Shin Higaonna
Student Info
Role Student
Class 3-2
Club Occult
Persona Teacher's Pet (Since 8/18/18)

Coward (9/2/17 - 7/27/18)
Teacher's Pet (2/1/16 - 9/2/17)
Loner (1/1/16 – 1/15/16)

Crush  ?????
Strength Incapable
Appears Week 1 (Debug)
Shin Higaku, whose real name is Shin Higaonna, is one of the male students that currently attends Akademi High School.


Shin wears the default male school uniform, unless customized by the player.

Shin has short, messy, dark, navy blue hair. He has light purple eyes with dark circles under them. He always has an unhappy face, with the top half of his face slightly shadowed. Shin wears a black choker necklace with a crescent moon on it. If the Occult Club disbands, he will not wear the choker anymore.

As of the August 18th, 2018 Build, he wears a Red Armband of Leadership on his left arm with a pentagram on it.


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, Shin is a Teacher's Pet. He will give Ayano a suspicious look if she aims her camera at him.


Shin's default reputation is +13.

Liked: -70

Respected: 100

Feared: 10


The topics towards Shin are Negative/Positive/Neutral as follows:


  • Martial Arts
  • Sports
  • Violence
  • Gossip
  • Friends


  • Drama
  • Occult
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Solitude


Everything else.


...O-oh, hello there...
— Speaking to him while he's inside the clubroom.
— Leaving the conversation while he's inside the club room.
The Club President isn't here right now. I am substituting for her until she returns. We are devoted to the research of supernatural and paranormal phenomena. If you have any interest in ghosts or demons, you've come to the right place. If you join our club, you shall I put this...well, you will become numb to things that horrify the average person.
— Asking him more information about his club.
Oh! You'd like to join? That's unexpected. It's rare for someone to express interest in our club...
— Asking to join the club.
Wonderful news. We're honored to have you join us. Feel free to examine any of our relics or tomes.
— Joining the club.
Oh...I see. Yes, that's...that's to be expected, I suppose...
— Refusing to join the club.
Have you...decided to part ways with us?
— Asking to leave.
That is...most unfortunate...but...I won't try to convince you otherwise...
— Leaving the club.
Ah, What a relief...
— Refusing to leave.
No, you see, the time is not right. The moon is not yet in position. Return between 5:00 and 5:30.
— Trying to join the club activity before it starts.
We're going to attempt to make contact with a demonic entity. Will you be joining us?
— Asking to join the club activity.
I hope the demon isn't...TOO demonic...
— Participating in the club activity.
Please hurry back. We can wait no later than 5:30.
— Refusing to join the club activity.
My apologies, but you are too late. The ritual can only be performed between 5:00 and 5:30.
— Trying to join the club activity after it ended. left us. That...hurt. We can't let you back in...we've already been hurt enough times.
— Trying to rejoin the club after leaving.
I'm terribly appears that there is school policy against being in two clubs at once...
— Trying to join the club when Ayano is already a member of another club.
We study demons...but we don't admire them. You...can no longer be called "human". You are banished...demon.
— Speaking to him after a member of the occult club saw Ayano connected to a murder.
Someone...someone told me that they saw short...I can't allow you to join this club. Please...don't make this any more difficult than it already is. Just...leave us in peace.
— Trying to join after a member of the occult club saw Ayano committing murder.
Your recent actions are...more frightening than the demons we study. I apologize, don't belong here.
— Speaking to him after he has witnessed Ayano commit murder.




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