• If Osana is still alive during week nine, She should tell Hanako all about everyone at Akademi. If you were nice, and befriended Osana, then Week Nine would start off easier. Hanako would let her guard down around you, and you could befriend her easier. However, if you were bad, Osana will tell Hanako about you, and thus Senpai would find out. Week Nine would start off harder, with Hanako and Senpai being more protective and alert around you, and Osana helping act as a bodyguard. If Osana caught you murdering someone, Info-Chan would tell you on the weekend before Week Nine that, if Osana is still alive by Monday, Hanako will find out about your murder too. Hanako will tell Senpai, making him disgusted in you. You would get a game over if you didn't kill Osana on the weekend. Any thoughts?

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