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Torture is a difficult way to eliminate a rival in Yandere Simulator.

To be able to torture a student, Ayano Aishi must first go through the process of kidnapping them and bringing them into her basement. They will be tied to a chair and not able to move; they can only look at her and speak. When Ayano walks up to the student and presses E on the keyboard (or A on the player's controller), the player will be taken to a torture screen. The player is able to choose how long Ayano will torture them. The victim's sanity is displayed at the top of the screen. Different lengths of torture will reduce their sanity by different increments. Once the player selects the duration, Ayano will loom over her victim as they scream in terror.

In older builds, Ayano could torture the student as soon as they were kidnapped, but after the December 1st, 2015 Build, she goes straight to sleep after she sneaks the victim home.


Saki about to be tortured. January 1st, 2019.


Saki being tortured. January 1st, 2019.

Torture Option 1


This option is only available in the morning. This option allows Ayano to torture the victim for one hour and decrease the victim's sanity by 2.5%. She will arrive at school one hour late.

Torture Option 2


This option is only available at night. This option allows Ayano to torture the victim for four hours and decrease the victim's sanity by 10%. After she finishes torturing her prisoner, she will immediately go to sleep until the next day.

Torture Option 3


This option is only available in the morning. This option allows Ayano to torture the victim for twelve hours and decrease the victim's sanity by 30%. She will skip the school day entirely, and will stop when nighttime arrives. This is for when the player wants to torture someone, but still wants to do nighttime activities like play video games, read manga, or gossip on the Internet. Her reputation will decrease by twenty points the next day. The player cannot choose this option on Friday.

Torture Option 4


This option is only available in the morning. This option allows Ayano to torture the victim for eighteen hours and reduce the victim's sanity by 45%. She will skip the school day entirely, and nighttime activities as well. Ayano will go to sleep immediately when the torture stops. Her reputation will decrease by twenty points the next day. The player cannot torture a student for eighteen hours on Friday.

Bring to School


This option will only appear when the student has reached 0% sanity. They will obey Ayano's every command and will remain motionless sitting behind a bush to the side of the school gate, muttering mindlessly until Ayano gives them a weapon. A menu will appear allowing the player to choose which student they want killed, then the mindslave will slowly stand up and clumsily walk to the chosen student, push them onto the ground and stab them multiple times, killing them. After that, the mind-slave will stab themselves in the neck, causing a geyser of blood to spurt out. When the sequence ends, the mind-slave will collapse to the ground, dead. At this point, Ayano's chosen student and mindslave have been eliminated, without needing to dispose of a murder weapon or get a single drop of blood on her. When the police come, they will note that it is a murder-suicide, but will be unable to take any further action. If the police arrive during the brief period between the mindslave killing her target and committing suicide, they will arrest the mindslave.

As of the March 5th, 2016 Build, the player cannot give a slave any large, non-concealable weapons, such as a katana.

As of the July 24th, 2016 Build, a mind-slave is spawned next to the school gate, behind a bush when they are brought to school, to explain why nobody notices the mind-slave when they enter the school gates.

In the future, teachers will have different dialogue if they see a murder-suicide.[1] Students will stare at the mind-slave and wonder, but will not take any action.[2]

If the chosen student dies before the slave can reach them, or if the day ends without the slave being used for anything, she will just commit suicide.


Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you? / How long are you going keep me here? Forever? / What are you going to do? Are you going to kill me? / How could you do this to someone? / Could you at least put a TV in here? It's so boring...
— A student with full Sanity
What are you doing? Don't come any closer! Stay away! STOP! NOO!!
— Torturing a student with full Sanity
No...not you again...! / Stay away! Get away from me! / Just kill me already...get it over with.. / I hate you! I'll never forgive you for this! / If you let me go, I won't tell the police...I swear...
— A student with 90-50% Sanity
No! Not that! Anything but that! Not again! STAY AWAY!! NOOO!!
— Torturing a student with 90-50% Sanity
No...not again... / ...stay away...get away... / ..just... kill me.. / ...I hate you... / ...let me go...please...
— A student with 45-1% Sanity
Please... no... Why are you doing this...?
— Torturing a student with 45-1% Sanity
I'll do anything. / I'll do whatever you say. / I'll obey any command. / Let me out of this chair. / I want it to end.
— A student with 0 Sanity
I'm useless. / I'm worthless. / I'm nothing. / Nothing matters. / I should die.
— A mind-broken student at school.
— After giving a weapon to a mind-broken student at school.

After each torture session, the student's sanity will decrease. The lower it is, the more they will twitch and mutter. In the beginnings of the torture, they will fight for their life, but when their sanity is lower, they will begin to accept their fate.

When they have no sanity left, the victim's eyes become a dull grey, and they stop twitching and watching Ayano. Ayano can then bring them to school and ask them to kill her rival, or keep the victim locked up in her basement. They will mutter to themselves on loop when brought to school.

It may be possible that torturing one student might lower another kidnapped person's sanity.[3]


Feb15th2016 SakySuicideSaw

Saki Miyu killing herself with a circular saw.

  • Killing the mind broken student in Cirno Mode just makes the place where they spawn have the usual subtitles of what they would say if they were still alive. Dragging the body somewhere else makes the audio only be around the corpse.
  • A kidnapped student is still able to comment on the Internet.


  • Torture was implemented in the October 17th, 2015 Build.
  • As of the October 15th, 2017 Build, Ayano can choose who her mindslave kills.
  • A tortured student's suicide is always instantaneous.[4]
  • There may be another way to brainwash a student into becoming Ayano's slave, but it has not been revealed yet.[5]
  • It may be possible that later on in torturing a student, their hair will turn white. This is a condition known as Marie Antoinette Syndrome; when under extreme stress or torture, a victim's hair will go white.[6]
  • Mentally broken students have superhuman strength because they have no concern for their own safety, and don't care about consequences. Ayano can use this to her advantage to kill a teacher in the full game.[7]
  • In future builds, people will think Ayano is a delinquent if she starts to skip school too much because of torturing, and her reputation will decrease. Senpai cannot love a delinquent; thus, skipping school too much will cause a game over.[8]
  • What type of torture happens to a student is best left to the player's imagination,[9] unless animations are created.[10] At one point, YandereDev jokingly stated that the torture scenes would be interactive like the "interrogation" scenes in Bullet Girl 2.[11]
  • It takes exactly 40 hours to mentally break a student.
  • If the player presses K while in the debug menu, Horuda Puresu will become brainwashed without having to kidnap and torture her, despite the debug menu stating it spawns Saki.
  • The voice actress here is different from the one at the rooftop event between Kokona Haruka and Saki Miyu.[12]
  • A brainwashed slave will not react to a camera pointing at them.
  • In the July 24th, 2016 Build, the murder-suicide animation was improved.
  • When a mind-slave commits suicide, the blood that sprays out of their neck can cover Ayano.
    • Curiously, if Senpai witnesses the murder-suicide, then sees Ayano bloody, he will blame the murder on her.
  • If a mindslave is brought to school but is not instructed to kill anyone, she will kill herself at the end of the day.



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