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Shiromi Torayoshi

Student Info
Role Student
Class 1-1
Club Student Council
Persona Dangerous
Crush None
Strength Carries Pepper Spray
Appears Week 1
Voice Haley Parsley

Shiromi Torayoshi is one of the female students who currently attends Akademi. She is the Treasurer of the Student Council.


Shiromi wears the Student Council uniform alongside the "Red Armband of Leadership" on her left arm reading 生徒会 (seito kai), meaning Student Council written in kanji.

She has short, white hair with 2 black clips on the left side and black eyes with no irises. She wears a white scarf with a black tiger pattern and similar kneesocks, and her bust size is 0.5.

As of the April 17th, 2021 build, her hair model has been changed as well as her scarf and socks. You are now able to see her bow tie sticking out from underneath her scarf. Her eyebrows are now also the same color as her hair.


Official Website

"Shiromi Torayoshi is the treasurer of the student council. She's a peculiar young woman whose intentions are never clear. She is known for smiling at almost every hour of the day, in every type of situation, which is unsettling to some students.

Shiromi is an enigma; very few students know anything about her. Just about the only thing that anyone knows for certain is that she is very eccentric, and takes pleasure in performing harmless pranks on other students."


"Treasurer of the student council. A mysterious & enigmatic young woman. Known to be calm & relaxed at all times. Some students find her unsettling."


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, Shiromi is Dangerous. If she sees Ayano murder anyone, she will run up, spray her with pepper spray, and restrain her. She will push Ayano away if she gets too close and will spray her with pepper spray if she attempts to kill her without stealth or if she gets too close to her five times. She will break up fights between Ayano and a delinquent by standing in between them. She eats a chocolate bar while doing so. If Ayano aims her phone at Shiromi, she'll stand still but will show no reaction. Intimidation will also not work on Shiromi if Ayano attempts to intimidate her when she has joined the delinquents. Shiromi is also not affected by seduction.

She is eccentric, peculiar, and has unclear intentions. She smiles often in many different types of situations. There is a rumor that she spies on students, stalks students, and records their conversations.[1]

She often giggles for no reason and has many quirks.[2] She has many hobbies including soap carving and trainspotting.[3]

Despite her eccentricities, she has a fairly normal way of approaching romance.[4]

If she were kicked out of the Student Council, she would be bummed out for a while as she is fond of the other members.[4]


Shiromi's reputation graph.

Shiromi's default reputation is +40.

Liked: 30

Respected: -10

Feared: 100


At 7:00 AM, Shiromi leaves the Student Council Room and will begin patrolling around the exterior of the school, starting with the plaza. She also patrols the Incinerator area. The only club she patrols is the Gardening Club.

Shiromi patrolling near the Incinerator.

At 8:00 AM, Shiromi walks to Classroom 1-1, sits at her desk, and plays around on her phone before her classes start. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves to go patrol the exterior again at 1:00 PM.

She walks back to class again at 1:22 PM, sits at her desk, and plays around on her phone again until her next classes start. Her next classes start at 1:30 PM. At 3:30 PM, Shiromi goes back to patrolling the exterior again. At 4:00 PM, she heads to the Student Council Room and stays there for the rest of the day. On Fridays at 3:30 PM, Shiromi will go to the Meeting Room and meet up together with the rest of the Student Council and all the club leaders to have a meeting.


The topics towards Shiromi are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Violence
  • Solitude
  • Nature


  • Occult
  • Memes
  • Cats
  • Justice
  • Money


  • Everything else.


  • She was first shown in the "The Student Council in Yandere Simulator (Gameplay Focus)" video.
  • Her name is a play on the Japanese word for "White Tiger", Shiro Tora (白虎).
    • The literal meaning of her name is "White Beauty"(白美) and her surname "Tiger Good" (虎吉).
    • If you put it into Google Translate it means "White Meat" (白身).
    • YandereDev considered naming her Shirotora Moriya[5]
  • She is based on one of the Four Symbols of Chinese myths.
  • Info-chan would pay a lot of money for "dirt" on her.[6]
    • She knows for a fact that Info-chan exists. The hypothetical dialogue for meeting Info-chan heavily implied to be her also suggests Shiromi has met Info-chan before.[7]
  • In the future, if Ayano bumps into her with a stolen item in her inventory, she may take the item and leave her a "cheeky" note in its place.[8]
  • If she weren’t in the Student Council, she would become a sort of "mini Info-chan".[9]
    • YandereDev thinks it is accurate to consider her a "tame" Info-chan, but also to see the two as opposites who use the same type of methods.[10]
  • She is the best with technology among the Student Council.[11]
  • She gets her eccentricities from her parents.[12]
    • YandereDev considers her more eccentric than Kaga Kusha.[13]
    • She has been this way since elementary school.[14]
  • If YandereDev decided to have a 50/50 gender split in the Student Council, she would be male.[15]
  • She could beat the delinquents if she had tools.[16]
  • The weirdest thing the Student Council has caught her doing is when they walked into the Student Council Room to find her holding a baby panda.[17]
  • She was ready for death at a young age. Every day she's alive is a "bonus day" that she's lucky to have. If she dies, she can't complain since she was "overdue" for death anyway. Her last words would be "Oh, well."[18]
  • She thinks tea is boring and will add anything to it to make it more "fun" such as ketchup and mustard.[19]
  • She has never kissed a girl but has kissed a Bengal tiger.[20]
  • She is immune to tickling.[21]
  • If someone were to openly explain their perverted fantasies involving the Student Council, she would record the audio.[22]
  • The player can see her commenting on Musume's phone.
  • Her favorite food is Calamari.
  • Her favorite drink is wine.
  • She will accept food from the Cooking Club members, but not from Ayano.
  • If she were to date one of the Student Council, she would date Aoi due to her vulnerability to teasing.[23]
  • If she were framed or falsely reported to the guidance counselor, she would be very amused and impressed.[24]
  • Her favorite color doesn't have a name and can only be seen by the mantis shrimp.[25]
  • If given a flower, she would eat it while making unbroken eye contact.[26]
  • If she had a voice, YandereDev imagines that she would sound like a kind of boyish/whispery/raspy.[27]
    • As of the January 28th, 2021 Build, she now has voiced, in-game dialogue. It is different from what YandereDev had said her voice would sound like. She has a cute and childlike voice.
  • She smells like the inside of a video game case just after taking off the wrapping.[28]
  • The weirdest thing she has ever worn was a cosplay of her Star Wars OC, "Chewbacca's girlfriend".[29]


— If Ayano gets too close to her.
Can't let this happen.
— If she witnesses a murder.

What a shame...
— If she sees a corpse.
— When she pepper sprays Ayano.
— If Ayano attempts to take a photo of her or if she hears Ayano's footsteps.
But it's so comfyyyyy!
— Hypothetical dialogue of Shiromi speaking to Info-chan.[30]
Anyone tried squid? It's delicious when it's alive ;)
— Shiromi commenting on the school's website.
Heh, sloppy. You gotta be more sneaky than that. C'mon, off to the counselor.
— After catching the player doing something suspicious.
Well, here we go.
— Running to a teacher to report a corpse.
Someone's dead. Come with me.
— Reporting to a teacher about the corpse she found.
Huh. That's actually kind of impressive.
— After a teacher thinks she was pranking her due to the corpse being out of sight.
Om nom nom...
— Stopping the fight between Ayano and a delinquent.




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