Mar152016 ScienceVacuum

The vacuum. March 15th, 2016.

The Science Vacuum is a tool used to clean up bloodstains.


The vacuum is grey with small holes circling the sides. It is located in the Science Club on a table near the left door. It can be carried around.

A number is displayed on the top of the machine, which shows what floor it is trying to access. A 1 will display on the vacuum for the first floor, a 2 for the second floor, a 3 for the third floor, and a R for the rooftop.

It is highlighted in cyan in Yandere Vision.



The science vacuum cleaning up blood of a student.

The player can only use the vacuum if they are part of the Science Club. It will move 4x faster, actively seeking bloodstains within its range and will clean it up automatically. It can travel up stairs. In the future, the vacuum must be emptied in a sink when it is full, but for now, it can clean infinite amounts of blood.

The vacuum is still a prototype so it may not work properly all of the time.[1]


  • The vacuum will frequently get stuck on props and spin in circles.
    • The vacuum cannot be picked up whenever it is stuck on props.




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