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Galaxian is a persona created for the world of Yandere Simulator. If he were actually existent, he would be intended to be an obstacle in a later week of the game.

Student Info
Role Student
Class 3-2
Club None as of yet
Persona Unknown
Crush None
Strength ???
Appears Week ∞


Galaxian doesn't appear in the game, obviously; but he has long black hair with silver streaks of light going down beyond his hip and bright scarlet eyes, the left slightly darker than the right. He has many bangs spreading out from the middle of his forehead. He is of very pale complexion and has a faint mole under his left eye.

While he wears a male school uniform that is fairly similar to the standard one, Galaxian also wears a black armband on his right shoulder that belongs neither to club leaders nor the Student Council, which he says comes from one of the past schools he attended. Galaxian also commonly wears a light gray jacket over his uniform, and while he is in school, it is opened to the point that any staff member can tell that he is indeed wearing the uniform underneath it.

He is often seen with something in his hand or under the hook of his arm, no matter if it’s a book, pen, notebook, sketchbook hacky sack, or anything else.


A work-in-progress, but we might get one someday.

Personality (still WIP)

Of all the personas existing in the game, Galaxian is none of them.

He likes to draw, write, and read. He's a self-admitted bookworm and can't really read thoroughly when there are others around him, so in that way he prefers silence and solitude. However, Galaxian isn't entirely introverted, being more ambiverted, and so usually balances when he wants to be alone and when he wants to be with others.

Galaxian considers himself a pacifist and hates even just hearing of conflict, but he does like worthwhile and peaceful debates.

He likes anime, but he's pretty choosey with them. Therefore, he only watches a few per year at most. He prefers drawing in an anime style more so than binge-watching anime itself.

A perfectionist who also happens to be lazy most of the time. It's not a good combination, trust me. Also, he's stubborn. Very stubborn.


"Kind of high, but also not very high.

Much as he might prefer to be feared in some cases, he's not really threatening for the most part. So, most of the reputation he has comes from being liked.

He's a little respected, but unfortunately, it's less than how much he's feared."



  • Art
  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Anime
  • Cats
  • Justice
  • Reading
  • Friends
  • Solitude
  • Family
  • Nature
  • Memes


  • Violence
  • Gossip


  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Occult
  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Video games
  • Cosplay
  • School
  • Money




Main article: Tatoro

Galaxian is very fond of the turtle and often goes to look at it in his free time.


  • He doesn't have a phone, but he does sometimes bring a little tablet with him. Others usually call that tablet a brick or a potato.