirls90

I'm sorry, that's a huge spoiler!

"If the rivals found out Ayano sabotaged them, how would they react?" - GhoulGirls90

They would be furious with her, and might try to take revenge by exposing her true nature.


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