7-24-2016 Senpai Shrine

July 24th, 2016.

The Senpai Shrine is a shrine in the shape of a Butsudan that Ayano Aishi has in her bedroom, dedicated to her senpai, Taro Yamada. It currently serves no purpose in the game other than being a decoration with collectibles.
Senpai Shrine HUD

Senpai Shrine HUD.

As of the October 8th, 2015 Build, it is located in the south-east corner of the room. The original shrine contained a photo of the default male Senpai, a toothbrush, a bandage and a half-eaten apple. The player can use the mouse and arrow keys to select each object and read their descriptions.

YandereDev talked about an upcoming update where there will be collectible items from Senpai to put inside the Senpai Shrine.[1] If the player stalks Senpai long enough, he will drop some objects that can be collected.[2] This is a major reason why a male Shower Room will be implemented.[3] Ayano will be able to steal objects from Senpai in various places and store them in the shrine.

The appearance of the shrine was updated to a butsudan in the July 24th, 2016 Build, but the items inside might not be the final items that will be in the game. The butsudan will be populated by 10 items and an empty photo frame that is meant to contain a picture of Senpai. One new item will appear in each week of the game and may grant small buffs (such as +1 speed or +1 strength) to Ayano.[4]

Collectibles Inside The Shrine


The crown jewel of my collection - my most holy of possessions! Senpai's sacred undergarments!


This is a photograph of my beloved Senpai. I adore him so much!


This is a bandage that Senpai threw away! Some of his delicious blood is still on it!


This is chewing gum that Senpai spat out! It was in his warm, moist mouth!


This is a pencil that Senpai was chewing on! I'm so jealous!


This is a lock of Senpai's hair! It's so soft and fluffy!


This is a button from Senpai's uniform! It's an omen that we'll be together forever!


This is Senpai's toothbrush! Brushing my teeth with this is a wonderful feeling!


This is an apple that Senpai was eating! Licking the teeth marks is so much fun!

Bento Box

This is a bento that Senpai ate out of! I hope we share a bento together someday!

Soda Can

This is a can that Senpai drank out of! He crushed it with his powerful, manly hands!

In the final game, there will be one Senpai collectible available per week. Collecting Senpai's stuff is a low priority for the demo as it is only one week long.[5]


  • Before the shrine was added in the May 2nd, 2015 Build, it was just a bare table with the toothbrush, bandage, and an apple sitting on top.
  • The original Senpai Shrine was next to Ayano's bed on the right.
  • Collectibles for the Senpai Shrine may one day give the player buffs.[2]
  • The hairs of Senpai's default model are black; however, the Senpai's Hair collectible in the shrine is gray.
  • To acquire a lock of Senpai's hair, Ayano must be stealthy. If she is caught, there will be severe consequences.[6]



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