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The sprite art for Suicide, shown in the video "Yandere Simulator: Past, Present, and Future".

Suicide is a difficult way to eliminate a student in Yandere Simulator. It leaves no evidence towards Ayano Aishi.


Reputation Method

The first method of suicide, ruining one's reputation, was implemented in the October 8th, 2015 Build.

To cause a student to commit suicide, Ayano must first gossip about them to damage their reputation. The Gossip page shows how much damage Ayano can deal with certain factors applied.

If a student's reputation is below -33, a group of bullies will write hateful messages on their desk and torment them. This does not apply to the player, though it is required to join the delinquents' eponymous club.

Placing a white chrysanthemum on a living student's desk is a way to bully others in Japan. A flower is typically placed on their desk after a student has died, but if they are still alive the action would mean that someone demands their death.[1] A flower will appear on the student's desk once their reputation is between -50 and -99. Between -50 and -149 reputation, the bullied student will not communicate with other students but will sit on the rooftop alone.

As time passes, the student's reputation will continue to go down. If a rival's reputation is -100 or lower, Senpai will reject her love confession, and the rival will be successfully eliminated.[2] Therefore, it is unnecessary to waste anymore effort. However, Ayano is able to continue the bullying further.

If the rival's reputation reaches -150, they will simply not come to school.

The cutscene below is exclusive to the video and does not currently appear in the game. This is because YandereDev wanted to get the build and video demonstrating Suicide out as fast as possible.[3] As of now, any student will simply not come to school instead.[4][5]

Kokona Haruka commits suicide.[6]

After a student commits suicide from the bullying, there will be a memorial service for the deceased student, as this is what happens in real schools.[7]

Murder-Suicide Method

Mind-slave Saki committing suicide after killing Kokona.

Mindslave Kokona committing suicide. July 29th, 2016.

As of the October 17th, 2015 Build, Ayano is able to torture a student in her basement to decrease the victim's sanity. When the kidnapped student's sanity is at 0%, Ayano can bring them to school and give them a weapon. The mind-slave will then kill a chosen target, before killing themselves by stabbing themselves in the neck. If the police arrive after the two students are dead, they will conclude it was a murder-suicide.

It should be noted that if Ayano tries to frame a student while murdering said student and others and disposing of evidence, the police will similarly treat that situation as a murder-suicide.


However, if the mind-slave's instructed target is themselves, or the target dies before the slave can reach her, she will only commit suicide. She will also commit suicide at the end of the day if she is brought to school but not instructed to kill anyone.

If a student with the Fragile persona is bullied enough, Ayano can leave a note in their locker and offer help. If Ayano presents the Fragile student with a picture of a bully talking to another student, the Fragile student will come to school the next day and, similarly to a mind-slave, kill the person in that photo, before killing themselves.


In the August 31st, 2020 Build/Official demo, if Osana's reputation is -150, Osana will feel absolutely devastated by the unbearable bullying and harassment that she is being subjected to. Afterward, there will be a cutscene where Osana will commit suicide at home. When Osana's mother opens the door, she realizes that Osana had hanged herself, meaning she had committed suicide.

Afterwards, Osana's memorial service will take place in school and cause Senpai to stay home from school for one day to mourn Osana's death on subsequent day


  • The idea of bullies vandalizing the victim's desk was inspired by Koe no Katachi.[8]
  • Senpai is currently the only student who will not commit suicide when bullied. He will transfer to another school, though this still means an effective game over.[9]
    • Because Senpai still attends school even if his reputation was low enough (<-100) and does not commit suicide when he was bullied, he will not come to attend school if his reputation was -150 or less.
  • It may be possible that if Ayano frames a student for something illegal, they will commit suicide if they face life imprisonment.[10]
  • Despite one of the writings on the desk saying "I dare you to go jump off the roof!", the student will probably kill herself at home in future updates.[11]
  • Even though the clip of Kokona's death due to bullying was only in YandereDev's video, it can still be found in the game file Unity, but the cutscene was never triggered.
  • YandereDev has not decided if the player will be able to eliminate all rivals using suicide.[12] Senpai will develop a fear that all women are on the brink of suicide should most rivals are eliminated that way.[13]
  • There will be an upcoming feature that if students commit suicide at home, the memorial service about the student commits suicide at home because they been bullied is going to take place, but this feature is not implemented in the game yet. Currently, this only works for Osana Najimi.


Osana! Dinner is ready! ..Osana? *gasp*, OSANA!
— Osana's mother seeing Osana commit suicide.