Reina Nabatame
Faculty Info
Role Teacher of Class 1-1
Job Teacher
Age Adult
Persona Strict
Crush None
Strength Extensive training
Appears Week 1
Voice Rachael Messer[1]
Reina Nabatame is the teacher of Classroom 1-1.


Reina Nabatame's hair is brown and pulled into a bun, with her eyes being the same color. She wears a white top with a black blazer. Her bust size is 1.5.

Her hairstyle was formerly used for every teacher until the February 1st, 2016 Build, where every teacher except for her was given a new hair model.

In January 1st, 2019 Build, her hairstyle, and her eyes are color is red

In January 3rd, 2019 Build, her hairstyle has changed to make it more realistic, and her hairstyle and her eyes color are now dark brown.

In May 17th, 2019 Build. her hairstyle color and her eyes still brown, but its light brown on her hairstyle and her eyes

In July 1st, 2019 Build, her hairstyle color still brown, and the only thing that changed is her eyes.



Reina looking suspiciously at the camera.

She is part of the school's faculty. She has the Strict persona and has had extensive martial arts training. She will give Ayano a suspicious look if Ayano aims her phone at her.



Reina's reputation graph.

Reina's default reputation is +50

Liked: 0

Respected: +50

Feared: +100


Reina will stay in the Faculty Room while class is not in session. During classtime, she will stand in her classroom, behind her lectern.


Reina teaches:


The topics towards Reina are Negative/Neutral/Positive as follows:


  • Occult
  • Video Games
  • Anime
  • Memes
  • Violence
  • Gossip


  • Justice
  • Reading
  • School
  • Family
  • Money


  • Everything else.


  • Reina was implemented in May 3rd, 2015 Build.
  • In previous builds, Reina's name was Reina Nana which were a reference to the top female Japanese names in 2012, with Reina placing 51st on the list and Nana placing 50th.[2][3]
  • Reina used to teach Haruto Yuto and Yui Rio before they were removed in the August 18th, 2018 build.
  • Reina only got her job at Akademi High recently.[4]
  • Reina is the only teacher to still have brown hair.
  • Even though her eyes (her hairstyle color still as of May 17th, 2019 Build) has been changed as of July 1st, 2019 Build, her portrait hasn't updated until July 18th, 2019 Build.
  • The only student that she still teach is Shima Shiya.




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