Shoku Tsuburaya
Student Info
Role Student, Substitute Leader
Class 3-2
Club Cooking
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush Amai Odayaka
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1
Shoku Tsuburaya is one of the male students that currently attends Akademi High School.


Shoku wears the default male school uniform, unless customized by the player.

He has semi-long, dark brown hair, the fringes on the sides nearly extending to his chin. He also has a long, curly cowlick extending from the part in his hair. His eyes are bright green. He also wears a light yellow kerchief. He is the substitute leader of the Cooking Club, and is filling in for Amai Odayaka while she is absent. Due to being the substitute leader currently, he wears the red armband of leadership on his left arm with a cupcake on it.

As of December 2nd, 2018, his apron is the same color as his kerchief.

As of December 5th, 2018, his apron has changed again and is light brown with brown trim.

If the Cooking Club is disbanded, Shoku will not wear his kerchief or his apron anymore.



"Trusted to operate the Cooking Club when the leader of the club is not present. A connoisseur of good food, with a very discerning palate. Dreams of becoming a world-famous 5 star chef."



Shoku striking a cute pose.

Among the personas currently implemented in the game, he is a Social Butterfly. He will give Ayano a cute pose if she aims her phone at him. If he sees Ayano murder anyone or discovers a corpse, he will run to the most populated place in the school and call the police. He is unable to fight back against the player.

According to his student profile, he is a connoisseur of good food, having a very discerning and sophisticated palate. He dreams of becoming a world-famous 5-star chef.



Shoku's reputation graph.

Shoku's default reputation is +50.

Liked: 50

Respected: 100

Feared: 0


At 7:00 AM, Shoku enters the school grounds. He walks to his locker at 7:05 AM and changes from his outdoor shoes to his indoor shoes. At 7:15 AM, he walks to the Cooking Club on the first floor, and will prepare some food there. Then he travels around the school to give the food to various students.


Shoku preparing some food in the Cooking Club.

At 8:00 AM, he walks to Classroom 3-2 and sits at his desk. He starts his morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to go to the outside of the Cooking Club to eat his lunch at 1:00 PM.

He walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates in cleaning time between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM. Afterwards, he heads to the Cooking Club and stays there until the end of the day.

Cooking Club

Oh, hey! Hi!
— Talking to Shoku.
Shoku is the substitute of the cooking club leader, and the player will have to talk with him to join. If he dies, or if less than five of the members of the club remain, the club shuts down. He will kick Ayano from the cooking club if any members of the cooking club witness Ayano kill someone on the previous day.


The topics towards Shoku are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Occult
  • Video Games
  • Memes
  • Violence
  • Gossip


  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Cats
  • Friends
  • Family


  • Everything else.


  • Shoku was implemented in the August 18th, 2018 Build.
  • His first name Shoku comes from (食事: shokuji), meaning "meal", while his surname Tsuburaya comes from (粒: tsubu) meaning "grain." It might also come from "Tsuji", a Japanese culinary institute.


Oh, hey! Hi!
— Speaking to him while he's inside the clubroom.
I hope to see you again soon!
— Leaving the conversation while he's inside the clubroom.
We're the Cooking Club - we love food! Some of us are committed to eating healthy, while others are in pursuit of the world's most delicious treats. We have a broad range of interests - and appetites! Above all else, we love preparing food for others to enjoy. There's nothing more satisfying than watching people chow down on a meal that you just put together for them! We have enough ingredients here to prepare just about any meal you can imagine! And, if you join our club, you'll have unrestricted access to all of it!
— Asking Shoku for information about his club.
Would you like to join us? We'd be happy to have you!
— Asking to join the club.
That's great! Consider yourself an official member of our club. You're going to love it here!
— Joining the club.
Ah, that's perfectly fine. No hard feelings!
— Refusing to join the club.
Do you need to leave the club?
— Asking to leave.
I'm sorry to see you go, but...I understand. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you pursue!
— Leaving the club.
I'm glad to hear that!
— Refusing to leave.
We're going to prepare a meal between 5:00 and 5:30! I hope to see you there!
— Trying to join the club activity before it starts.
Hey! We're about to cook up something delicious. Want to help us out?

— Asking to join the club activity.
Great! Then let's get started!
— Participating in the club activity.
Okay! We'll wait for you! But, we can't wait longer than 5:30...okay?
— Refusing to join the club activity.
Aw, did you want to help us prepare the meal? I'm sorry...we already finished. Next time, try to be here before 5:30.
— Trying to join the club activity after it ends.
Ah...when you quit the club, it...kinda left a bad taste in our mouths, so...oh! That wasn't supposed to be a cooking pun. I'm just'd be really awkward to let you back in the club. Sorry...
— Trying to rejoin the club after leaving.
Oh, shoot...there's this pesky little school rule that says a student can't be a member of two clubs at the same time. I guess that'd have to quit your current club to join us. I'm sorry!
— Trying to to join the club when Ayano is already a member of another club.
I'm sorry,'re not a good fit for our club. Please, don't take this personally.
— Speaking to him after a Cooking Club member saw you connected to a murder.
Ohhhhh man, it's...i-it's gonna be hard to figure out how to say see...we don't want any drama, of our members has a problem...with't let you join the club. I'm sorry.
— Trying to join after a member of the Cooking Club saw Ayano committing murder.
You...killed someone. Someone who had friends. Loved ones. Hopes. Dreams. Plans for the future. Memories of the past. And...ah...all of that was just...wiped out. How could you do that? need to leave.
— Speaking to him after he has witnessed Ayano commit murder.



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