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    So, like. I made tasks for the club leaders. Simple enough.

    Geiju Tsuka - "...I lost the blue ink."

    Thats it. The blue ink bottle will be near the pool. He did a drawing of the pool but left the blue ink bottle there.

    Budo Masuta - "I once bought a training dummy to school for the martial arts club. However, when I arrived at school with it, it was already class time. I left it out of the martial arts club, and I think a teacher walked past it and confiscated it. Im not sure where it could be..."

    The training dummy will be at the storage room. Carry it over to Budo.

    Uekiya Engeika - "I hate asking for help, but...I lost my shovel while planting one of the trees. I only came aware of it now, but I can't find it!"

    Her shovel will be right next to one of the trees near the maze.

    Miyuji Shan - "Yeah, I lost my bracelet somewhere in school. Not really a problem, but would be rad if you found it for me!"

    Miyuji's bracelet got loose and then fell off after a concert. Its on one of the things in the first floor girls bathroom.

    Kaga Kusha - "Some teacher stole my plan for building a robot during classtime! That jealous human problably putted it in her desk, but I can't get it myself since I'm too busy in here! If only I had made the robot before she stole it..."

    His papers will be on Shiori Risa's desk. Grab it while she isn't looking.

    Fureddo Jonzu - "I took a beatiful picture of the fountain once, but just as I printed it out, it flied off! I don't have any idea of where it wen't. Maybe its even out of the school..."

    The picture will be somewhere between the racing track and the gardening club.

    Gema Taku - "Uh, yeah, like...I lost my bandana somewhere around the school...I think I was gaming too hard that it fell off. Find it for me."

    His bandana will be in the things in front of the Gaming Club.

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