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    Why would you say "she may have been threatened" when it's blatantly obvious that she was being offered a large sum of money. If she was being threaten into another date, she wouldn't be sounding somewhat ok with it. Her tone and what she says displays no fear or anxiety. I'm not trying to sound hateful here, it's just something you might wanna remove from the atrical or edit. However much is points to the money, she never actually says so you could keep it in there and possibly say something like "Evidence seems to point toward kokona being offered a large sum of money, but it is a possibility that she's being threatened of forced into another date." Again, not trying to sound hateful, just some advice for the atrical.

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    • Well, she sounded 'somewhat ok' with her dad abusing her when she told Saki about it, so maybe she's just good at keeping calm. She could have been 'Threatened' in terms of having her reputation being ruined by whoever was on the other line if she said no.

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    • Why is this on the apply for staff board

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    • I feel like she isn't exactly threatened, from the sound of her voice on the call, I feel like she is actually happy that she is being offered large sums of money.

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