Aoi Ryugoku, Enforcer of the Student Council!

Info about me

(Hey! I'm AoiRyugokuTSFG1, also known as TheSonyFanGirl1! That's what the TSFG1 part of my username means! You can just call me Aoi for short. I'm a big fan of Aoi Ryugoku, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Yandere Simulator! Aoi Ryugoku is not only my favorite Yandere Simulator character and Student Council member, but she's also my favorite video game character of all time! I'm Aoi's biggest fan!)


Yo, what's up? My name is Aoi. Aoi Ryugoku! I'm the Enforcer of the Student Council at Akademi High! I know I look tough, but I can be nice and friendly too! That's right! I'm tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. So, don't be afraid to talk to me if you want to chat. Feel free to leave me a message on my Talk page any time! Just keep in mind that even though I am mostly friendly, I can still be tough when necessary and at times, I can even be a little hotheaded too. Even though I prefer to be kind and friendly, I've never failed my Enforcer duties so don't underestimate me.

I am Fanon Aoi Ryugoku! Yes, I can see beyond the fourth wall, heh heh. My appearance is quite different from canon Aoi. What sets me apart from canon Aoi is that I have an eye scar, a cheek scar, the S from Sony tattoo on my other cheek, PlayStation stockings, and yellow fingerless gloves! My personality is also quite different, as explained above.

Aoi Ryugoku Information (Fanon).png

                          (This is my version of Aoi Ryugoku)

My Aoi Ryugoku Art Gallery

As a huge fan of Aoi Ryugoku, I have created quite a few artworks of Aoi and some artworks will even show Aoi with other characters too! Here are some of my works and these artworks shown here are some of my personal favorite projects that I've worked on!

(Also features my homemade Aoi Ryugoku plush!)

Other Yandere Simulator Art Projects

Here are some of my other personal favorite Yandere Simulator art projects that I've worked on!

The Fanon Aoi Ryugoku Corner

Yo! It's your pal Fanon Aoi Ryugoku here and this section is a gallery that contains super cool pictures of me! Enjoy!

Aoi Ryugoku Love and Appreciation Corner

This section is to show love and appreciation to the one and only Aoi Ryugoku! This is to show how badass, cool, tough, awesome, and cute she is! The precious dragon bean deserves love and appreciation! Aoi must be protected at all times!

Aoi Ryugoku Videos

Yo! It's your pal Aoi Ryugoku here and this section has some of my personal favorite videos that features your pal Aoi, such as Aoi Ryugoku Skits! Enjoy! (All these videos are made by TheSonyFanGirl1/AoiRyugokuTSFG1)

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