• I thought I'd take the time to thank you for your numerous contributions to the pages on this wiki.

    In addition, staff and/or I may change your edits in the future, and I just want to say, please don't take it personally.

    If I may, I suggest implementing the below info onto Horuda Puretsu's page instead of trivia for Torture. Trivia's best kept short and sweet in my opinion.

    "There is way to brainwash a fragile student that is bullied (currently only Horuda Puresu) into becoming Ayano's slave. First, you need to write a note to Horuda to meet her at the back of the school stating that you want to talk to her about bullying. Then you ask the target to distract Musume Ronshaku, or vice versa. Then you take a picture of the two students talking. IF taken correctly the HUD would show that this is an incriminating picture, with Musume's icon not crossed out. Then you meet Horuda based on the time and place in the note, and offer her help. While talking to her you can name the bully and tell Horuda that the target is the reason why Horuda is bullied. Horuda will say that she "needs time to consider this", and will then leave. The next day she will be curled up like a mindslave and will kill the target automatically without you having to give her anything. If Horuda is the target she will kill herself. If you send her after a dead target she would commit suicide as well. As of newer builds Senpai can be killed if he was the target. If you send Horuda and spawned Saki towards the same target together the game would be bugged out. The target would lay dead in the middle while both are stabbing the air on the left and right respectively. The police will only conclude that either Horuda or Saki is the culprit, and the target's name would be repeated twice when the police find the corpses. Horuda will also kill the target without being handed a weapon, which means she took a knife out of nowhere (probably from her home).[1]"

    I didn't change the page myself because I felt like that could be potentially like stealing your edit, and maybe you'd prefer to do so yourself. Let me know if you think otherwise. I don't mind doing so.

    I'd also like to thank you for the thoroughness in your edits (which signifies you must have taken a lot of time for them) and citing your sources. We need editors like you.

    Anyways, thanks. ^_^

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    19:59, March 19, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Thanks for that! I will try my best to make time to contribute on this wiki, and learn more info so to post on here. I understand your concern and I will try and complete other necessary things as well. Thanks!!!:)

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