Shadow Bonnie(Esbie)

Hello everyone! I am Esbie! I used to be a helper here at the wiki.


I have short black hair, a grey shirt, and black shorts. Sometimes it looks like I haven't slept for weeks.


I'm a calm and caring person. I enjoy talking to my peers and drawing. Sometimes I can be very weird.


School, homework, and sleep. That's all.


  • I'm a trans-male and bigender! (Please don't use feminine pronouns.)
  • The name Esbie came from the nickname my best friend called me.
  • I'm panromantic and grey asexual. I love everyone but don't touch my no no square!
  • Art is my life.



Something happened to the wiki. Not sure how to explain but I don't like it. My message wall died or something. And most of my friends' user pages are deformed. In fact while I'm typing this right now my user page looks like it played hide and seek and hid in a rice cooker. Hm. Weird.


I'm surrounded by one million questions and zero answers.


I have a good hairstyle, a sports bra that almost completely flattens my chest, and a mildly deep voice. I think I can pass.


I think I'm homoromantic.


I'm back in the questioning zone. Just gonna experiment with different genders.


I'm gonna try out being bigender for a bit. I'm getting good feelings from it and maybe it will be permanent.


Uhhh...Gender is confusing.


Sometimes I don't feel like myself anymore. All of these dark thoughts swarm around my worn out mind. I fear that my close friends no longer see me as a friend and more of a pest. I question if they are tired of me and want me to go away. Maybe it's all in my head. A lot of strange mental stuff has been happening. I've been seeing silhouettes of people and hearing voices and sounds. I think I just need a break. I'll post the next Question of the Week tomorrow and then try to relax and not think about all of this.

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