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A student with the Social Butterfly persona.

Social Butterfly is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator.

If an NPC with the Social Butterfly persona witnesses Ayano Aishi commit murder, they'll be shocked for a few seconds. Ayano can use this time to kill them before they run. If Ayano wears the Cute Kitty Panties, any student witnessing her commit the crime will be shocked for seven seconds instead. Currently, all Social Butterflies are incapable of self-defense.

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Sakura Hagiwara striking a cute pose.

After their shock has passed, they will run to the nearest crowd and call the police. If they see Ayano, they will scream. This will attract the attention of any nearby students in range, who will see Ayano's bloodied and/or insane state. This makes murdering the witness much harder as the player's reputation will drop massively and because of the amount of witnesses to the murder. If the Social Butterfly witnesses another murder, they will curl up into a ball and rock back and forth, not moving until the day ends, they are killed, or the police arrive.

The next day, they will refuse to talk to the player, saying that they know what Ayano has done and threatening to tell other students about it. Each day they are left alive will damage Ayano's reputation by ten points.

If Ayano tries to take a picture of Social Butterflies, they will give a cute pose for the camera for a picture. If the player is in the Photography Club, they will instead stand still.

If they witness murder, they will give you the Evil/Spiteful camera pose, like what Borupen Saishiki, Haruto Yuto and Yui Rio use when striking the camera at their face.

Hiding Places

A Social Butterfly will automatically detect which place of the school has the highest amount of people on it and will run to it. If the people in that place start to leave, the Social Butterfly will run to another highly populated place (possibly the exit).



Glitchy Lady

An original Social Butterfly.

  • As of the September 1st, 2017 Build, male Social Butterflies have been added.
  • Before the September 1st, 2017 Build to the Febuary 1st 2016 build, if you edit the JSON file, you can make a male student have this personality without making the male student buggy.
  • This persona was implemented in the February 1st, 2016 Build.
    • This persona used to be unprogrammed but was still in the game files before the February 1st update. If a student was changed to this persona, they would inherit part of the Strict persona.
    • Before the September 1st 2017, it worked on a Male Student when editing the JSON file without any problems.
    • In the future, if a Social Butterfly witnesses enough murders or corpses, they may become a Loner.[1]
  • Everyone In The school with expcetion of Martial Arts Club (Heroic) Gaming Club (Phone Addict (Witch Is The Same Thing) Expect for Gema Takagaki) Faculty,Teachers,Delinquents,Student Council, And Etc. (Strict,Violent,Dangerous).
  • If the School Atmosphere/Reputation Is Below %80 (The threshold for the reputation) the Photography Club,Sleuth Will Obtain This Persona.
  • Miyuji Shan Will Have This persona until her club/band disbanded and will have the Loner persona.
  • (There shuold be a cutsene when yandere-chan gets laughed at (Which Is Alredy There) and the laughing chans are the people that have this persona.
  • In 1980s Mode there is no phone so this means that they wont obtain this and Phone Addict personas but there should be a bee persona that will repalace this.
  • In the future you can frame people with this persona for murder with putting a weapon on their hand and everyone nearby (possbily the whole school) will look and pull off the weapon like in this musical video.[1] Or, by joining the Drama Club.


There's been a death at Akademi High School! We need help right away!
— A Social Butterfly calling the police.
Gotta get to safety!
— Witnessing murder.
— Witnessing murder a second time.
— A Social Butterfly witnessing Ayano coming near her after witnessing Ayano murder.
Don't talk to me! I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done.
— After attempting to talk to the student after they have witness murder.
Don't bother me!/Go away!/Don't talk to me!/Get away from me!/Leave me alone!
— Attempting to talk to them after them after they state they will tell everyone what they saw.
I didn't expect to hear that, but thanks!
— When complimented while Ayano has a low reputation.
That's so nice! Thank you!
— When complimented while Ayano has an average reputation.
Really, you think so? I'm honored!
— When complimented while Ayano has a high reputation.



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