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aka Fenrir

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  • I live in kurt angle’s big gay city
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is making sandwiches for the gamer boys and loving my wife Tatsu
  • I am property

Yellow there. I'm Fenrir. I'm the most chill staff here according to, like, all of the other staffs. I've been a member of this godforsaken wiki since 7/22/2016 (I started out on a different account), and a staff member since 9/11/2017. I'm 15 years old, and I'm in 10th grade. I'm not very active on the actual wiki due to my job mostly being based on the Discord server, so I've included some other ways to reach me later on in this profile. Enjoy my train wreck of a profile page, fellas.

Descriptions of me Written by Other People.

Allora: "You also act so reckless like no one else's feelings matter, spamming, memeing and pretty much being an ass, you can be nice at times but you annoy the hell out of me."

Tatsu: (Tatsu was bored, and was just clicking stuff as usual. So she's gonna rewrite her description.) "A coolio hooman being who likes the Komahina. I want her to finish DR3 so we can cry together."

Gamer: "idk"

Ayumu: "amazing gay wife who is mine, really ridiculous, sarcastic, and funny"

Grape: "You're a grommet"

Miru: "k heres mine 'why are you so weird' quoting ariel by miru"

IHNC: "Worst crime was repeating that... 'w' word... that was horrible. Then Fenrir did it BACKWARD. Horrible sin, buuuuuuut she's a swell person."

Luna: "a momoeffin [censored, for Luna used a naughty word.] *airhornsssssssssssssssssss*"

Mar: "Boop, to the soft strange friend"

Moon: "you're a cool person. that's all i got."

Trash: "Fenrir (AKA Flapjack) is a wonderful memer, Grammar Sheriff, etc. Always good to have around to talk about the most random shit. Better than the Fat Monica Dance. She's also a great uncle. If I ever need someone to talk to when I'm drunk and about to get another tattoo. 11/10 would recommend."

Hunter: "strange person from the deepths of the internet"

Wyatt: "Smoke grass, [censored], and drive fast.”

Mohamad: "Trash Queens lie Lady Nutella, Fat Goddess Of Lemons."

Llama: “A very average person”

Audrey: "Hamantha is almost as cool as my homie"

Toby: “I dunno, ‘pretty cool I guess.’ You need to quote the entire sentence... including this part.”

14: ”Had to explain the meaning of abrasive to a six year old because of them. But generally a cool person."

You can ask me if you wanna add to this part.

Sone Good Things.

Heres some good stuff I like. Check the thingies out. Or don‘t.


  • The Struts. They’re my favorite band at the moment. I could listen to their entire discography without skipping a single song. The genre is glam rock, and they play perfectly. Their best songs, in my opinion, are Young Stars, Ashes (Part 2), and Black Swan.
  • Atlas. They’re a good rapper, and most of their songs are pretty chill. You should check out Broken Bearings, Cheat Day, and Worried.
  • Trapt. Good band. They made the popular song Headstrong, but, as far as I know, were a one hit wonder. Their newest song (I don’t remember the name of it but it featured a rapper) was fucking garbage, but they’re still worth a listen. I suggest Black Rose, Human (Like the Rest of Us), and Drama Queen. They’re numetal by the way.

Video Games

  • Hotel Dusk: Room 215/Wish Room. It’s a marvelous game, and my favorite game of all time, about a detective turned salesman named Kyle Hyde. He checks into a hotel, Hotel Dusk, and he stays in room 215. Room 215 has a bit of a history to it, and it’s known to grant wishes or something. It’s really cool. It’s for the DS. Oh, and fun fact: Kyle Hyde was the first animated trophy in Super Smash Bros.
  • Persona, specifically Persona 5. Very fun game. Hard to explain. Explanation is on Tatsu’s profile.
  • Minecraft! Yes! Absolutely! It’s still fun in 2019, as fun as it was in 2012!

Ways to Contact me.

Instagram: ohboysauce

Discord: Chief Fenrir 🤡#1436

Tumblr: deliciousukulelerecipes

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