Holding the syringe.

The syringe is a weapon in Yandere Simulator.


The syringe was previously found by the school entrance for debugging purposes but was moved to the Infirmary. The syringe can be concealed and is seen as suspicious. If a student sees Yandere-chan holding a syringe, her reputation will drop by ten points at high School Atmosphere.

The syringe can also be used to kidnap female students in the northwest storage room on the first floor, if combined with tranquilizers. If used in any other way, the syringe will kill a student.

In Mission Mode, the syringe cannot be detected by metal detectors.

Syringe Animations

There are 4 killing animations for the syringe, depending on Yandere-chan's level of sanity.

  • High Sanity: A swift stab to the right side of the head.
  • Medium Sanity: The victim tries to defend themselves, gets stabbed in the right shoulder, then gets stabbed in the right side of the head.
  • Low Sanity: She will grab the victim's neck and tackle them to the ground. The victim will try to defend themselves, but they are stabbed in the head multiple times.
  • Stealth Kill: She will cover the victim's mouth and stab them in the head.


What are you doing, carrying a syringe around? That's weird...
— A student seeing Yandere-chan holding a syringe.