A random student

aka Randamu Nagakusei

  • I live in New york
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is Yandere Simulator Portrait maker
  • I am A very lucky girl.
When you have homework

A Random Student
Student Info
Role Being here
Class Unknown
Club Anime Club irl
Age Unknown
Persona Loner
Crush No one
Strength Strong
Appears In Yandere Simulator Wiki
Games None
Voice Myself

Nothing to see here, it's just my profile! My message wall has been dead for a year so feel free to message me when you're bored. 

My favorite pages

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About me

I am just a normal Brown hair green eyes girl who loves anime. recently, I've been looking for new animes to watch recently.

My Wiki Squad

  • OsanaNajimu
  • Tsuzuro Yamazaki
  • 2olmilk
  • CosmicKai227

My Advice

I got nothing...

Also u uwued into the wrong page

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