Ayano fully insane. May 17th, 2019.

Sanity is a key element in Yandere Simulator. It determines how much of Ayano Aishi's true nature is revealed.

When Ayano performs an unethical action, her sanity will decrease. Achieving 0% sanity requires such actions to be performed multiple times.

When Ayano is visibly insane, her head and arms twitch, she hunches over threateningly, her eyes widen, her pupils shrink, the upper portion of her face darkens, she will have hallucinations of her killing the current rival, she will only see silhouettes of people, and she will uncontrollably kill someone if they are in range. The game's background music will change, becoming slower, lower pitched, off-key, and more menacing when compared to the standard background music. Sanity will determine the speed and efficiency with which Ayano commits murder.[1]

Decreasing Sanity

The ways to decrease sanity are:

In the future, immoral actions such as lying, stealing, trespassing, burning, crushing, and taking panty shots may lower sanity as well.[2]

Cardiograph Monitor

Cardiograph monitor when the player has above 80% sanity.

The cardiograph monitor displays current heart rate, which reflects sanity. It is located at the bottom-right of the HUD. When the player has high sanity, the cardiograph monitor will be light pink, with spikes appearing approximately once per second.

Cardiograph monitor when the player has 20% sanity.

If Ayano is fully insane, the cardiograph monitor will turn bright red and will fluctuate rapidly, indicating an accelerated heart rate.

The cardiograph also displays several intermediate heart rates depending on Ayano's sanity. As sanity decreases, frequency increases and the cardiograph becomes redder.

80% Sanity

Ayano becomes 80% sane after kidnapping, killing, or dismembering one NPC. Her heart rate becomes a bit faster, and her head starts twitching slightly. Her eyes and forehead become slightly shaded, but barely enough to notice. The background music is normal.

60% Sanity

Ayano becomes 60% sane after killing or dismembering two NPCs. Her elbows become slightly bent and the shadow over her face becomes darker. Her pupils shrink significantly and a smile starts to appear. The background music is very slightly distorted.

40% Sanity

Ayano becomes 40% sane after killing or dismembering three NPCs. Her face becomes substantially darker. Her pupils become difficult to discern from her irises. The background music becomes slightly distorted. Her smile visibly becomes larger.

20% Sanity

Ayano becomes 20% sane after killing or dismembering four NPCs. The cardiograph monitor shows her heart rate in red and a faint vignette appears at the screen's corners. Ayano's back becomes hunched. The shadow over her eyes becomes even darker and her pupils are nearly imperceptible. Ayano begins having hallucinations of herself killing her current rival. Students appear from Ayano's perspective as black silhouettes. If a weapon is in her hand, Ayano can not resist killing anyone she gets close to. Staccato piano notes can be heard in addition to the distorted music. The background music heard at 20% sanity and lower can be heard here. Her smile becomes even larger. At this point, students, faculty members and Senpai will notice Ayano's behavior.

0% Sanity

Ayano loses all of her sanity (0% sane) after killing five NPCs, dismembering five NPCs, or doing Osana's Fan elimination. Her heart rate becomes extremely rapid, her pupils almost completely disappear, and her face becomes heavily shaded. The game screen is bordered with an obtrusive gray vignette and will noticeably shake. As of the 4/30/19 Sanity Update, Ayano will experience hallucinations of her murdering the current rival. She will visibly grin and occasionally giggle. The background music is the 20% and lower version, which is very distorted.

Reactions of NPCs

If Senpai sees Ayano while she is visibly insane, a Game Over will occur.

If a teacher or Student Council member sees Ayano while she is visibly insane, she will be sent to the Counselor's Office.

Meanwhile, if a student sees Ayano in this state, it will instead lower her reputation by ten points if School Atmosphere is high, fifteen points if School Atmosphere is medium, or twenty points if School Atmosphere is low. Apologizing to those who saw the lack of sanity will get 50% of the reputation points back, or 75% if the player wears the Kawaii Moe Shimapan Panties. If a friend or a seduced student sees Ayano, her reputation will be affected by eight points instead. If Ayano is in the Occult Club, it will take longer for students to notice the insane player.

Low sanity is also incriminating evidence for the police; if Ayano is visibly insane, the police will interrogate her and, ultimately, she will confess to her crimes.

Yokai Story

Main Article: Yokai Story

There are five manga volumes named Yokai Story that can be found in Buraza Town's manga store. Ayano can only read one volume each night. Reading these manga volumes will increase her numbness level, a skill that changes how long it takes to become fully insane.

The highest numbness level.

Level 0 (Stoic): It takes five murders to become fully insane.

Level 1 (Somber): It takes six murders to become fully insane.

Level 2 (Detached): It takes seven murders to become fully insane.

Level 3 (Unemotional): It takes eight murders to become fully insane.

Level 4 (Desensitized): It takes nine murders to become fully insane.

Level 5 (Dead Inside): It takes ten murders to become fully insane.

Occult Club

Main Article: Occult Club

If Ayano joins the Occult Club, her sanity will decrease at 50% of the normal rate (i.e. it will take ten kills to become fully insane rather than the usual five). If she leaves or gets kicked out of this club, then these benefits will no longer be active. If these benefits are combined with Yokai Story, it will take twenty kills to become fully insane.

Tiny Thong Panties

Main Article: Panties

If Ayano wears the tiny thong panties, her sanity will decrease at 50% of the normal rate (i.e. it will take ten kills to become fully insane rather than the usual five). If the player wears the Tiny Thong Panties, is a member of the Occult Club, and has a numbness level of 5, it will take thirty kills to become fully insane.

Restoring Sanity

In order to restore sanity to normal, Ayano can:

  • Laugh hysterically. To do this, tap the Control (PC) or RB (controller) button repeatedly. A Game Over occurs if a teacher or Senpai sees Ayano performing this action. If others hear this sound, it will lower reputation as of the September 1st, 2015 Build. As of the April 15th, 2016 Build, giggling or laughing will cause students to investigate the source of the sound, leaving the target isolated.
  • View pictures of Senpai. To do this, first, take pictures of Senpai using Ayano's phone. Next, press the Enter (PC) or Start (controller) button and navigate to the photo gallery. Then, select the photo(s) Ayano has taken and "use" it by pressing R (PC). 1980s Mode will not feature the use of the phone.[3]
  • Pass the time with the phone. 1980s Mode will not feature the use of the phone, since it takes place before they exist.[3]
  • Stand in Senpai's pink aura, though getting noticed will eventually result in a Game Over. If Ayano is in the Occult Club, then she can stand near Senpai longer without being noticed.
  • If Ayano is sent to the Counselor's Office, her sanity is restored.
  • In the future, Ayano may be able to paint a picture of Senpai to regain sanity when in the Art Club.[4]

Sanity Animations


YandereDev has stated that sanity will have harsher consequences in the future and must be considered in the player's strategies.[5] Killing animations are determined by Ayano's current level of sanity.[6] YandereDev would like them to be as brutal as the killing sequences from Manhunt 1.[7]
Stealth: Kills are efficient, quick, and silent. They take two seconds.
High: The victim sees Ayano coming and they make some noise when they are killed. Bloody, but an efficient kill. They take two seconds as well.
Medium: Ayano's attack is sloppy, as the first strike does not kill completely. It is more noisy and bloody than the previous animation. They take four seconds.
Low sanity: Ayano brutally and sadistically attacks the victim with many unnecessary strikes, essentially torturing them before landing the killing blow. The victim screams with horror and pain, and there is blood everywhere. They take six seconds.


Crawling will become less subtle depending on Ayano's current level of sanity.[8]
High: Looking for dropped contact lens (not suspicious)
Medium: Crawling (suspicious)
No sanity: Dangerous Animal Pose (very suspicious)

Previously, the player could test sanity-dependent animations by praying to Tatoro in the Light Music Club. The player was able to toggle sanity-dependent animations, summon a victim, summon weapons, decrease sanity, or restore sanity while simultaneously cleaning the player's uniform and removing any fingerprints on the weapon. This was added as a debug feature.

A preview of the sanity animations menu, shown in the August 14th blog post.

Student Sanity

A student with sanity at 100%.

A student with sanity at 0%.

As of the October 17th, 2015 Build, female students will also have sanity, which is normally at 100%. However, Ayano is able to decrease a female student's sanity when she tortures her in the basement. The tortured student will also twitch and have small pupils when her sanity is low. If her sanity is at 0%, Ayano can bring her to school and give her a weapon to perform a murder-suicide on a student of her choosing.

Student Sanity Quotes

Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you? / How long are you going to keep me here? Forever? / What are you going to do? Are you going to kill me? / How could you do this to someone? / Could you at least put a TV in here? It's so boring...
— A student with full sanity.
No...not you again...! / Stay away! Get away from me! / Just kill me already...get it over with.. / I hate you! I'll never forgive you for this! / If you let me go, I won't tell the police...I swear...
— A student with 90-50% sanity.
No...not again... / ...stay away...get away... / ..just... kill me.. / ...I hate you... / ...let me go...please...
— A student with 45-1% sanity.
I'll do anything. / I'll do whatever you say. / I'll obey any command. / Let me out of this chair. / I want it to end.
— A student with 0% sanity.
I'm useless. / I'm worthless. / I'm nothing. / Nothing matters. / I should die.
— A mind-broken student at school.

Senpai Sanity

Senpai has a hidden sanity variable that will influence some of the game's endings and possibly influence some of his everyday actions.[9] If Hanako Yamada is killed, the Senpai sanity variable would take a big hit, as it would be effected similarly if the player were to murder Osana Najimi, his childhood friend. The effects of Senpai's sanity are dependent on budget and volunteers.[10] Ayano is okay with mentally traumatizing Senpai in order to eliminate a rival.[11]

In the future, pools of blood, corpses, the news of his friends/family's death, and murder will affect Senpai's sanity, murder particularly will result in the highest sanity loss for Senpai.[12]

In the future, if Senpai found out that Ayano killed his sister or childhood friend, he may grow violent towards her.[13]

Depending on Ayano's actions, Senpai might develop PTSD, a personality complex, a nervous disorder, or social anxieties.[14]

In the future, leaving notes or gifts for Senpai may increase his sanity.[15]


  • If Ayano tries to frame a student while having little to no sanity, the police will arrest them both.
  • As of March 2020, Ayano's insane laugh is over seventy one months old, making it one of the oldest assets in the game.[16]
  • YandereDev has stated that a more accurate measurement would be composure rather than insanity, as Ayano is already insane. However, she hides it until murderous deeds cause her true nature to show.[17][18]
  • In the animation of third-degree laughter, the player can see the animation Ayano's pupils dilating to return back to usual.
  • YandereDev has revealed that he will nerf laughing to restore sanity "once other methods are implemented."[19]
  • In the very old pre-debug builds, instead of a cardiograph, there was a grey meter of a human. After every yandere action, the meter became redder, showing how much sanity has been lost. There was also a face cam of Ayano's eyes. After every Yandere Action, her eyes became more dilated and her smile became bigger. These two HUD functions were later removed.

The original sanity meter.

  • The original Sanity Meter was located on the bottom right corner, slightly skewed.
  • There were two previous animations for the insane laugh that have since been removed.
  • Ayano's original bobcat hairstyle will change depending on her level of sanity. When the player has high sanity, the bangs will be clear from her face and her tufts will bend low. When the player has medium sanity, the tufts will become high and hair will fall over her right eye. When the player has no sanity, the tufts will rise higher and her right eye will be completely covered by bangs.



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