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Ryoba Aishi
Ryoba Portrait.png

Alias Ryo-Chan[1]
Role Student

Protagonist (both 1980s Mode)
The Mother of Ayano Aishi (202X Mode)

Occupation Unknown
Age 18 (1980s Mode)

52 (202X Mode)

Persona Devoted[2]
Crush Jokichi Yudasei (husband)
Strength Dependent on Physical Education
Appears 1980s Mode
Games Yandere Simulator
Voice Michaela Laws[3]

Lizzy Hofe[4]

Ryoba Aishi is the main protagonist of 1980s Mode in Yandere Simulator.[5]

She is the wife of Jokichi Yudasei and the mother of Ayano Aishi.

It has been confirmed from the first Basement Tape that Ryoba is the same girl featured in the Mysterious Tapes whom The Journalist confronted. She will be overseas for 10 weeks for Story Mode[6] because she is chasing down The Journalist, as said in Basement Tape #10.


"Ryoba Aishi is the mother of Ayano Aishi, the protagonist of Yandere Simulator. Ryoba attended the same school as her daughter in the late 80s. She has lived in the same neighborhood for her entire life.

She is a cheerful and friendly woman who seems to get along very well with everyone in her neighborhood, although nobody seems to know very much about her, not even her next-door neighbors.

She is a very private woman who never talks about herself, and never divulges many details about her occupation...but she's always willing to talk for hours about her husband and how much she adores him."[7]


Ryoba's name is derived from "Ryōbo" (寮母), which is a Japanese word for "Matron", but YandereDev adjusted it to "Ryōba" so it would sound more feminine.[8] Ryōba (両刃) on the other hand means "Double-Edged", and it's a name for type of Japanese, double-edged blade.[9] The word "Ryōba" also has different meanings, which includes "Hunting Ground" (猟場), "Fishing Ground" (漁場), and "Good Horse" (良馬).


Ryoba's appearance is planned to be dependent on Ayano's appearance.[10]

Ryoba's default appearance has fair skin with black hair and eyes. Her hair reaches to her hips when let down but is usually tied into a ponytail with a white hair tie. Her hair reaches to her waist at her sides, and one of the strands from her bangs reaches to her nose. Her face is normally gentle, but when her true nature is shown, her eyes become empty and soulless and her smile becomes very disturbing.

In the Story Mode, Ryoba appears as an adult woman in her early fifties (50). Combined with the intro as well as in the flashback from Ayano's childhood (such as in the video "A Childhood Lesson"), she has worn her current outfit since Ayano's youth. Her outfit consists of a dark purple t-shirt and dark blue pants. In her house, she also wears bright purple apron and dark purple slippers. The most dominant color in her clothes is purple, because it's her husband's favorite color.[11]

In the 1980s Mode, Ryoba appears as a girl in her late teens (18). As seen in the intro, in the flashback from her school years, and she wore uniform number 6. However, YandereDev has considered making "stricter" uniforms for 1980's Mode, which would have longer sleeves and a longer skirt.[12] Ryoba also didn't wear the same black stockings as Ayano,[13] but instead wore black knee-length socks.

In a video showing Ayano's childhood, Ryoba appears younger than she is in Story Mode (probably around her 30's), wearing a white shirt, pink skirt, and pink heels.


Ryoba was born in 1972 (changed to 1971 according to the timeline).[14] Her mother - Ayano's grandmother - was a yandere that kidnapped and kept her husband in her basement, keeping him tied to a chair, and her father - Ayano's grandfather - was a Mindslave that was mind-broken by his wife into loving her unconditionally.[15] Due to her father's state of mind, Ryoba was mostly raised by her mother, who likely told her at some point, that she was exactly like her when she was a child, and that, one day, she'd meet someone special who would "complete" her, just like she did. She also never hid from Ryoba what she did to her father. Ryoba was neutral towards her mother, which is normal for the Aishis before they meet their lover for the first time, and because Ryoba's mother never had to murder anyone to get her lover, she had less knowledge to pass on to her daughter, and only taught her the basics of being a yandere, but Ryoba still respects her mother.[16]

Just like in the case of her daughter, since early childhood, for over 17 years of her life, Ryoba has suffered from an inexplicable, incurable condition, that left her with a perpetual sense of being empty, hollow, and incomplete. As a result, Ryoba was never able to experience satisfaction, fulfillment, or happiness, and was not able to experience emotions in the same capacity as other people. Ryoba pretended to be a normal person in order to avoid drawing negative attention from others, but was never able to feel any degree of empathy towards other human beings.

Ryoba at some point began to attending Akademi. Her first year was from April of 1988 to March of 1989, but since she hadn't met "someone special" yet, she didn't cause any trouble. During her first year, Ichiko Saikou was on her third year, but they never crossed paths.[17][18]

According to the intro cutscene to 1980s Mode, Ryoba explains in a monologue that every night, she has been having the same dream, where she met a boy, fell in love with a him, started a family, and lived happily ever after. Ryoba believed this dream was showing her the future, as she thought it was showing her the person she would be with for the rest of her life. To which she spent years fantasizing about what it would be like to finally meet him.

Eventually, in April of 1988, when Ryoba was 17, she collided with Jokichi Yudasei, who was her Senpai, during the first day of her first year of school.[17][18] Although they hadn't even spoken, Ryoba instantly fell in love with Jokichi, as he was the one who finally made her "complete" and the boy from her dreams. She began to admire him for a year, building up courage to speak to him, so she doesn't make Jokichi hate her, as well as filling the her Senpai Shrine up with stuff Jokichi touched or had. Ryoba quickly found out that Sumire Saitozaki was in love with him. To eliminate Sumire, Ryoba put a note into her locker and killed her in the east girls' bathroom on the third floor with a knife.[19] Although she disposed of all the evidence proving that she wasn't the killer, Ui Tunesu witnessed Ryoba taking a knife from the Cooking Club, with Ryoba claiming that it someone took a knife the Home Economics Room and accidentally mistaken it for the Cooking Club's knife, as Ryoba claimed she was simply putting it back where it belongs. Bundled with that, Ryoba failed to clean up a single bloodstain in the bathroom. The bloodstain was enough for the police to label Sumire's disappearance as a potential murder. News of the case spread throughout the nation and eventually attracted a local Journalist, thus starting 1980s Mode.

After successfully eliminating her first rival, Ryoba continued to stalk Jokichi and began to stalk any girl that spoke to him, constantly finding a new rival. Due to the attention that her first murder caused, Ryoba decided to use non-lethal methods to eliminate five of her rivals, while she made the other five rivals' deaths look like accidents.

As revealed on the 3rd Mysterious Tape, due to Ryoba's actions, her rivals became victims of bullying, were expelled, and in some cases, they stopped coming to school. However, The Journalist frequently saw Ryoba running with a mop and a bucket, as though she always had some sort of mess to clean up, implying that Ryoba still used lethal methods to eliminate her rivals, but most likely disposed of their bodies or made their death look like accidents, to not make the same mistake as she made with eliminating her first rival. According to The Journalist, Ryoba was using manipulation, intimidation, and sometimes even violence to sabotage Jokichi's love life.

After eliminating all her rivals, Ryoba planned to confess her love to Jokichi underneath the cherry tree behind the school, but she never had a chance due to The Journalist, who was able to convince the police to take her into custody.[20] Ryoba was arrested by the police at her house (At the cherry Blossom tree in 1980s mode). When she opened the door, Ryoba had a happy smile on her face, putting on her usual "normal girl" facade, but as soon as she saw the police, and realized that she had already lost, she no longer had any reason to maintain a fake act, so she "zoned out" while she was being arrested. More than anything else, Ryoba felt that it was unfair, and believed it shouldn't have been happening, so she couldn't bring herself to react to it, even as she was put in handcuffs. However, Ryoba didn't allow herself to give up that easily, and she wanted to plan the way she'd escape this scenario, but couldn't do so without more information, so she just "turned off", until she eventually learned that The Journalist was the one who had tipped off the police (In 1980s mode, Ryoba was arrested by the police at Akademi, when she was about to confess to Jokichi. When she spotted the police and Journalist, she reacted negatively, then pleaded not to be taken to court, as she was trying to convince the police & Journalist she didn't do anything wrong). From that moment forward, Ryoba began planning how she would paint herself as someone innocent. Ryoba also waived her right to receive a lawyer, and chose to defend herself during the trial, because in her mind, it was simply not acceptable to leave the job up to a lawyer that might be incompetent and mess things up for her, so she only relied on herself.[21]

As revealed on the 4th Mysterious Tape, Ryoba used her manipulative skills during the trial - she cried non-stop, feigned ignorance at every opportunity, and had an excuse for every accusation leveled at her. She called the Journalist "a dirty pervert who enjoyed leering at schoolgirls" and, "a fame-seeking yellow journalist", and claimed that he had only accused her of murder for sensational headlines. The judge believed her and eventually declared her innocent. However in 1980s mode its way different than the 4th Mysterious Tape, as Sonoko Sakanoue testified Ryoba is a good person and wouldn't commit murder, as well as Ryoba said the Journalist wanted to gain the same respect as Sonoko got after she stopped a killer. With her reason being in the courtroom because the Journalist is deeply insecure about his apprentice accomplishing more than him.

As revealed on the 5th Mysterious Tape, Ryoba stalked The Journalist, when immediately after the trial, he tried to escape the press by hiding in an alley behind the courthouse. When she found him, she threatened his life, saying it would be easy to make his death look like a suicide, then turned around and left him without another word.

After being declared innocent by the judge, Ryoba again planned to confess her love to Jokichi, but the case caused a lot of suspicion on her and affected her reputation at school. Ryoba became worried that if she confessed to Jokichi, he might reject her, and then, she won't be able to resist the need for killing him and herself. Ryoba didn't want to accept that outcome, so to reduce her chances of failure to 0%, she decided to kidnap him instead.[20]

As revealed in the 1st Basement Tape, Ryoba kept Jokichi in her basement and tied him to a chair standing there, just like her mother did to her father. However, unlike her mother, Ryoba decided to not mind-break Jokichi, as she always felt slightly bad for her own father, but instead, she kept him tied to a chair for a long time, until she was 100% sure that he wouldn't try to run away and he'd never try to leave her. When Ryoba eventually forced Jokichi to be in a "relationship" with her, he married her, took her surname, and moved out to her. Due to a plot-related reason that will be revealed in "The True" ending,[22] Ryoba chose to give birth to a child much later in life than the majority of her ancestors,[23] who all became mothers at around 19 or 20. Ryoba gave birth to her daughter (or son), Ayano Aishi (Or Ayato Aishi), on April 1st,[24] currently in 2004, when she was 33.

As revealed in the Intro and in a Yandere-chan's childhood video, Ryoba told Ayano at some point the same thing her mother told her; that she was exactly like her when she was a child, and that, one day, she'd meet someone special who would "complete" her, just like she did. However, she never told her what she did in the past, as she promised Jokichi to never do it.[25] Because Ryoba always knew about Ayano's condition, she didn't worry about her, but Jokichi desperately wanted to help their daughter, and be a normal family, which included taking her to hospitals and seeing doctors. Ryoba tried to explain to Jokichi the condition of their daughter, but he didn't want to listen to what she was saying. That was until Ayano began to pretend to be "normal".

As revealed in a childhood lesson video, Ryoba kept the promise that she gave to Jokichi, but she still found ways to "teach" Ayano how to get away with murder. At some point during Ayano's early childhood, when they both were making dinner together, Ryoba "accidentally" cut her fingertip with a knife. She asked Ayano to clean up the blood while she was bandaging herself. When Ayano cleaned the cutting board with soap and water, Ryoba informed her that the blood was still there. She then took luminol from the shelf next to her and sprayed the place where the blood was. Afterwards, Ryoba turned off the lights and using a black light, she showed Ayano that the bloodstains were still there. Then, Ryoba turned the lights back on and took out a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, sprinkled the place where the blood was, and wiped it clean. Afterwards, Ryoba turned off the lights again and using a black light, she showed Ayano that the bloodstains were no longer there. In this way, Ryoba taught Ayano how to correctly clean up blood after murders.

As revealed on the 9th Mysterious Tape, Ryoba, after over three decades since the events from 1980's Mode, never moved out of her hometown. The Journalist, who decided to try once again to deliver justice to her, began following Ryoba around town for a week. He noticed that she'd suddenly change direction when walking, or linger in one place for seemingly no reason. He realized she was stalking someone, and figured out that Ryoba's prey was a young woman, just out of high school. Shortly before The Journalist began to follow Ryoba, this woman casually flirted with Jokichi,[26] and Ryoba began to stalk her. She was probably a cashier at a convenience store, or a female co-worker of Jokichi.[27] However, there's no guarantee that she was actually in love with Jokichi, but as a yandere, Ryoba was so over-protective of her husband that she assumed any girl who was moderately polite to him was in love with him.[17] She was suspicious of any girl who seemed to be too sweet to her husband, but didn't take action, and probably murdered a handful of times between 1980's Mode and Story Mode.[17] However, Ryoba eventually decided that the girl wasn't a threat and left her alone.[16]

As revealed on the 10th Mysterious Tape, Ryoba caught The Journalist following her. He followed Ryoba into an alley, but lost her in the shadows, and she sneaked up on him from behind. He then turned and ran, but Ryoba followed him to the airport and saw him get on a plane to America.[27]

As revealed on the 10th Basement Tape, Ryoba came back to her house after following the Journalist, and there, she caught Jokichi browsing their old tapes for an unknown reason. Ryoba told Jokichi that she "saw someone who she hasn't seen in decades", mistaking his curiosity with jealousy, and then informed him that they are going to America. When Jokichi protested and asked about their jobs, Ryoba reassured him that she already called their boss and informed him about it, and he was "very" understanding. Ryoba's and her husband's jobs are currently unrevealed, but they will be revealed in one of the game's endings. However, it was revealed by YandereDev, that they both have jobs in the same company, but in different positions,[16] and that technology is a huge part of Ryoba's position.[18] Jokichi reveals that this situation took place a day before Ayano's first day of her second year of school (currently, it would be 31st March of 2023, on Wednesday), and Ryoba expressed that she thinks if her daughter is anything like her, she'll have absolutely no problems whatsoever taking care of herself, and she hopes Ayano will meet "someone special", and will have a boyfriend by the time they get back, to which Jokichi responds negatively, but quickly changes his mind after being intimidated by his wife. At the end, when Jokichi wanted to pick up the tapes so that Ayano would't find them, Ryoba told him to not bother, and that there's a part of her that hopes she does find them. It's unknown as of right now if she ever caught the Journalist.


According to her profile on the Character Page from Game's Website, her personality is "Lovesick" and her weakness is being "Obsessive", just like in the case of Ayano. In her description, it is written that "She is a cheerful and friendly woman who seems to get along very well with everyone in her neighborhood, although nobody seems to know very much about her, not even her next-door neighbors." and "She is a very private woman who never talks about herself, and never divulges many details about her occupation...but she's always willing to talk for hours about her husband and how much she adores him."

Ryoba is a Yandere, which means someone, who loves a certain person so much that they are willing to threaten, harm, or kill any other person who seems interested in their love interest.

Ryoba always dreamed that there was one boy in her life that was the perfect guy. One day, she meets the same guy in her school and falls madly in love with him, thinking of him everyday. She seeks to eliminate anyone who threatens to take Jokichi away from her, because she doesn't want to lose the one thing that makes her feel alive.

As evident in 1980s Mode, Ryoba is shown to be murderous, cold and brutal as she doesn't hesitate to kill or harm any girls who tries to take Jokichi away from her and also shows no remorse for her actions. She has a zero tolerance and disgust upon any girls that romantically expresses love towards Jokichi. Her extreme greediness is also shown, when she only cared about winning Jokichi's heart since being with him was the only way to continue living, and does not also care about everything else like human lives than her love interest.

Ryoba also cares for her own reputation. For example, she canonically killed Sumire Saitozaki and made the other rivals look like accidents without any students witnessing her. Another example is when the Journalist had convinced the police about her actions, she desperately tried to pretend that she didn't do anything, but fails. When brought in court for murder trial, Ryoba had convinced the public that she was falsely accused by the Journalist for the deaths of other girls at Akademi. The reason why is because if she is discovered to be the real serial killer, the public would turn on her, which would mean permanently destroying her chance to be with Jokichi as he will know her true nature and would stay away from her and ultimately, losing her reason to live in the world.

Ryoba is also extremely manipulative that she would spread lies about a person such as making other students turn against Komako Funakoshi by gossiping about her, doing Sonoko Sakanoue's task so she can make her do what she wants, and even making the whole court believe that the Journalist only accused her of murder for the sake of sensational headlines and being apparently jealous of his apprentice's skills as a detective that caused the public to turn against him.

The deaths of these following girls by Ryoba had also caused the Akademi to suffer from its damaged reputation as the public began calling it "A Murder School", which is why many people refused to enroll the school due to being paranoid for their safety.

Ryoba's actions caused not only the Journalist, but Kocho Shuyona as well to develop a strong grudge against her who would both swore that she would pay for her sins for ruining their lives.

In the game, Ryoba's personality is "Devoted", just like in the case of Ayano.


Ayano Aishi

Main Article: Ayano Aishi

Ayano does not have a negative relationship with her parents. YandereDev states that she's just indifferent to them.[28] Ayano believes her mother to be a lovely and innocent human being, though she may not know what her mother did in the past.[29] Ryoba knows about Ayano's lack of emotion.[29] Ryoba loves and adores her daughter very dearly[30] because she is a physical manifestation of the love between her and her husband[31]. If Ayano died, she'd feel pain on another level because of her being a manifestation of the love between Ryoba and Jokichi as well as the same pain as any mother who has lost her child. She'd look at anyone who harms her daughter the same way she'd look at anyone who harms her husband. She'd probably attempt to take revenge for her daughter's death by going after whoever killed her. [32]

Knowing that her daughter has just reached the same age as when Ryoba got her Senpai, Ryoba would be very curious to know if Ayano is going through a similar experience. Ryoba may call Ayano every Saturday just to check on her dear daughter. During these checkups, she would learn that her daughter has found someone special. She would be extremely excited and give advice that relates to subjects such as reputation. Also, Ryoba would mail useful gifts to her daughter.[33] Ryoba once taught Ayano how to clean up blood properly when she was young.[34]

If Ryoba sees Ayano romanticizing a female Senpai, she would be delighted to see that her daughter has found "love" with someone. Her mother gets her values from her own experiences.[35]

YandereDev has stated that he believes Ryoba may have hinted to Ayano how to get away with murder without being up front about it.[36]

She would have aided Ayano with her crimes if she was still in Japan at the time.[37]

Jokichi Yudasei

Main Article: Jokichi Yudasei

Ryoba's background was revealed in Basement Tape #1. During the 1980s, she kidnapped her Senpai, Jokichi Yudasei, and held him hostage. It is revealed that she absolutely loves him. Jokichi does have some affection back, but he is still extremely scared of her and feels there should be no more Aishi women.[38] She eventually married him and had one daughter: Ayano.

Ayano's mother and father arguing about their daughter.

Even after having a daughter with her, he is still afraid of his wife. When he thinks he has accidentally said something wrong about his extremely quiet daughter, he quickly corrects himself before Ryoba notices.[39] Basement Tape #10 proves that Jokichi doesn't dare go against Ryoba, and that he's submissive to the decisions of his wife.

She and Jokichi were revealed to have argued when it came to the topic of Ayano's childhood lack of emotion, as Ryoba didn't see an issue, while her husband did. [40]

Ryoba didn't 'mind-break' him because she felt pity for her mind-broken father.[41]

Sumire Saitozaki

Main Article: Sumire Saitozaki

Sumire Saitozaki was Ryoba's first victim. She was killed by Ryoba with a knife[42] in the third floor girls' bathroom in April 1989[43], as hinted at in some of the Mysterious Tapes.

The Journalist

Main Article: The Journalist

Their backstory and how they interacted is told throughout the Mysterious Tapes. There's some more information on the Basement Tapes.

Ryoba doesn't kill the Journalist right away after the court case and he lives until sometime shortly before Ayano's first day of school, as seen from Basement Tape #10. Ryoba follows him to America, as he was on the run from her since she threatened his life, but it's currently unknown what happens next, though it may be revealed in an ending.

It's clear that Ryoba has a hostile relationship with the Journalist even before the trial as shown in 1980s Mode. The Journalist strongly dislikes her and holds a grudge on her for her criminal actions such as murdering Sumire Saitozaki, eliminating other girls by killing, gossiping, getting them expelled that tried to take Jokichi away from her. Although the Journalist was able to have her in custody, Ryoba proved herself to be smarter than him that she was able to escape a guilty verdict by manipulating the emotions of the court, and tricked all of Japan into thinking that the Journalist only accused her of murder for the sake of sensational headlines. As a result, Ryoba's actions caused the general public to turn against the Journalist who were all blinded by her lies, including his former apprentice, Sonoko.

In Ryoba's Diary cutscene after the trial, Ryoba swore to take revenge against the Journalist for ruining her chance to have a proper meeting with her love interest who attempted to expose her crimes, but could not do so due to now that the public have laid their eyes on her. She decides not to do it for now to avoid anyone suspecting her as a real killer but will not forget of what the Journalist did.

Sonoko Sakanoue

Main Article: Sonoko Sakanoue

Sonoko was Ryoba's last rival. Canonically, Ryoba befriends her after she went to an insane asylum to burn pictures of Sonoko that were in a duffle bag. After that, she was able to convince Sonoko to stay away from her senpai.

When Ryoba was in court, Sonoko testified for her, saying that Ryoba is a good person and would never commit murder.

Ryoba and Sonoko are still friends to this day, and have kept in contact with each other.


When Ryoba shops in the town, she meets the hairdresser in the hair salon. Once the hairdresser knew that Ryoba was also a murderer, she suggested that they should swap tips.


  • YandereDev hasn't decided yet if she will have siblings.[44] However, he always imagined her as a single child, same for Jokichi. He might change his mind in the future, as if there'll be a sequel to Yandere Simulator, and he'll want the protagonist to be related to Ayano by blood, he may give her a sibling, so that Ayano's cousin can be the sequel's protagonist.[45] On the other hand, confirming that she has a sibling will force him to have to include them in the lore, which is why he didn't want to definitively say "yes" or "no". [46] In the release of the 1980's update, she has been confirmed to have a younger sister.
  • Her name was revealed in Basement Tape #1.
  • The first Basement Tape may have implied that she r**** Jokichi. When asked about this on Twitter, YandereDev said that he would like to address this issue with a tape so it would not be spoiled on Twitter.[47]
  • The player might get to see her in action in a brief ending cut-scene of 202X Mode, but it would depend on budget and volunteers.[48]
  • There might be a specific cutscene between her and Ayano if the latter uses pacifist methods in eliminating her rivals.[49]
  • There are three times she will make an appearance: in one of the game's endings, in a post-credits sequence, and in 1980s Mode.[50]
  • She and the CEO of Saikou Corp have spoken before.[51]
    • This, however, could explain why Megami Saikou is terrified by the presence of Ayano, and why her father, the current CEO, tolerates her presence.
  • YandereDev has said that in the game's future skirt inventory, the skirt was made by her and was given to Ayano, who declined, seeing no use for it. However, after meeting Senpai, Ayano managed to find many ways to use the skirt and began wearing it on the first day the player gains control of her.[52]
  • Ryoba's nickname given to her by her classmates would have been "Ryo-chan"[53]
  • The reason why Ryoba worked hard to get into Akademi is because she cares about her younger sister, and wanted to set a good example for her.[54]


It would be very easy to make your death look like a suicide. Don't ever cross me again.
— Journalist quoting her exact words
Long time no see, Mr. Journalist.
— Mysterious Tape #10. The Journalist quotes her words.
Oh, darling! You're finally awake!
— Basement Tape #1. What she first says to Jokichi after kidnapping him.
Watching you sleep is always fun, but it gets a bit old after 6 hours, you know?
— Basement Tape #1. Ryoba cementing the fact that she's insane.
Say. My. Name.
— Basement Tape #1. After she politely asks Jokichi to say her name and then gets a bit angry.
Victim? Of course not, darling! You're the one I was protecting this whole time! That's right, darling! They were threatening our love! I had to get rid of them all.
— Basement Tape #1. After Jokichi is unsure if he's going to die.
Sorry, darling! You're not allowed out of that chair until I'm 100% sure that you'll never try to leave me! From this day forward, I'm never going to let you out of my sight! We'll be together...forever!
— Basement Tape #1. Denying Jokichi freedom from the chair.
Oh! Are those our old tapes? The ones we made back in the 80s? *Giggle* Did you get a bit nostalgic for the good old days?
— Basement Tape #10.
Oh, my! Are you jealous, darling? Are you worried that someone is going to steal your beloved wife away?
— Basement Tape #10. Jokes that Jokichi is jealous of The Journalist.
That's right, darling! Pack your bags! We're going to America!
— Basement Tape #10. She excitedly tells Jokichi that they're going to chase down The Journalist in America.
If our daughter is anything like her mother, she'll have absolutely no problems whatsoever taking care of herself! Oh! I hope she meets someone special! It would be so nice if she's gotten a boyfriend by the time we get back!
— Basement Tape #10. After Jokichi asks what will become of Ayano while they're away, Ryoba says it'll be fine.
Don't wait for him to make the first move; while you're waiting, some other girl might snatch him up. You need to be proactive about this sort of thing! / If another girl starts competing for him, don't back down. Stand your ground and fight with all your might! Don't let anyone steal your man! / Be mindful of your reputation. If everyone is saying bad things about you, he won't be able to respect you. Try to make lots of friends!
— Hypothetical dialogue of Ryoba giving Ayano advice for her Senpai.[55]


Hello, dear! I'm looking for your mommy. Do you know where I can find her? It's difficult for me to track her down, since I only know a couple of things about her. I know that she has an alcohol problem, that she's recently gotten into debt, and that she was involved in compensated dating when she was younger. Oh? What's that? You want me to keep my voice down? That makes sense...after all, you wouldn't want to be bullied by your entire class. You wouldn't want anyone to treat you the way that you've been treating my daughter, Ayano. Hehe...yes, that's right, I'm Ayano's mommy. Make sure to treat her kindly, and not to let anyone else mistreat her...or else the whole class will find out about your mommy.
— Hypothetical dialogue for Ryoba talking to a student who bullies Ayano.
Your diary fell out of your bookbag. I picked it up to put it back...and I accidentally saw what was written on one of the pages.

Something about an..."Evil Photographer?"" It made me worry. Are you in danger? Do you need help? Please, tell me what's going on.

Why don't you call the Police?

I'll go to the insane asylum and burn the photographer's pictures for you.

Don't worry. I'm tougher than I look.

Trust me...I'll be fine. Give me your phone number so I can call you when the problem is resolved.

— Ryoba's conversation with one of her rivals on the rooftop (Excluding Ritsuko Chikanari).
..it's happening. It's really happening! Today is the day...the day I finally tell him how I feel! It's taken so long...but now I'm ready. I'm ready to -


...it's you.

Wait, please! There must be some mistake! I had nothing to do with -

No! I would never hurt anyone! I swear! I'm innocent! You have to believe me!

— Ryoba's lines before she was arrested.
I did not kill Sumire Saitozaki.

It's true that I put a note in her locker and spoke with her in the bathroom...

...but I simply wanted to discuss a personal matter with her; nothing more.

I noticed that one of the knives in the Home Economics Room was missing.

It turned out that someone had brought the knife to the Cooking Club by mistake.

So, I simply took it from the Cooking Club and put it back in it's rightful place.

I love my school. I can't stand to see trash and garbage piling up everywhere.

I do my part to keep the school clean, just like everyone else does.


...Mr. Journalist.

There are a number of problems with your theory.

First of all, you're accusing me of murder, but...

...you don't actually have any proof that Sumire is dead.

She is still considered "missing" after all.

I think she simply ran away because of the stress of studying at an elite school.

I pray that she is alive and well, and will return to us one day.

You think I killed Sumire because of three facts:

I spoke to her, I held a knife, and I burned some trash.

However, none of these things are grounds for suspicion.

Every day at school, dozens of students talk to each other...

...touch objects that could be used as weapons...

...and carry garbage bags to the incinerator.

There was nothing unusual or suspicious about my behavior.

...you know, I think I've figured out what's going on here, Mr. Journalist.

Your apprentice, Sonoko Sakanoue, became a celebrity after she stopped a killer.

You're desperate to pin a crime on me.. because you want to be a celebrity, too.

The only reason that any of us are in this courtroom today is because...

...you're deeply insecure that your apprentice has accomplished more than you.

— Ryoba's lines in the Courtroom.
Senpai, no...
— Ryoba's lines before getting a game over




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