Taro Yamada

Student Info
Role Love Interest,
Class 3-2
Club None

Gardening Club (until 9/18/15)

Persona Loner
Crush None
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 0
Voice Austin Hively[1][2]

Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi's life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator. He is one of the male students that attends Akademi High School.


His name, Taro Yamada, is the Japanese equivalent of "John Doe". John Doe can refer to a hypothetical person whose real identity is unknown. If Senpai is female, her name will be Taeko Yamada.[3]

The name "Taro" is written as タロウ in Katakana. Written in Kanji, like 多朗, the name can mean "many bright". However, there are also other kanji writings for this name. For instance, "太郎" means "big son"; 立楼 means "standing tower"; and 汰滝 means "selected waterfall".

Senpai's name will never be spoken aloud, but it will appear in the Student Info screen and on in-game social media. The player may be able to pick Senpai's name in a future build.[4] In the official game, the player will be able to choose Senpai's gender. However, Senpai's original gender is male; therefore, the article will refer to him as such.


Main Article: Intros

First Intro

In the first intro cutscene, he was first seen in Ayano's dream, where the player can customize him. The next morning, Ayano, who was late to school, bumps into him and immediately becomes obsessed with him. Senpai, however, doesn't know this and will accept the love confession of any girl who chooses to do so. Right after he meets Ayano, he is scolded by Osana Najimi and they walk the rest of the way to school together, with a lamenting Ayano watching from afar. Info-chan watches the entire scene from behind them.

Second Intro

In the second intro, Senpai is not seen outside of customization. However, Info-chan calls Ayano out on stalking an upperclassman and tells her that the girl he was with is named Osana Najimi. Osana Najimi is Senpai’s childhood friend.

Official Intro

In the official intro, Senpai is seen bumping into Ayano and helping her up. He then waves and walks to meet up with Osana.

Appearance (Default Look)

Senpai highlighted pink in Yandere Vision.

Senpai, with his default look, has light skin, charcoal grey eyes, and short, dark hair. He is the same height as every other male student in the game so that all animations can link up. If possible, YandereDev would want him to be slightly taller.[5] This is his default look because he is meant to look like a generic male anime protagonist.[6]

Senpai wears the default male school uniform, with gold buttons and black cloth, unless if the player changes the oufits. Then Senpai will wear that specific dress code's generic male uniform.

Upon starting the game, the player can customize his skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, eyewear, and facial hair, but if no changes are made or the process is skipped, Senpai will appear with his default look. His gender can be changed in the final game. YandereDev might release Senpai's textures and put them in the Streaming Assets folder so that the player can make custom skins for Senpai.[7]

He is the only character highlighted pink in Yandere Vision.


Official Website

The Japanese word "senpai" refers to someone who has seniority over someone else. For example, if you are a first-year student, all second-year and third-year students are your "senpai". If you start working at a new job, any co-worker who has been employed at the workplace longer than you is your "senpai".

In Yandere Simulator, the title of "Senpai" is given to the young man (or young woman) that the protagonist is infatuated with. The player is given the option of choosing Senpai's gender at the beginning of the game; they might be "Senpai-kun", or they might be "Senpai-chan". If Senpai is a male, his name is Taro Yamada, and if she is a female, her name is Taeko Yamada.

Over the course of the school year, ten different girls will fall in love with Senpai. There is a myth at school that if a girl confesses her love to a boy under the cherry tree behind the school on a Friday, the two of them will love each other forever. Every girl who falls in love with Senpai plans to confess at 6:00 PM on Friday. If there is anyone who wants to keep Senpai all to herself, she has until 6:00 PM on Friday to eliminate the competition.


"An Average Student. \ Average grades, average looks, average life... \ I’m not sure what you see in him."


First Intro

Senpai helping Ayano up in the first intro.

The first intro portrays Senpai as kind and considerate. He helps Ayano up after he bumps into her and is seemingly friendly. [8] He doesn't resent Osana Najimi for her hostility toward him and just follows her orders.

Senpai may also be somewhat of a pushover; he doesn't protest Osana's rude behavior and will accept any confession he receives (except Osana's if sabotaged), which is why Ayano must eliminate her rivals before they confess.

Second Intro

The second intro's Senpai isn't characterized nearly as much as the first. His personality is never mentioned by Ayano or Info-chan. He still accepts the confession of any rival with a good enough reputation (unless he is on bad terms with them from Ayano's sabotage), which might imply that he's still rather meek. However, this could be because he's on good terms with all the rivals.[9]


Senpai is a loner who enjoys nature more than the company of people.[10] Though an introvert, he doesn't seem to be shy. He is normally gentle and considerate, but would feel enraged upon witnessing a masked killer, and unmask them without regard for his own safety[11] though this only occurs with the player, as nobody else will commit murder at this point.

Senpai is not popular in the beginning, although girls will fall in love with him over the course of the game.[12] Some popular people might even notice him.[13] Senpai seems oblivious to Kokona's affections, judging by how she laments that he never notices her feelings when talking about him, but that's simply due to her being a test rival that will become a normal student in the final game. He never seems to realize why Ayano follows him around and only asks her to leave him alone if she gets too close.

He is an average male student who gets average grades.[14]

His personality will be shaped and molded by the way that people around him are disappearing. However, this feature is still under development.

  • If too many rivals died shortly after they talk to him, Senpai will wonder if he is cursed.[15]
    • In later stages of game development, it was planned that if Senpai had this idea, he will reject Ayano's confession, fearing her death as with all others.
  • If Senpai has to reject many rivals because he can't get along with any girl he meets (due to the player sabotaging them), then he will worry that he will never find a partner.[16]
  • If too many rivals are eliminated via matchmaking suitors, Senpai will think that he is not as appealing as other boys.[15]
  • If rivals mysteriously stop coming to school but he does not know their fate, he will assume all girls are delinquents who skip school.[15]
    • Similarly, if the player stops coming to the school continuously, Senpai will have suspicion that Ayano is a delinquent (since she has to skip school for torturing). This will potentially lead to a heartbroken game over though it is an upcoming feature.
  • If rivals are all framed (for murder, leading to life sentence), Senpai will wonder if all women are murderers.
  • If rivals frequently commit suicide, then Senpai will think that all women are on the brink of suicide.[17]
  • If rivals are befriended and promise to stay away from Senpai, Senpai will worry that no one will ever interested on him on spending time with him.

Depending on Ayano's actions, Senpai might develop PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a personality complex, a nervous disorder, or social anxieties.[18]

In the future, Senpai will have a sanity meter. His sanity will drop if rivals keep dying. His sanity will drop more if Osana or Hanako dies. If Senpai thinks Ayano is responsible for Osana, Hanako, or any other rival's death, he may become aggressive towards her and possibly reject her. His sanity could be increased over time (provided that there were no murders at school), or by giving him gifts (which is already implemented but currently serves no gameplay purpose). Senpai's current sanity will affect his daily routine and personality. Senpai's sanity meter is currently not implemented yet, but YandereDev mentioned its possible implementation in the future.


Senpai's reputation graph.

Senpai's default reputation is 0.

Liked: 0

Respected: 0

Feared: 0


A backstory has never been fully written for Senpai. He is meant to be plain and average.[19]

Senpai has a younger sister. Their parents look very ordinary. His father looks like an older version of him, and his mother looks as plain as he does.[20] If they suspected he was in danger, they would move town for him.[21]

Osana Najimi was his childhood friend. They have apparently known each other for a decade.[22] He and Osana attended the same middle school.[23]

Info-chan cannot dig up any dark secrets about Senpai. He appears to have none at all.[24] However, it might be because Senpai is not an intended enemy in the game, so having a dark secret is purposeless.


Senpai reading at the fountain.

At 7:05 AM, Senpai enters the school grounds. He walks to his locker at 7:10 AM and changes from his outdoor shoes to his indoor shoes. At 7:15 AM, he walks to the fountain and sits on its edge, reading a book. He does not socialize with the other students, other than Osana.

At 8:00 AM, Senpai walks into Classroom 3-2 and sits at his desk. He starts his morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to go to the rooftop to eat his bento at 1:00 PM. Kokona Haruka used to watch him from behind a tree on Wednesday.

Senpai walks to class again at 1:30 PM and finishes his afternoon classes at 3:30 PM. Afterward, he will remain reading at the fountain until the school day ends. During cleaning time, he can be seen cleaning the fountain in the Plaza. No matter what time the player chooses to leave school, Ayano always watches him go home until he arrives at his house safely.

Additionally, he will follow the schedule of any Rival interactions that Ayano can sabotage.



On Monday, Senpai and Osana having a conversation in the morning, Osana ask Senpai to meet him at the rooftop at lunchtime, and Senpai will agree to meet her at the rooftop at lunchtime. If the player didn't sabotage Senpai's bento, Senpai will love it and eat with Osana. However, if the player sabotages it, Senpai will complain to Osana about her bento, and rushing to the toilet. But instead of eating with Osana after he throws vomit away, he will go to his classroom and wait until school in session again.


On Tuesday, Senpai and Osana having a conversation in the morning, Osana ask Senpai what's so good about Senpai's book that he always reads it, and he said that his sister was give to him, and Osana ask him if she want to borrow Senpai's book, Senpai would love to give his book to Osana, as long that Senpai's book isn't destroyed, and Osana would take care of Senpai's book. After Senpai having conversation with Osana at the morning, he will patrol at the outside school. At school ends, if Senpai's book isn't destroyed, Osana will thanks to Senpai for letting her to borrow his book. However, if the player sabotages Senpai's book, Senpai will deeply disappointed on Osana for not take good care of Senpai's book. Afterward, Senpai will leave, and Osana feels shamed for not take good care of Senpai's book.


Ayano standing behind Senpai. March 1st, 2017.

Senpai is more similar to a "moving obstacle" rather than a regular interactive student, as he cannot be interacted with normally. If Ayano commits murder in his field of view, it will cause an instant "Heartbroken" Game Over. If he sees Ayano performing suspicious actions such as holding a weapon, dragging a corpse, having low sanity, being covered in blood, killing a person or taking a panty shot, it will trigger an immediate Game Over as well.

Staying near Senpai will cause Ayano's heart to beat loudly and the screen to turn pink. She will drop anything she's currently holding, keeping her hands to her chest. She cannot do anything besides walk slowly when she is near him. Entering this zone will help Ayano recover lost sanity. However, the longer she remains in his aura, the weirder she acts in front of him, going from shyness to watching him creepily. If Ayano stands in Senpai's line of sight for too long or aiming camera to him, he will get slightly freaked out and a bit concerned. If this happens five times in one day, he will express that she is causing him to feel afraid, causing Ayano to become heartbroken and trigger a Game Over. If Ayano is in the Occult Club or plays the "Stealth" game in the computer lab, she can then stay in Senpai's aura for longer without being noticed. Senpai will not recognize her when wearing a mask.

Senpai is a Loner. When he sees a corpse, bloodstains, suspicious weapons or limbs, he will run out of the school grounds. This can be useful to know if you want to get rid of Senpai early in the day, as he has a unique reaction to murder that makes him a significant obstacle. If Ayano commits murder in his field of view while wearing a mask, he will disregard his safety and rip Ayano's mask off her face and cause an instant game over (Despite usually ignoring her in other cases).

Clubs won't factor into his life much. He might visit some clubs on a "trial" basis, but will be clubless for the whole game.[14]

Senpai will have a hidden sanity variable that will influence some of the game's endings and might influence his everyday behavior.[25]

In the future, there might be a "date gameplay" mechanic in the street.[26]

Normally he cannot be killed like a normal student due to his aura. Certain Easter Eggs can still kill him, while other easter eggs that cannot kill him. Normally, after the player kills him with Easter Eggs, he will respawn the next day, as he is not intended to be killed for now. As of the October 15th 2020 build, it is no longer possible to kill him via easter eggs.


All Rivals

Main Article: Rivals

In the full game, Senpai will be on good terms with all the rivals so he won't suspect them of any crimes, even if he sees them covered in blood. This bypasses all exception (he dislikes delinquents, even though Osoro, the head of all delinquents, is the 8th rival). However, he cannot stop the rivals from being arrested if they are framed.[9]

Hanako Yamada

Main Article: Hanako Yamada

She and Senpai are sister and brother. If Hanako ever got a boyfriend, Senpai would be sad that he is no longer the center of her world; however, he would be happy that she is finally independent from him in a bittersweet way.[27] Senpai's sanity variable will greatly decrease if he knows of her death.[28]

At the end of Hanako's week, she will try to force her brother to agree that he'll never get a girlfriend.[29] If Senpai rejects her, he will give her a "tough love" speech about not being so clingy, needy and depending on him for everything.[30]


Main Article: Nemesis

On August 1st, 2019, YandereDev released a manga about the backstory of Nemesis. The comic explained how Nemesis was trying to hunt the person who killed her brother, Taro. That's why she targets Ayano in Mission Mode.[31]

Osana Najimi

Main Article: Osana Najimi

Osana offering Senpai a bento.

Osana is Taro's tsundere childhood friend.[25] When Osana, Senpai, and Senpai's little sister, Hanako, were all younger, they used to hang out together.[32] The two continue to be very close, meeting over together in the morning every day.

YandereDev has not revealed why Senpai chooses to spend time with Osana despite her treatment of him. After she is eliminated, there may be a cutscene showing how Senpai is handling the situation.[22] Her death, like that of Hanako, would cause Senpai's sanity to drop significantly.

Amai Odayaka

Main Article: Amai Odayaka

Amai will serve as a positive influence in Senpai's life after Osana is eliminated, as she comforts him after listening to his distress.

Kizana Sunobu

Main Article: Kizana Sunobu

Senpai considers Kizana a bit bossy but is impressed by her passion for acting and is flattered by what she thinks of him.[33]

Mida Rana

Main Article: Mida Rana

Just like Taeko, Mida and Taro's Relationship would be very complicated and/or rather hard to explain. Mida will try to seduce Taro, and though Taro is not perverted, he will eventually fall in love with her.

Uekiya Engeika

Main Article: Uekiya Engeika

If none of the rivals ended up affecting Senpai's love life, he would likely enter a relationship with Uekiya, since the Gardening Club is the one club that he actually ever seriously considered joining.[34]


The topics towards Taro are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Violence
  • Gossip
  • Martial Arts
  • Memes
  • Money


  • Cooking
  • Drama
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Justice


  • Everything else.


  • The character model that was used to make Senpai is available in the Unity Assets store under the name Taichi Hayami.
  • In Japanese, senpai (先輩) means upperclassman.
  • Senpai's birthday might be the same as Ayano's birthday, April 1st.[35][36]
  • Senpai has an unnamed career path that has not been revealed yet.[37]
  • Senpai has never bought a panty shot from Info-chan.[38]
  • Senpai can probably cook a few simple meals.[39]
  • Senpai will not react to Ayano aiming her phone at him. Instead, he will fear Ayano if she aims a camera on Senpai.
  • Senpai's lines will be affected by the elimination method used on the rivals.[40]
  • If too many girls die or go missing immediately after meeting Senpai, rumors may spread that he is a serial killer. [41]
  • In the future, it will be possible to steal Senpai's clothes and shoes from the gym.[42] YandereDev has said that the game mechanic of stealing items from Senpai for the static Senpai Shrine has been planned since its implementation.[43]
  • Ayano could possibly go on a date with Senpai if a small town was added.[44]
  • Senpai doesn't appear in Mission Mode.
    • It was later revealed that he was killed in the timeline Mission Mode takes place in.[31]
  • There are 25,000 different combinations of customization options for Senpai - 150,000 different combinations if Senpai is in a customized uniform.
  • On December 23rd, 2015, YandereDev posted a comic created by Achromatic, which joked about what would happen if Senpai was allergic to cats. If Senpai was ever allergic to cats, Ayano would kill her own beloved cat for him.[45] However, Senpai being allergic to cats is not necessarily canon yet. The comic can be viewed on YandereDev's website.
  • Senpai's voice lines for the poisoning event, as shown in "How to poison a girl in Yandere Simulator", were not in the actual game.
  • The word that Senpai's lines "You...you killed them! Stay back! Get away from me!", He actually says "You killed them! Stay back! Get away from me!", as he didn't say "You" at the first line.
  • On Akademi High School's Kaobook page, there was originally a post made by Senpai asking how old the sakura trees are. Later, it was changed so that Sakyu Basu posted it.
  • The reason Senpai is so popular is because he sat in the "Main Character Chair". From that moment on, his fate and destiny were set in stone.[46]
  • Senpai wrote a book, How to Hentai without Hentaing, seen in the May 7th, 2015 Build. This object was later removed; YandereDev has since declared it non-canon.[47]
    • The book was reintroduced with a different cover in the December 16th, 2016 Build. It can be found inside the safe, which can be opened with a key during Mission Mode.
  • In the February 17th, 2016 Build, Senpai was shown in his student profile as darker skinned, blond with spiky hair, and wearing shades. He was made to look that way because YandereDev was testing out new customization features and forgot to reset him.[48]
  • As of March 31st, 2020 Build, Senpai will react to Ayano misbehaving faster than other students.
  • Eventually, if Senpai witnesses a corpse, his eyes are shrunk. However, if Ayano carrying a corpse in front of him while Senpai's eyes shrink, Senpai's eyes will turn his eyes into default size.
  • If students and Senpai look something suspicious (Such as Yandere-chan laughing, but they not saw Yandere-chan laughing), everyone just stand still, while Senpai is the only student who seems something suspicious animation.
  • Senpai is currently the only student who cannot be killed, drowned, poisoned, electrocuted, bullied to suicide, etc, as he is technically an extremely powerful character and immune to being killed from using every elimination method. However, though Senpai is technically not immune to be killed, he will be killed in SNAP mode or by using easter eggs (some of the easter eggs that cannot kill him, such as Ebola).


Are you...okay? / Can I...help you? / Is something...wrong? / I'm...a little concerned...
— If Ayano near Senpai for too long or aims a camera at him.
Um, excuse me! Would you please stop doing that? You're scaring me!
— Senpai after Ayano harasses him five times.
Osana?! What happened?!
— Seeing Osana's corpse.
Osana?! What's wrong?! Are you hurt?!
— Senpai's original dialogue when he sees Osana's corpse
Osana! Oh my god! Osana! Answer me! Wake up, please wake up! Don't do this! Oh god, this can't be happening! No! No...
— Taro running up to Osana's corpse.
...hello...police? ...I'm a student at Akademi...my friend is...dead...I'm not sure what happened...please...send someone...anyone...
— Calling the police after failing to revive Osana.
Osana...Osana...(Sobbing)...no, no, no...Osana...no...
— sobbing on Osana's death.
What the hell is wrong with you?! Get away from me!
— Senpai after seeing Ayano visibly insane/laughing maniacally/possessed by the Pain Demon.
Why do you have a weapon? What are you going to do with that thing?! Stay back!
— Senpai after seeing Ayano visibly armed.
Why do you have so much blood on you? Did you hurt somebody?!
— Senpai after seeing Ayano covered in blood.
You killed them! Stay back! Get away from me!/What have you DONE?! You MONSTER!/Oh my god! You just MURDERED someone!/How could you do that?! Do you realize what you've just done?!/This can't be happening! Somebody, help! HELP!
— Senpai after seeing Ayano murder someone or near a dead body.
What the hell are you doing? That's horrible! Stop it, you creep!
— Senpai after seeing Ayano taking panty shots.
Does anyone know how old the school's sakura trees are?
— Senpai's original post on the internet (which was later given to Sakyu Basu).
Wow! This is delicious!
Yeah! It's great!
Hmm? What was that?
— Senpai love Osana's bento if the player didn't sabotage Senpai's bento.
Ugh... what did you put in this?!
My stomach... really hurts all of a sudden!
I'm sorry... I can't finish it! I have to go!
— Senpai complain Osana about her bento if the player sabotage Senpai's bento.
Okay. I'm here, just like you asked.
What's this?
You made me lunch?
Oh...cool! Thanks a lot!
— Senpai and Osana's conversation at lunchtime on Monday.
Osana? Are you okay? What's wrong?! Hey!! Do you need any help?!
— Senpai's reaction to Osana been poisoned.
Oh, this? It's a very special book...my sister gave it to me.
If you're really interested, I'd be willing to let you borrow it...but you have to promise to take good care of it.
All right, then...I'll let you borrow it. Return it to me when school is over, okay?
— Senpai and Osana conversation at morning on Tuesday.
Hey, Osana! So, what did you think of the book?
— Senpai ask Osana if Senpai's book is damaged or not.
No problem!
Huh? What was that? I couldn't hear what you said.
— Senpai and Osana's conversation after school on Tuesday if Senpai's book is not damaged.
Osana...! How...how did this happen?
...I'll see you tomorrow, Osana. Goodbye.
— Senpai and Osana's conversation after school on Tuesday if Senpai's book is damaged.
I like the sound of the fountain and the sight of the falling cherry blossoms. I think it's the most soothing place in the whole school.
Sorry, I couldn't hear that. What did you say?
If there's a nicer spot somewhere in school, I'd love to see it.
...uh...it's not a competition...
You might be taking this...a tad too seriously...
— Senpai and Osana's conversation at the morning on Wednesday.
Wow! These pictures are great! You have a talent for taking photos, Osana!
You sure did.
What you'd say?
— Senpai loves Osana photos if Ayano didn't take a panty shot on Osana's phone on Wednesday.
Wow! These pictures are great! You have a talent for...um...uhhhhh...
...Gosh...I really didn't think you'd do this sort of thing...
...I guess there's a side of you that I never knew about...
— Senpai disgusted on Osana's phone if Ayano take a panty shot on Osana's phone on Wednesday.
Yeah, I remember! I've been looking forward to it all day!
Oh...uh...well...all right, then.
— Senpai and Osana's conversation after school on Wednesday if Osana's phone is never returned.
Nightmares? Well...lately, I've been having a dream where I'm standing outside of school, underneath a tree...and for some reason, I can't move a single muscle...I'm like a statue. I guess I wouldn't really call it a nightmare...just a weird dram. How about you?
That sounds pretty scary.You know, I read a book that said our dreams are actually reflections of our subconscious feelings. Maybe your dream means that you subconsciously feel worried that your hair is a hazard. If you cut your hair...maybe...you'd stop having the nightmares.
When do you plan to cut you hair, anyway? It's almost touching the ground...
Huh? I don't get what you mean...
I...haven't really figured that out yet...
— Senpai and Osana's conversation before entering to school on Thursday.
Uh...I don't know why you had to phrase it like that...but, yeah, I'm free tonight...
Huh? You mean, like a date? Well, it's not like I had any plans, so...
Okay, if you say so...
What was that?
— Senpai and Osana's conversation at the morning on Thursday.
...ugh! Where is she?! ...and she says I'm the one that's always late...forget this, I'm going home.
— Senpai running out of his patience if Ayano turn off Osana's phone alarm.
Welll, lately I've been listening to a lot of classic stuffs. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach...
Oh yeah? What do you listen to?
Ah, that's not my really type of music...
Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt...
— Senpai and Osana conversation at the morning on Friday.
All right, I'll listen...
— Senpai start to hearing jay pop and jay rocks on Osana's phone at lunchtime on Friday.
Hey...you're right...this is pretty good!
It's not going to replace Mozart anytime soon...but it's not bad at all
— Senpai love hearing jay pop and jay rock on Osana's phone on Friday.
Osana...what the hell?!
I can't believe you'd make me listen to this...!
— Senpai realize that Osana says something nasty things to Senpai if Ayano put a doctored audio on Osana's phone.
What is it?
— Senpai and Osana in confession tree on Friday.
To tell you the truth...
Osana, I...I feel the same way about you.
Of course I am. I love you Osana.
— Senpai accept Osana's love confession.
...Osana...to tell you the truth...
I'm very sorry...but I don't think we're right for each other
No...it's not that.
It's...more than that...
Osana, please...don't.
It's just...not going to work.
I'm sorry.
— Senpai reject Osana's love confession.
What's wrong with you?! Stop it! This is no place for violence!
— Senpai after seeing Ayano start a fight with a delinquent.
Wait...something's wrong. Why is it so...quiet? What...happened to everyone?
I...I don't understand. Wh-what are you talking about?
You...what? No...no, you're joking...this gotta be some kind of...prank...
You're really starting to...hey! What are you doing? Get back! Stay away from me! NO! STOP!
— Senpai in the Genocide Ending.
What's wrong with you?! Are you...crazy or something?! Stay back! Get away from me!
— Senpai in SNAP mode.
Huh? Um...have we...met before?
Oh...um...thank you.
Mm...it's good!
Oh...no, it's okay...I wouldn't want to be a bother...
Heh. Well, I guess it would be better than mopping around. Okay...sure. I'll come with you.
— Senpai being asked by Amai Odayaka about the reason for his sadness on Saturday.
My childhood friend, Osana...she was murdered. I can't believe someone could do this. I miss her so much...I don't understand how I could possibly go back to my normal life after something like this has happened.
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was killed.
My childhood friend, Osana...she died right in front of me...there was nothing I could do to help her...no matter what I do...I can't get that moment out of my mind...
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was killed and Senpai found her dead.
My childhood friend, Osana...she was being bullied at school...eventually...she couldn't take it anymore...and she...she killed herself...I keep asking myself if there was something I could've done to stop it...
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was bullied and committed suicide.
My childhood friend, Osana...she killed herself...nobody even knows why...I keep asking myself if it's my fault...if there's something I could've done to stop it...
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was killed in a way that looks like a suicide.
My childhood friend, Osana...she...died...in some kind of...freak accident at school...it's...it's too...sudden...she had her whole life in front of her...and now...she's...gone...it's just not right...
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was killed in a way that looks like a freak accident.
My childhood friend, Osana...she was...arrested for murder...! I still can't believe it's true...I didn't think she was the type of person who could actually...kill someone...
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Ayano framed Osana for murder and she got arrested.
My childhood friend, Osana...she's gone missing. It's like...she disappeared without a trace. Nobody has a clue where she might be. I'm so worried I will never see her again...
— Senpai if Osana goes missing due to Betrayal or Kidnapping.
My childhood friend, Osana...recently, there have been so many nasty rumors about her school. I usually just ignore gossip and drama, but...I can't ignore what entire the school is saying...it makes me wonder who she really is.
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was bullied and stops coming to school.
My childhood friend, Osana...she doesn't seem interested in spending time with me anymore. She tells me that I haven't done anything wrong...but I don't believe her. I can tell something important happened, but she won't talk about it. It's eating me up inside...
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Ayano befriends Osana.
My childhood friend, Osana...recently, she was expelled from school. She had a few faults, but... I never though she would be a delinquent... I guess I was wrong about her this entire time.
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Ayano gets Osana expelled.
For a long time, I thought I might have feelings for my childhood friend, Osana. But, recently...we've had such a hard time getting along with one another. Yesterday, she confessed that she had strong feelings for me. I couldn't bring myself to accept her feelings, since I was worried we wouldn't be able to make it work. And now...I keep asking myself if I really made the right choice or not.
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if he rejects Osana's love confession.
My childhood friend, Osana...for a long time, I thought I had feelings for her. But...I was afraid of ruining our friendship, so I kept my feelings a secret. Now, she has a boyfriend...and...I wish I had said something.
— Senpai talking with Amai Odayaka if Osana was matchmaked with Kyuji Konagawa.




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