December 18th, 2017.

February 2nd, 2016.

The Student Council is a club in Akademi High School.


The room is located in the west wing of the second floor. As of the December 18th, 2017 Build, the room has a wooden floor and beige walls. It has red curtains and red chairs surrounding a wooden table with a tea set on it. It has three bookshelves, a grandfather clock, a desk with a globe and laptop on it, and a chandelier.

Joining the Council

Ayano in Student Council Uniform

It is currently not possible to join the Student Council. However, in the future, to join the council, the player will have to meet multiple criteria.

Once Ayano has joined, she will wear the Student Council uniform and have an armband.


If Ayano joins the Student Council, she will be able to:

  • Ask for a favor without befriending the student.
  • Be up to thirty minutes late to class with no penalty.
  • Walk anywhere she wants without suspicion (excluding the boys' bathroom) and be less suspicious to students and faculty.[1]
  • Ayano would also be able to 'unlock' the ability to do something regarding Megami, but this benefit has not been revealed yet because it would be a spoiler. [1]
  • The students will let their guard down around Ayano, so the students' cone of vision will be smaller.


As soon as Ayano walks near the computer by herself, Megami Saikou will start her monologue on how she despises Ayano. Afterwards, the computer will shut off and won't turn on again.

Originally, the plan was that Ayano would not be able to join the student council.[2] However, this was changed in the "Club Benefits in Yandere Simulator" video. Ayano will be able to join the student council in the future, but it will give her many responsibilities.


Council illustrations.png

Leaving and Disbanding

Ayano's responsibilities.

Failing to maintain the responsibilities will result in Ayano being ejected from the council.

Killing a Member

Megami ordering security cameras and metal detectors to be present at school.

Since Student Council members carry pepper spray, they cannot be attacked from the front. It is possible to sneak up behind one and kill them, but it will cause Megami to have security cameras and metal detectors implemented at school. This also causes everyone else to be afraid, permanently reducing the school atmosphere to 0%, therefore permanently setting the game to the hardest difficulty, unless the week has been reset.

Getting a Member Fired

In Mission Mode, Info-Chan offers a service to get student council members fired by sending false evidence of wrongdoing. This service costs 25 Panty Shots. A student council member who is fired will no longer be armed with pepper spray, and will walk around with a depressed pose, apparently upset at getting kicked out. They will also no longer react to footsteps, shove Ayano or send her to the counselor if she is acting suspicious, instead acting more like a normal student. However, they will still continue wearing the Student Council uniform and patrolling the school as if they are still a member, and if they catch Ayano committing a crime, they will attempt to apprehend her like a Heroic student normally would. This service is added into Mission Mode to accommodate for multi missions, so that the player can kill Council members in ways that aren't possible while they are still in the Council (Example: Drowning, Pushing Off Roof).


  • If a Student Council member runs to the teachers to report a murder and discovers that all teachers are dead, they will realize what kind of danger they are in and will run out of school and call the police.[3]
  • The council's meeting room was renovated in the November 15, 2015 Build, and partially furnished in the January 1st, 2016 Build. It was fully furnished in the December 18th, 2017 Build.
  • Each member, excluding Megami, is based on one of the Four Symbols of Chinese myths and culture (Vermilion Bird, Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise, White Tiger). The names of those four members derive from the Japanese translation of these creatures.
    • The Four Symbols are sometimes referred to as the Four Guardians. YandereDev mentioned that he originally chose to relate the council with the Four Symbols because they act as the guardians of Akademi High in a sense.
  • In 1980s Mode, there will be a different cast of student council members.[4]
  • Every member of the Student Council has an unconfirmed rumor floating around about them.[5]
  • Their reputation could be lowered enough that they would resign and leave school. However, their reputation will go down much slower than other students, unless Ayano has specific "dirt" on them.[6]
  • They are slightly feared by students but not disliked.[7]
  • They dislike the delinquents but tolerate them.[8]
  • YandereDev mentioned that if the Student Council were dismissed, it would not happen until after the game ended.[9]
  • YandereDev is considering adding a 6th member that would likely patrol the classrooms.[10]
    • She would possibly be the "Public Morals Office".[11]
    • She would represent the Yellow Dragon.[12]
    • She would have heterochromia.[12]
    • Her name would be Kiyoko Tatsuhara.[13]
    • She would be hot-blooded, determined, passionate and an emissary of justice.[13]
    • She would wear yellow fingerless MMA gloves.[13]
    • She would stop a fight with a speech about humanity's strength.[13]
  • If Ayano joined the council, she would have a more obscure role, like a "historian".[14]
  • YandereDev thinks that unless certain circumstances are met, they would be immune to bullying.[15]
  • YandereDev was inspired by the concept of a "badass" student council, found in numerous anime shows.[16]
  • YandereDev thinks that all former members of the Student Council have already graduated by the time the game started.[17]
  • They will not accept food from Ayano, as they are too cautious to accept food from a stranger.[18]
  • The Student Council cannot be shut down.[19]
  • If the Student Council got in a fight, Aoi would be winning, but then the lights would turn off, and when they turn back on, Shiromi would be the last one standing.[20]
  • The Student Council are a rather "special" club, as it doesn't get disbanded if there is under 5 members or the leader has disappeared.
  • There are couple of exploits in the game that make it possible to kill Student Council members with methods that under normal circumstances would work only on regular students.
  • Even though it was impossible to eliminate Student Council members in Mission Mode, as of the June 1st, 2020 build, it is possible to fire one of student council members by paying Info-chan to do so in the services menu. When doing this, the player will be able to interact with them as if they were normal students, and their walking animations will change. It has been confirmed that the ability to fire a Student Council member will be added in Story Mode in the future. [20]



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