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Student Info
Role Unknown
Occupation Anime binge-watcher, Student
Class Uni
Club Mettaton Leg club
Persona Butthurt
Crush It may be you. :]
Strength Trash
Appears Unknown
Voice from the heavens, I'm your sei-viour

Hi! I'm Sei! ^^

My sign- Gasaiyuno.gif A half moon. A bright side and a dark side. Just like me. 06:15, July 3, 2016 (UTC) made by a good friend of mine! ^^


Eat, Go to College, Get back, Study, Work, My nightly binge, sleep.

My life feels like endless nothingness, I feel somewhat exhausted but the virus let me sit back and take a break, so I feel thankful.

My time zone is (GMT+9:00).

Me On Other Social Media

  • Twitter: Don't use it anymore
  • YouTube: Burnt Leaf
  • Discord: Provided above.

My OCs

1. Izumi Takeuchi

2. Isabelle Wyatt

3. Arya Codingson

My Favourite Manga and Anime

I'm down to watch anything. Making a MyAnimeList and DramaList. Stay tuned :)

Edit Count

0 edits- Fresh

500- Half a thousand!! Woo!

~Promoted to helper-12/9/2016~

1000 edits- FINALLY.

~Intern for the month July 2020~


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