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Aoi Ryugoku, Enforcer of the Student Council!

Info about me

(Hey! I'm AoiRyugokuTSFG1, also known as TheSonyFanGirl1! That's what the TSFG1 part of my username means! The name's Aoi. Aoi Ryugoku! I'm a big fan of Aoi Ryugoku, Sony, Resident Evil Village and Yandere Simulator! I'm also a Mini-Admin on this wiki. I mostly focus on moderating the wiki and sometimes I edit articles but mostly just moderation. Canon Aoi Ryugoku is not only my favorite Yandere Simulator character and Student Council member, but she's also my favorite video game character of all time! I'm Aoi's biggest fan! I am also a family friendly furry who wants nothing more than to just make people smile and brighten up their days. Also a Yandere Simulator sponsor as of October 10th, 2021!)


Yo, what's up? My name is Aoi. Aoi Ryugoku! I'm the Enforcer of the Student Council at Akademi! I know I look tough, but I can be nice and friendly too! That's right! I'm tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. So, don't be afraid to talk to me if you want to chat. Feel free to leave me a message on my Message Wall any time! Just keep in mind that even though I am mostly friendly, I can still be tough when necessary and at times, I can even be a little hotheaded too. Even though I prefer to be kind and friendly, I've never failed my Enforcer duties so don't underestimate me.

I am Fanon Aoi Ryugoku! Yes, I can see beyond the fourth wall, heh heh. My appearance is quite different from canon Aoi. What sets me apart from canon Aoi is that I have an eye scar, a cheek scar, the S from Sony tattoo on my other cheek, PlayStation stockings, and yellow fingerless gloves! My personality is also quite different, as explained above.

Aoi Ryugoku Information (Fanon).png

                          (This is my version of Aoi Ryugoku)

My Aoi Ryugoku Art Gallery

As a huge fan of Aoi Ryugoku, I have created quite a few artworks of Aoi and some artworks will even show Aoi with other characters too! Here are some of my works and these artworks shown here are some of my personal favorite projects that I've worked on!

(Also features my homemade Aoi Ryugoku plush!)

Other Yandere Simulator Art Projects

Here are some of my other personal favorite Yandere Simulator art projects that I've worked on!

Aoi Ryugoku Love and Appreciation Corner

This section is to show love and appreciation to the one and only Aoi Ryugoku! This is to show how badass, cool, tough, awesome, and cute she is! The precious dragon bean deserves love and appreciation! Aoi must be protected at all times!

Aoi Ryugoku Videos

Yo! It's your pal Aoi Ryugoku here and this section has some of my personal favorite videos that features your pal Aoi, such as Aoi Ryugoku Skits! Enjoy! (Unfortunately, it appears I can't add any new videos to the list due to UCP/the new editors. All these videos are made by TheSonyFanGirl1/AoiRyugokuTSFG1)

Aoi Ryugoku

Student Info
Role Student
Class 2-2
Club Student Council
Persona Dangerous
Crush Megami Saikou
Strength Martial Arts Master + Pepper Spray
Appears Week 1
Voice TheSonyFanGirl1
Aoi Ryugoku is one of the female students and the Enforcer of the Student Council who currently attends Akademi.


"Aoi Ryugoku is the Enforcer of the Student Council at Akademi. She is a huge Sony fan. While she looks tough and badass, she can also be quite friendly. She loves showing off how badass and tough she is and even though she prefers to be friendly most of the time, she WILL kick butt when necessary and has never failed her Enforcer duties, so don't underestimate her. Aoi also appears to be a popular internet star and has a big fanbase on platforms such as YouTube. Aoi's home situation isn't the greatest."


Aoi wears the Student Council uniform.

Aoi has short, blue hair and a blue eye. She wears a black eyepatch on her left eye with a white dragon on it. She also has a tattoo on her right cheek which is the S from Sony, along with an eye scar and cheek scar on her left cheek. Aoi also wears yellow fingerless gloves and PlayStation stockings. Her stockings have a white line on each side. Her bust size is 1. She wears the "Red Armband of Leadership" on her left arm reading 生徒会 (seito kai), meaning Student Council written in kanji. As of May 30th, 2021, Aoi now has light blushy cheeks and darker scars. The scars have dark spots in some areas that make them look like they never fully healed.

As of around December 6th, 2021, both Fanon and Canon Aoi got new looks. There's not much difference except for Fanon's new hairstyle and stockings which are now by default blue dragon scale stockings with several PlayStation logos along with yellow lines on the side, as well as a bit of light blue and red cracks at the ankle areas. These stockings are a reference to Aoi's fursona.

You can read a more detailed description about her appearance here.


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, Aoi is Dangerous. If she sees Ayano murder somebody, she will run up, spray her with pepper spray, and restrain her. She will push Ayano away if she gets too close and will spray her with pepper spray if she attempts to kill her without stealth or if she gets too close to her five times. She will break up fights between Ayano and a delinquent by threatening them. If Ayano aims her phone at Aoi, she'll stand still but will show no reaction. Intimidation will also not work on Aoi if Ayano attempts to intimidate her when she has joined the delinquents. Aoi is also not affected by seduction.

That being said though, Aoi can also be friendly. She might be tough on the outside, but she's sweet on the inside. Aoi prefers to be friendly most of the time but she can still be tough when necessary and at times, she can even be a little hotheaded too. Aoi might be friendly, but she has never failed her Enforcer duties, so don't underestimate her. You can read a more detailed description about her personality here.


At 7:00 AM, Aoi will begin patrolling all floors in the school, including the Rooftop.

At 8:00 AM, Aoi walks to Classroom 2-2, sits at her desk, and plays around on her phone before her classes start. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to go to patrol the floors again at 1:00 PM. She walks back to class again at 1:22 PM, sits at her desk, and plays around on her phone again until her next classes start. Her next classes start at 1:30 PM. At 3:30 PM, Aoi goes back to patrolling the floors again. At 4:00 PM, she goes to the Student Council Room and stays there for the rest of the day. On Fridays at 3:30 PM, Aoi will go to the Meeting Room and meet up together with the rest of the Student Council and all the club leaders to have a meeting.

On some days, Aoi will hang out with some of her friends instead of doing her patrol duties or record videos for her YouTube channel on the rooftop or in the computer lab.


Megami Saikou

Megami is Aoi's absolute best friend! She is her number one bestie and the two are inseparable! They are childhood besties. Aoi is very loyal to Megami and would do anything she could to protect her. No one messes with Megami when Aoi's around! Aoi trusts Megami with her life and sees her as a sister. Megami thinks the same way about Aoi. As of February 22, 2022, the two confessed to each other and are now a happy couple.

Hazu Kashibuchi

Hazu is Aoi's ex-boyfriend. The two broke up because Aoi discovered her true sexuality is lesbian and Hazu fully understood that this was the reason for their breakup. The two continue to remain close friends.

Akane Toriyasu

Aoi and Akane are very close. They are best friends. Aoi views Akane as a mother figure. She feels very safe around Akane. Akane knows this and views Aoi as a daughter-like figure. How sweet! The two often spend time with each other at school.

Nasu Kankoshi

Aoi sees Nasu as a mother figure as well. When Aoi broke up a fight between two of the delinquents, one of them injured her face badly and thus, she had to go to the infirmary. Once there, Nasu was very sweet and caring towards Aoi and she quickly patched her up and took care of her injuries. After this event, Aoi saw Nasu as a mother. However, Nasu has currently no idea that Aoi feels this way about her.

Mr. Ryugoku

Mr. Ryugoku is Aoi's father. His name is unknown as Aoi doesn't like disclosing such information. He is an abusive alcoholic and is very aggressive towards Aoi when he is drunk. The more he drinks, the worse his behavior becomes. He often abuses Aoi at every opportunity he gets when he is drunk. Aoi is scared of her father but tries not to show it. She hates him with a passion but at the same time, she still kinda loves him deep down. As for Aoi's dad, he hates Aoi with a passion and loves beating her up. Deep, deep, deep down, he still loves his daughter but he is unable to control himself when he is drunk.

Mrs. Ryugoku

Mrs. Ryugoku is Aoi's mother. Very little is known about her. Her name isn't known either as Aoi does not like disclosing such info. All that is known is that Aoi loves her mother and was devastated that she left the family when she woke up early for school one morning. Aoi's mother isn't divorced from Mr. Ryugoku. She just simply ran away and left, leaving Aoi behind with her abusive father. Mrs. Ryugoku loves her daughter and hates herself for leaving her behind.

Osoro Shidesu

It is rumored that Aoi views Osoro as a big sister and that Osoro views Aoi as her little sis. However, the two have a love-hate relationship and often get into both physical and verbal fights with each other. Some students have seen Aoi and Osoro hang out together sometimes near the incinerator. While Osoro doesn't despise Aoi, her delinquent gang does.


The topics towards Aoi are (Negative/Postive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Drama
  • Occult
  • Science
  • Memes
  • Gossip


  • Art
  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Photography
  • Sports
  • Gardening
  • Video Games
  • Cosplay
  • Cats
  • Justice
  • Violence
  • Friends
  • Solitude
  • Nature


  • Everything else.


  • Her name (青井龍宮) is a play on the Japanese word for "Blue Dragon", Ao Ryu (青龍).
    • The literal meaning of her name is "Blue"(碧) and her surname "dragon prison"(龍獄)
    • Sony is a popular nickname for her.
    • Another name for her is Fanon Aoi.
    • Softie Aoi was her name before changing to Fanon Aoi.
  • She is the first student to have a confirmed missing eye out of the students who cover their eyes.
  • She is based on one of the Four Symbols of Chinese mythology.
  • If she weren’t in the Student Council, she would either be in the Martial Arts Club, Gardening Club, or be a loner.
  • She is the only member of the Student Council to have been in the same room as Megami's family.
  • She is YandereDev's favorite member of the Student Council.
  • Aoi's father, Akane Toriyasu, Nasu Kankoshi and Osoro Shidesu are important to her backstory.
  • Aoi's father is an alcoholic and he's also abusive.
  • Aoi has no mother. Her mom left due to Aoi's abusive father.
  • Aoi sees both Akane and Nasu as mother figures.
  • She is the only member of the Student Council who applied to be a member, rather than being approached by Megami.
    • Megami would have approached her if she had not applied.
  • Aoi and Megami Saikou are best friends and know each other since childhood. Aoi is extremely loyal to her.
  • She has no interest in celebrating her birthday, but Megami insists that she should celebrate it every year. Aoi doesn't want a large fancy celebration, so the two of them compromise by eating cake together.
  • If she had a job, she'd be a personal trainer.
  • She lost her eye when she was around age 15.
    • Megami was present when Aoi lost her eye.
    • You can read about how Aoi lost her eye here.
  • Aoi's casual outfit is mostly just a pair of jeans and a hoodie or sweater.
  • If someone were to openly explain their perverted fantasies involving the Student Council, she would barge in and dare the perverted student to repeat what they said.
  • Strength wise, she is pretty much tied with Osoro Shidesu and Budo Masuta.
  • Some of Aoi's favorite foods are burgers and curry dishes.
  • Some of Aoi's favorite drinks are chocolate milk and iced coffees.
  • Some of Aoi's friends include Horuda Puresu, Sakura Hagiwara, Uekiya Engeika, Toga Tabara, all the Student Council members, Midori Gurin, and Miyuji Shan.
  • Aoi hates bullies and bullying and will do anything to protect and defend students from bullies and bullying.
  • Aoi's favorite place in the school is the Rooftop. It is also her favorite hangout spot at school.
  • Aoi is tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside.
  • It is rumored that Aoi and Osoro Shidesu are friends and that Aoi views Osoro as a "big sister."
  • Aoi's boyfriend is Hazu Kashibuchi.
  • Aoi's YouTube channel is called TheSonyFanGirl1.
  • Aoi is very good with technology, unlike her canon counterpart.
  • Aoi is fully capable of seeing beyond the fourth wall and knows that she's a character in Yandere Simulator.
    • She knows that she is the fanon version of Aoi Ryugoku.
  • Canon Aoi Ryugoku is fanon Aoi's hero.
  • After an experiment gone wrong, Aoi is able to transform into a dragon! She was invited to the Science Club by Kaga Kusha to be experimented on. Aoi trusted Kaga and accepted but the experiment went wrong. However, Aoi wasn't at all disappointed! She loved that she's now able to transform into a dragon whenever she wants to! However, Kaga told her that she can only transform into a dragon when she wears her Student Council armband. The experiment stored some mysterious and magical power into Aoi's armband, and that's why she can only transform if she wears her armband.


Sorry, but I don't trust you!
— If Ayano gets too close to her.
Oh, hell no!
— If she witnesses Ayano commit a murder.
I don't think so!
— When she pepper sprays Ayano.
Damn it! Whoever did this is gonna pay!
— When she discovers a corpse.
— If Ayano attempts to take a photo of her or if she hears Ayano's footsteps.
Ha! Gotcha! Looks like you're gonna have to take a trip to the counselor, punk!
— After catching the player doing something suspicious.
Gotta get a teacher FAST!
— Running to a teacher to report a corpse.
I found a dead body! Hurry up and follow me!
— Reporting to a teacher about a corpse she found.
Oh, for fuck's sake! I know I saw it! I ain't crazy! Damn it...
— After a teacher thinks she was pranking her due to the corpse being out of sight.
Don't make me kick your asses!
— Stopping the fight between Ayano and a delinquent.


Aoi The Dragon!

This is mostly a collection of images of Fanon Aoi Ryugoku in her dragon form! This is also Aoi's fursona. Pose Mod(e) pictures will also be added to this gallery when they're about Aoi The Dragon, such as Aoi's fursona shoes!


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