• YandereDev suggested Kokona could be a DLC rival that she was trapped in a time loop where she was forced to die in countless horrible ways and she wants to break out of that time loop, and to do that she has to kill Yandere-chan

    a possile idea I had for it (which I doubt YandereDev would listen)

    Kokona as a assassin she could be a dark meta assassin if she becomes DLC she could reference how her personality was stolen from her, how she was killed over and over, and right before she kills Yandere-chan she says "it is my fault I started all of this and it's my job to finish it" which will lead into a quick time battle that actually does require you to be quick like a blink and you miss which after she kills you she laugh calmly in joy that she is free however after you kill her she laughs like the Joker saying "I will kill you next time and/or we are bound to kill each other"

    thoughts anyone?

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    • I don't understand what do you mean by this.

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