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  • I live in Australia, the place where you get your ass kicked by wild animals
  • I was born on November 1
  • My occupation is A busy university student with studies
  • I am awake until 3am because I can’t seem to cram info into my head (Female)
  • Bio Pissed, angered, all round not happy.
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Having a crush is tiring; you know you’ll never be able to have them
But fate turns that around

Hi, I guess you came to my profile to learn more about me? Welcome! Feel comfortable and turn on some complimentary music, or drop by my Message Wall cafe and order something~ You can call me Kawaii, though it is a satirical name. If it irritates you, then you can call me by my given (Japanese) name, Mitsuki. I am 20 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am an university student, so I don’t have much of a life other than study and work right now. I also happen to be Head Discussion Mod, so if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on my Message Wall. And talk to me on chat/discord. My DMs are always open.

I joined on 31 December 2016, which means I have been in the community for a total of 2 and a half years. I’ve been following the game for around 4/5 years, and have been lurking on this wiki for 4 years, so feel free to ask me any questions.

Unfortunately, I have completely immersed myself into the wonderful world of Kpop and anime. This probably is not a healthy addiction, but despite having interest, I am not a Koreaboo or Weeaboo. I mean, even if I am I kinda already accomplished my dream?? You’ll find out if you continue reading.


I look like a typical East Asian girl, black hair, dark brown eyes. What else would you expect? I dyed my hair a lighter brown at the tips, but the rest is typical and plain. Though, that has since grown out and has been dyed back to black/dark brown.

I usually wear hoodies and leggings, nothing special for a normal uni lecture. If I wasn’t, I would still look pretty plain (No more than 3 colours).

Unless I were going to a formal occasion (which, I rarely do), I wouldn’t care as much on my presentation clothing-wise (as long as it is acceptable). I don’t throw on absolutely anything, but I’m not a fashion freak.

If I am going out or not studying my ass off, I do try to look presentable with different clothes. I like to try out different styles and explore fashion a bit more.

My hairstyles aren’t interesting either. It just switches from ponytail, very messy bun, half-ups, or just keeping it down.

Edit: at the time of writing my profile (which has been more than half a year), I had pretty long bangs/fringe, but I have since trimmed it so it’s more prominent nowadays ;^;). My fringe isn’t the ‘ol bushy thick ones though, they’re the thin ones; I find it funny how times change lol.


My routine isn’t very interesting — but this is all I got.

Wake up - (I usually study very late into the night/morning before I get some sleep)

I check social media — Twitter, Instagram etc.

I change and eat breakfast - I rarely do, I have a habit of skipping brekkie since childhood.

Style myself, brush teeth etc. - aaah? I forgot to add that I style myself and brush my teeth? And skincare?? Reading back on this makes me realise all the mistakes. I don’t go full 100% skin routine if it’s just uni, but I do try my best to look nice + light makeup.

Drive or Commute to Uni — This only applies to certain when my lectures are on. I reckon it takes me about 50 minutes (traffic & public commute) to get there. I take the bus on certain days.

Attend Lecture — They last like 2 hours each.

Drive or Commute Home — Ofc.

Eat Lunch — I’m starving.

Do whatever it is I wanted to do — What I do everyday is different. Usually going to the gym or smw with my friends.

Fandoms — Not wikia, just gotta catch up on some anime and Kpop. This doesn’t take very long.

Go Home and Study — Yeah. Gotta do those presentations.

Do Something Online — Go on Wikia, social media, etc.

Eat Dinner — Gotta Eat.

Watch Anime and/or Go Kpop Trash Mode — I still have a life you know.

Study While Watching stuff Online and shit — Again. PRESENTATIONS.

Sleep — Cannot sleep for 3 Days Straight.

Exeptions: - I sometimes replace a lot of my alone time with my boyfriend uwu. He’s the absolute sweetest. We go out somewhere together or we go Anime or Kpop Trash Mode together. This only happens every couple of days since we’re both busy and just don’t live close enough to have enough time to drive over every day.


My background? Easy summary. East Asia. My father is Half Chinese-Japanese, A quarter Korean-Japaneseish? (It’s very complicated that at this point even I’M not sure), and my mother is half Korean and Half Chinese. I was born in Australia, and my first language was English.

I did not take a miracle potion to learn so quickly. I first learnt Japanese (spoken by family members), as well as Cantonese (My mother’s family), while learning mandarin outside of school since age 5. After that I learnt Korean.

I’m not an expert, I just did it because my parents thought that it would help me talk to my ‘extended family’. As if I see them every year.

Not a Weeaboo or Koreaboo. Never wished to be reborn and respected the languages and culture the way it is. I sometimes showcase this, but it’s usually a joke or family stuff.


I chose Kawaii because it was sort of a joke. My Japanese name (romanized) is Mitsuki. ‘Tsuki’ meaning Moon.

In Korean, my name is 미주 (Mijoo; Pretty Gem). It’s pretty much a really weird translation of my Chinese name. *shrug*


  • I learnt Ballet and Contemporary when I was younger.
    • Ballet being the longest
  • I took art classes throughout my childhood.
  • I know 5 languages + dialects
  • I can stay up for two days without passing out (although unhealthy and would not recommend.
  • I can play the Piano, Drums, and Strings (Cello, DB, Viola etc.)
    • Piano was my first instrument and got up to 10th grade AMEB.
  • I work part time in two jobs (though one is more lenient)


I am proudly part of these fandoms (in order of relevance)

BTS — ARMY (My Bias is Min Yoongi)

(g)i-dle ((여자)아이들) - Neverland I LOVE MY GIRLS TTTTTT

EXO - EXO-K, EXO-L, EXO-C (Bias is Sehun)

Blackpink — Blink

Red Velvet — ReVeLuv

Twice — Once

ASTRO - Aroha

BigBang — V.I.P

This list is too long to update it’s crazy


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I’m too childish for my age
I have missed the last like 5 Lucky Yandere badges by 1-5 edits
I am too obsessed over sleeping
Social Media is too powerful
Coffee is literally the reason I’m awake

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