Tsuzuro Yamazaki

aka Tsuruzo Yamazaki

Content Mod
  • I live in Japan
  • My occupation is Student {Akademi High} ~ Substitute Drama Leader ~
  • I am Fabulous
Tsuruzo Yamazaki
Student Info
Role Wikia Member

Wikia Role-Player

Substitute Club Leader

Class 3-2
Club Drama Club

Substitute Club

Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Totally-Not Shoku Tsubaraya
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1
Games None

My top 5 favourite Students

  • Shoku Tsubaraya {My best-friend!}
  • Shin Higaku {Depressing but Fun!}
  • Itachi Zametora {Steals our spotlight but helps me work-out!}
  • Kuroko Kamenaga {Strict but OK to hang-out with!}
  • Umeji Kizuguchi {Needs to revert to his old ways but a mediocre friend.}

Substitute Club

A club dedicated to the Substitute Club Members

Their members are simple.

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