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Uniforms in the Locker Room. May 1st, 2016.

Uniforms are types of outfit in Yandere Simulator.

Every student must wear one to Akademi High, including Ayano. Uniforms have been available since the beginning of Yandere Simulator, but before the September 1st, 2015 Build, only the default uniform was available. Uniform customization was first teased in the original intro.

YandereDev never designed any of the uniforms currently in the game, but if he could, it would be a long-sleeved white shirt with a blue torso and skirt. A red bow would be located on the collar.

Uniform Customization

Main Article: Customization

January 15th, 2016. Uniform selection screen.

What the uniforms would look like if they were designed by YandereDev.[1]

As of the September 1st, 2015 Build, there is now a starting screen when going to "New Game". After the Senpai Customization screen at the beginning of the game. The player will be able to choose which style of uniform the students will wear. There are six uniforms each for male and female students, making twelve uniforms total. Upon finishing the selection, all students will wear the chosen uniforms for the game, unless reset.

Depending on budget and volunteers, there may be more uniforms added. However, if increasing the number of uniforms will introduce complications, YandereDev would like fewer uniforms. If they do not complicate the game, he would like as many as possible.[2]

It may be possible in the future to give every uniform a custom texture.[3]

In the future, there will be two skirt lengths in the game: one long and one short. It is a low priority at the moment since the store-bought school girl outfit is still used.[4] Because of the short skirt length that is used, it is easy to take panty shots of unsuspecting students. Having longer skirts will make it more difficult to obtain shots, so another way to obtain them must be found. Currently, only Musume Ronshaku, Hana Daidaiyama, Hoshiko Mizudori, Kashiko Murasaki, and Kokoro Momoiro have a shorter skirt.

Male Uniforms

For male students, the following uniforms are available:

Male Uniform 1: A black gakuran and matching slacks with black shoes.

Male Uniform 2: A black button-down trenchcoat and matching slacks with brown shoes.

Male Uniform 3: A white high collared button-down shirt and black slacks with black shoes.

Male Uniform 4: A white shirt and red tie with a tan blazer worn over, with beige slacks and brown shoes.

Male Uniform 5: A white shirt and bright red tie with a bright red-lined black blazer worn over, with black slacks and brown shoes. 

Male Uniform 6: A white shirt and tie worn under a dark grey blazer with dull red stripes, with white slacks and black shoes.

Female Uniforms

For female students, the following uniforms are available:

Uniform 1: A navy and white seifuku with a red mini scarf, matching navy skirt, and black shoes.

Uniform 2: A long sleeved navy seifuku with a red mini scarf, navy skirt, and black shoes.

Uniform 3: A high collared white blouse worn under a yellow vest and red bow, with a tan skirt lined with maroon and brown shoes.

Uniform 4: The principle design is the same as Uniform 3, but with a red-lined tan blazer instead of a vest.

Uniform 5: A high collared white blouse worn under a red-lined black blazer and bright red bow, accompanied with a dark grey skirt and brown shoes.

Uniform 6: A dark grey long-sleeved seifuku with dull red stripes and a white mini scarf. The skirt is white and the shoes are black.

In the future, there may be a female uniform with a dark grey skirt, a light grey blazer, and a neon blue bow tie.[5]

The possible female uniform, shown on Druelbozo's Twitch.

There may also be a female uniform that is a dark long sleeve with a white collar, and a purple skirt. It is most likely a reference to the song "Rolling Girl" by Wowaka.[6]

The second possible female uniform, shown on Druelbozo's Deviantart.

In the future, the original concept of what YandereDev thought the uniform should look like could become the default uniform. YandereDev is currently holding a poll to test public and fan opinions of the design. This uniform consists of a white blouse, a red bow tie, and a light blue dress that exposes the chest.[7]

The possible future default uniform.

YandereDev is also working on a new school uniform. It is a high collared white blouse worn under a black-lined sky blue vest which exposes the chest and a red tie, accompanied with a dark blue skirt.[8]

A potential future uniform.

Club Accessories

If Ayano joins a club, then she will wear a specific accessory that represents the club, and have the option to wear a club-oriented uniform. The club uniforms can also become bloody, and can be removed in the Shower Room. She cannot wear gloves when wearing a club uniform. Club accessories won't appear on her body when she is naked. In the future, there may be an option to hide club accessories.[9]

Martial Arts Club: A white headband and a traditional gi.

Photography Club: A SAIKOU camera on a black lanyard.

Cooking Club: A lilac bonnet.

Occult Club: A waning crescent moon choker.

Light Music Club: A white treble clef hair clip.

Art Club: A beret and a painter's smock.

Drama Club: A rose accessory.

Science Club: A futuristic visor and a lab coat.

Sports Club: Swim goggles.

Gardening Club: A white lily.

Gaming Club: A red cloth or a D-pad hairclip.

Student Council: A red and white version of female uniform four. It is currently not obtainable, as it is not yet possible to join the Student Council.

Bloody Uniforms

Whenever a student is killed, blood is splattered all over Ayano's clothes. If a teacher sees Ayano in a bloody uniform, the teacher will send her to the guidance counselor. If other students see Ayano in a bloody uniform, she will get a reputation penalty of 10 points if School Atmosphere is high. She can apologize and say that she spilled red paint on herself to gain back half of her reputation points.

Arrested for bloody clothing.

The player is able to wear a raincoat to prevent blood from getting on her uniform.[10]

The only way to remove the bloodstains is to go to the Shower Room, take off the clothes when at Ayano's locker, bathe using one of the shower devices, and put on a new uniform. There are two outfits available in the Shower Room: the school swimsuit and a gym uniform. If her gym uniform becomes bloody and is changed, it will become a pickup as well. The player also has the option to remain nude, however, they will be unable to leave the shower room.

So far, the only other interactable locker is Kokona Haruka's, being able to open and close it or steal her phone. Ayano can also dump water or blood from a bucket onto a student, causing them to change their uniform.

If Ayano tries to frame Kokona while her uniform is still bloody, the police will note that the blood on the clothing is not hers. She is then able to convince the police that she was splashed with blood while witnessing a murder.

Framing while bloody.

Ayano must dispose of a bloody uniform before the end of the day, or else people will become suspicious and cause the School Atmosphere to drop.

When a fully mind-broken person is brought to school, given a weapon, and stabs a student, their uniform will become bloody due to the homicide.

Dragging bodies will not cause Ayano's uniform to be bloody. However, stepping in blood puddles can make bloody footprints.

Uniform Inconsistencies

  • The Phantom Girl will always wear the default uniform, regardless of customization. It is unknown if this will be fixed.
  • Any folded uniform will appear as the default uniform.
  • Students shown in Student Info will always wear the default uniform.
  • Placeholder club leaders always wear the default uniform with a monochrome color scheme, regardless of customization.
  • A dismembered corpse will always be clad in the default uniform.
  • Students without AI (excluding Rival-chan, Study-kun A, and Study-kun B) currently wear the default uniform, regardless of customization.
  • Yandere-kun will always wear Male Uniform 3, regardless of customization.

Original Uniforms

In the first intro, before the game even started, Ayano walked up to her closet and could choose her outfit. Afterwards, she would sprint to school and meet Senpai. The player cannot do this any more, as uniforms are now chosen before the game starts with "New Game", or can be changed at school with debug commands.

Picture Quote

White Seifuku.

This school uniform resembles the traditional "sailor uniform" that Japanese middle school students wear.

Blue Seifuku.

This is a blue, long-sleeved version of the traditional "sailor uniform" of Japanese middle school students.

Sweater Vest.

This is a school uniform with a sweater vest.


This is a school uniform with a blazer.

Alternate Blazer.

This school uniform looks like it would be absolutely perfect for a girl who wants to join the Light Music Club.

One Piece.

A new, experimental prototype school uniform that resembles a one-piece swimsuit. Note: Panty shots are disabled while this outfit is worn. Unlock this uniform by completing the game once.

Dark Seifuku.

A red and black school uniform that is perfect for grim, dark, and edgy girls.


Dark Seifuku.

Long Skirt Mode.

  • The Alternate Blazer was a K-ON! reference,[11] as students in the anime wore that uniform.
  • The uniform policy in 1989 was much more strict.[12]
  • The uniform by the incinerator has been removed in the August 20th, 2015 Build and moved to the Shower Room.
  • The Flame Demon wears the #2 male uniform.
  • In high School Atmosphere, a bloody uniform (not on Ayano's body) will be overlooked. Once School Atmosphere drops to 66%, it might be reputation damaging. Under 34%, it might be alarming and incriminating.[13]
  • In the first debug build, and pre-builds before, blood stains on the player's uniform were much messier and larger.
  • Uniforms are highlighted in blue when Yandere Vision is activated.
  • The uniforms in the Shower Room were implemented in the August 12th, 2015 Build.
  • The outfit the player has chosen for Ayano is now displayed when walking around her house and on the title screen as of the September 18th, 2015 Build.
  • Old outfits shown in the first intro may be put back into the game.[14] All the previous outfits have been added aside from the Alternative Blazer, the One Piece, and the Dark Seifuku.
  • Running by the Confession Tree would have Ayano's outfit turn into a black and red version automatically in old builds of the game. It has since been removed due to it being said several times, reporting it as a bug.
  • Hana Daidaiyama, Hoshiko Mizudori, Kashiko Murasaki, Kokoro Momoiro, and Musume Ronshaku are the exceptions to every female uniform outfit, as they wear a much shorter skirt than the other students.
  • There once was a plan that if Ayano was a member of the Sewing Club, she would have access to infinite clean uniforms.[15]
  • Press V in the Easter Egg menu to lengthen Ayano's skirt. This was implemented to test out a dress character model for future use.[16]


  • Ayano can only wear gloves when wearing her uniform. She cannot wear them when nude, in a club uniform, in a gym uniform, or in a swimsuit. YandereDev is well aware of this and will not respond to any emails about it.