Ship Girl Mode is an Easter Egg Mode in Yandere Simulator.



This mode may be a reference to the game Azur Lane (Hood). To activate this easter egg, simply type "ship girl" in-game and it will activate. Once activated, the mode will cause water to flood all over Akademi High and Ayano's outfit will change to a swimsuit and a gun mount will appear, mounted onto her body. She will also levitate, leaving a trail in the water when she moves. The height of the water varies depending on where Ayano’s feet are, causing the whole campus and town to look as if it's submerged in water when Ayano goes up to the rooftop.


[[File:|thumb|220x220px]] In a later build of the game, the model on Ayano's back was updated with a custom model with "U.S.S. LOVESICK" on the turrets. The new model is similar to the previous but with a light grey color with pink accents, as well as different joints. The main back piece has a panel with a pink heart in the center.

A song plays in the background the entire time.

This mode can be combined with another mode, but after that, the game must reset or the day must change to go back to normal (apart from Yandere-kun, AI Mode and DK Mode).

This mode was also able to be activated during LoveSick Mode, this was a bug and it was fixed in the January 4th, 2019 Build.

Yandere Simulator【Ship girl Theme Vol.1】

Music of Ship Girl Mode


Ship Girl Shoot 2

Ayano shooting fireballs.

During this mode, the player can kill students and teachers. By holding the left CTRL button, fireballs will shoot out of the gun mount, killing any NPCs in their path. If any student is killed by the fireballs, NPCs will treat the killed student as a corpse, so no Heroic or Strict NPCs will attack Ayano. Because she is flying in the air, she will leave no bloody footprints if a student is killed with a weapon.


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