aka Aoi Ryugoku

  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on January 7
  • I am Female

The coolest and toughest girl ever...AOI RYUGOKU!

Info about me

Hey! I'm AoiRyugokuTSFG1, also known as TheSonyFanGirl1! That's what the TSFG1 part of my username means! You can just call me Aoi for short. I'm a big fan of Aoi Ryugoku, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Yandere Simulator! Aoi Ryugoku is not only my favorite Yandere Simulator character and Student Council member, but she's also one of my favorite video game characters of all time! I guess you can call me Aoi's biggest fan! I love Aoi so much that I'm even calling myself Aoi now! A lot of my friends and even my mom call me Aoi. Whoa! Heh heh.

My Aoi Ryugoku Art Gallery

As a huge fan of Aoi Ryugoku, I have created quite a few artworks of Aoi! I started out with tracing but eventually, I wanted to improve my art skills, develop my own style, and stop tracing. Here are some of my works that have no tracing in them!

(Also features my homemade Aoi Ryugoku plush!)

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