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Student Info
Role Head Discussion Mod
Occupation This Wiki’s main supplier of food.
Class 2-2
Club Student Council
Persona Apathetic
Crush Yashiro Isana
707 (Luciel)
Strength Average - Strong
Appears Week 0


Having a crush is tiring; you know you’ll never be able to have them
But fate turns that around

Hi, welcome to my profile. Feel comfortable and turn on some music, or drop by my Message Wall cafe and order something~ You can call me Kawaii, though it is a satirical name. So call me by my name, Mitsuki. I am 20 years old and I am Australian. I am currently a university student, so I’m very much focused on study and work right now.

I am the Head Discussion Mod on this wiki, so if you have any questions or issues, feel free to send me a message on my Message Wall or talk to me on chat/discord. My DMs are always open.

I joined on 31 December 2016, which means I have been in the community for almost 3 years. I’ve been following the game for around 4/5 years, and have been lurking on this wiki for 4 years.


I look like a typical girl with black hair, dark brown eyes. I used to dye my hair a lighter brown (although it was actually a blonde initially; cursuki is not attractive). Though, that has since grown out and has been dyed back to black/dark brown until all of it is cut off.

My clothes are whatever. I tend to lean toward cream colours.

My hairstyles aren’t interesting either. It just switches from ponytail, very messy bun, half-ups, or just keeping it down.

Edit: at the time of writing my profile (which has been years), I had pretty long bangs/fringe, but I have since trimmed it so it’s more prominent nowadays).

Edit2 :[July 2020] since my last edit, I’ve grown out and cut my bangs at least 4 times. No idea why I thought it was relevant to add to my profile.


My routine isn’t very interesting.

Wake up - (I usually study very late into the night/morning before I get some sleep)

I check social media — like it says

I change and eat breakfast - no comment.

Style myself, brush teeth etc. - yes. I do this.

Go to Uni and come back - really depends on the day.

Eat Lunch — Food.

Do whatever it is I wanted to do — What I do everyday is different. Usually going to the gym or somewhere with my friends.

Go Home and Study — Yeah.

Do Something Online — Whatever it is I felt like.

Eat Dinner — Hunger.

Study? Watch something? Who knows.

Sleep — Cannot sleep for 3 Days Straight.

Exceptions: - I sometimes replace a lot of my alone time with my boyfriend. He’s the absolute sweetest. We go out somewhere together or we do something together. This only happens every couple of days since we’re both busy and just don’t live close enough to have enough time to drive over every day.

Edit: I now live with my boyfriend. Abort mission.


My Japanese name (romanized) is Mitsuki. ‘Tsuki’ meaning Moon.


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