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Hello, my name is GhoulGirls90! I joined this wiki on July 31, 2020 after I developed interest with this game. I'm formerly an intern of this wiki who was being voted to be intern for December 2020. I'm then Intern Pro tempore due to previous intern became a helper of the wiki and also voted to be an intern of the wiki for February 2021. I'm currently now part of the staff and one of the helpers in this wiki after the previous help before me had resigned.

My picture in my infobox is based on my imagination if I were in the game, this is the appearance I would look like. His name is Simon Nakoruru and my main OC in fanon.

Facts about my OC Simon Nakoruru


A foreigner boy who used to live from America along with his family, became a new student in Akademi last year. At first, after some students act hostile and rude towards him, he felt hopeless of having new friends until Kokona and Saki befriends him, when they saw him sad and alone. Saki soon began to develop a crush on him and has a feelings for him. As a result, Simon also developed a romantic relationship with Saki and also shares a feeling for her as well.


Simon is very friendly, nice, helpful and sometimes solitude. He was very quiet when he is seemingly unable to make friends at first, until Kokona and Saki approached and befriended him after seeing him lonely and alone. As a result, he becomes a bit more sociable. He is very brave and smart. He seems to be very calm when anyone tries to intimidate or harass him and he always wins the conflict. He does not also tolerate people being disrespectful to anyone else for no reason. If he had seen any student being bullied, he would go and defend them from their harassment.

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