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Role Being here
Class Unknown
Club clubless
Persona Loner
Crush No one
Strength Strong
Appears In Yandere Simulator Wiki
Games None
Voice Myself

Nothing to see here, it's just my profile! My message wall has been dead for a year so feel free to message me or go on my sandbox to read some stories i'm writing when you're bored. I'm everyone's favorite discussion mod!

About me

I'm just a normal Brown hair green eyed girl who loves anime. recently, I've been looking for new animes to watch. I'm currently 16 years old and a Junior in high school.

My actual edits are terrible due to my lack of coding knowledge.

I have been part of the staff team for a year already, recently became a discussion mod. It's nice being part of a team full of nice people and the staff memes are great.

<tabber> My Artwork= Feel free to browse through my artwork.

My Artwork

This section is for artworks i'm very proud with. most are scp fanart while a couple are just oc artwork. Please follow my instagram so I can have motivation to post more content.



|-|Jokes =


|-|Historical committee = Join our cool committee.


|-| Staff truths =

Staff and truths

1.Slinky is the god of stock images

2.Bonnie is Fnaf queen

3.Mitsuki wants to purge the visual editor

4.Tsu is always dead

5.Aoi was murdered by Slinky

6.Galaxian is Aoi's adopted child

7.Jack agrees that the wiki's founder was useless.


|-| My Advice =

My Advice

I got nothing...

Also you "uwued" into the wrong page, find the right one.

When you have homework

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