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A strict teacher. June 1st, 2016.

Rino Fukahori's profile. November 19th, 2019.

Strict is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator. The only NPCs that have this persona are members of the Akademi High staff, such as the teachers, the principal, and the nurse.

A suspicious Rino Fukahori.

If an NPC with the Strict persona sees Ayano breaking school rules, she will be sent to the guidance counselor. NPCs with the Strict persona have extensive self-defense training, currently making them impossible to kill without having at least one level of strength, or without the use of Easter Eggs.

If Ayano aims her camera at a Strict NPC, they will stare at the player and give them a suspicious look. Teachers have nothing to hide, so they will see the player as suspicious. If the player joins the Photography Club, they will simply stand still instead, assuming that they are getting their picture taken for the yearbook.

The guidance counselor has a different version of the Strict persona called the Slightly Strict persona. If Ayano gives a valid excuse to justify her behaviour, she will forgive her, but tell her not to do it again. If Ayano makes her patience run out by making a bad excuse or using the same excuse twice, she will punish her. However, since she stays in her office the entire time, it is unknown what her reaction to murder is.

Kyoshi Tachibana, the gym teacher, has the Friendly but Strict persona. She reacts to murder and corpses in the same way as the other teachers, but when taking a photo of her, she poses for Ayano instead of being suspicious.


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If a teacher sees Ayano murder an NPC within their line of sight, they will immediately run to pin her down and disarm her. However, if she has at least one level of strength, or is in the Martial Arts Club, there will be a struggle mini-game, similar to the Heroic persona. If Ayano is in the Martial Arts Club, she will win automatically. If the player fails, the teacher will drop kick her and then pin her down.

Cause of Being Apprehended

  • Murdering another NPC in their line of sight.
  • Dragging or carrying a corpse or body part in front of a teacher.
  • Trying to murder a teacher without at least strength level 1.
  • Walking up to a teacher who is guarding a corpse while covered in blood, holding a weapon, or with low sanity.
  • Mopping up a puddle of blood from a murder scene in front of a teacher.

Causes of Going to the Counselor

  • Being visibly bloody.
  • Being visibly insane or laughing insanely.
  • Being visibly lewd (e.g. taking panty shots).
  • Holding a suspicious weapon in front of a teacher (If the weapon is bloody, you'll be apprehended)
  • Loitering in the wrong classroom after being warned four times.
    • By extent, loitering in the Faculty Room after being warned four times.
  • Being caught stealing or pickpocketing.
  • Having cleaning supplies when it's not cleaning time (doesn't properly function).