Raibaru Fumetsu
Student Info
Role Obstacle, Student
Class 2-1
Club No Club
Martial Arts (formerly)
Persona Protective
Crush None
Strength Invincible
Appears Week 1
Voice Hayden Daviau-Hunt

Raibaru Fumetsu is one of the female students who attends Akademi High School.


Raibaru has pale yellow-toned skin, flushed cheeks, orange-amber eyes, and a soft smile. Her bright orange hair is worn in two slightly curled pigtails. Her bust size is 1.5.

Raibaru wears the default female school uniform unless customized by the player. To keep her hair up, she wears ruffled pink and white polka-dotted scrunchies and a purple ribbon. She also wears black shoes with white loose socks.


Official Website

"Exactly one year before Yandere Simulator takes place, Raibaru was the president of the Martial Arts Club. She was a very good teacher, and taught many students self-defense, even if they weren't actually members of the club. Many students underestimated Raibaru due to her cute and girly appearance. A lot of students challenged her to duels, believing that they could easily defeat her...but until then she never lost a single match. She was very proud of her 100% win streak. It earned her the nickname of "The Indestructible Rival" by students and "Mysterious Obstacle" by Ayano Aishi, the player.

Raibaru's star pupil was Budo. Budo learned many things from his sensei Raibaru and held an immense amount of respect for her. At the end of the semester, Budo unexpectedly challenged Raibaru to a duel. She accepted his challenge, and to everyone's surprise, Budo defeated Raibaru, shattering the 100% win streak that she had worked so hard to maintain. However, Raibaru was not angry when she was defeated; she was relieved! For a long time, she had wanted to stop practicing martial arts and pick up another hobby, but she felt obligated to keep practicing martial arts just because of her winning streak. Now that her streak was broken, and one of her own students had surpassed her, she felt like it was finally okay to quit martial arts. Raibaru resigned as the club's president and promoted Budo to the position of club leader. All of her pupils were very sad to see her go, but they respected her decision and accepted Budo as their new club president.

After the school semester ended, Raibaru made a new friend - Osana Najimi. They spent a lot of time with one another and quickly became the best of friends. In fact, the two of them grew so close that they even started to wear matching accessories! At the point in time when Yandere Simulator takes place, it's extremely rare to see Osana without Raibaru at her side. The two of them have become almost inseparable, which makes eliminating Osana hard.

Even though she's not participating in the Martial Arts club anymore, Raibaru is still at peak physical condition and is more than capable of breaking bones in order to protect herself or her friends. This means that the safest place in school is at Raibaru's side and means that the player will have a pretty hard time with Raibaru around.[1]


"Osana Najimi's best friend. The two of them spend almost all of their time with one another. \ It’s worth mentioning this girl was the leader of the Martial Arts Club last year. Don't get on her bad side; you won't beat her in a fight... unless you resort to underhanded methods."


Raibaru appears to be serene, cute, and girly, but she is actually tough, scary, and brutal around criminals. Raibaru is only sociable and open to Osana Najimi, so even befriended and seduced students will refuse to distract her (which involves asking an embarrassing question) since they don't want to get on her bad side. Her friendship with Osana is so strong that she will refuse to talk to others and ignore auditory distractions such as giggling (but not laughing insanely) and the radio when hanging out with her so as to avoid ignoring her.

Among the personas currently implemented in the game, Raibaru has the Protective persona. She will ignore the camera if Ayano Aishi aims her camera at her, and if she witnesses a murder, she will angrily run to Ayano and Game Over apprehend her without starting any struggle mini-game; the latter will be instantaneous regardless of Ayano's Strength factor. She is able to sense, dodge, and apprehend anyone attacking her, whether by stealth or not. She also cannot be killed by mindslaves unless the mindslave in question is Osana. However, while being attacked by a mindslave, Raibaru is rendered vulnerable and Ayano can help the mindslave stab her, creating the only proper way of killing her with a weapon. Strangely, doing this will not cause anyone nearby, including Osana, to become witnesses and blame the murder on Ayano.

Raibaru retains a strong sense of justice and immense determination towards stopping people with the likes of Ayano, as demonstrated by her reactions to being attacked and witnessing the murder of others under Ayano's hands. To fulfill that strong will of hers, Raibaru is willing to do anything to stop a murderer, including breaking both the other's right arm and right wrist despite it not seeming necessary, as seen by how other characters usually apprehend Ayano in a more normal fashion.


Raibaru's topics are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Violence
  • Solitude
  • Gossip
  • Occult
  • Video Games


  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Gardening
  • Nature
  • Justice


  • Everything else.



Raibaru's reputation graph.

Raibaru's default reputation is +100.

Liked: 100

Respected: 100

Feared: 100



Most of Raibaru's routine involves her talking with Osana near the tree where Rival-chan stood at and following Osana around, even watching as Osana interacts with Taro Yamada.

Every morning, Raibaru will start off standing behind a tree, watching Osana's conversation with Taro. After their conversation ends, Osana will walk to where Raibaru is hiding and talk to her about how her conversation with Taro went. After both conversations end, Osana and Raibaru will head to their locker, change their shoes, and head to the tree to talk. They will walk to their classroom, Classroom 2-1 at 8:00 AM. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 PM.


Osana and Raibaru's conversation at the Plaza by the tree.

Raibaru and Osana leave their classroom at 1:00 PM for lunchtime. At lunchtime, Raibaru will eat on the rooftop with Osana and Taro. During lunch time, the player is able to poison her bento while she is distracted observing Osana. She and Osana will walk back to class at 1:30 PM.

At cleaning time, Raibaru does not clean anything by herself, but will instead continue to follow Osana between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM. After school, she and Osana will walk back to the tree and continue talking. At 5:15 PM, she changes her shoes at her locker and leaves school with Osana and Taro.

It is worth noting that Raibaru is programmed to always follow Osana by default, not just by interacting with her in her routine, but by literally being at Osana's side at all times. In fact, if she is too far away from Osana, she will run to catch up to her, and can pathfind to Osana even if she is not in her usual location. She will follow Osana to wherever a note asks her to go, and to the east fountain for matchmaking (although she will stand a short distance away to allow space for Kyuji Konagawa). If the player is somehow able to kill Osana without changing Raibaru's routine, she will be able to pathfind to Osana's corpse if it is not disposed of. While following Osana, she will ignore all distractions: the player cannot talk to her, and she will ignore giggling and the radio (though not laughing insanely).

If Ayano has accepted Budo Masuta's task and has not completed it, she will have the option to ask Raibaru to talk to them (which overrides the usual behavior of being unable to be talked to). When this happens, Raibaru will go to where the Martial Arts Club is training and talk to them for an entire period, thus leaving Osana alone.

If Raibaru has low enough reputation (at least -33), she will have a conversation with Osana telling her that she wants to leave her alone due to the rumors against her. Despite Osana's protests, Raibaru will permanently leave Osana alone.

If Osana has died or gone missing, she will go to the tree in the plaza she usually hung out with Osana and mourn. She will do this during lunchtime as well. During cleaning time, she leaves the school. When this occurs, she can be talked to like a normal student, and thus will give a (placeholder) task and can be befriended. However, Ayano cannot talk to her while she is sitting down. Raibaru will also use the bullied walk, even if her reputation is still high.

Depressed Raibaru

Raibaru mourning Osana. September 5th, 2020


On Monday, Osana and Raibaru will talk about Osana's interest in boys when they first arrive at the tree. Raibaru will mention that Osana likes boys with tans, while Osana will mention that she likes guys with ponytails, glasses and piercings, and that they have to be a cat person, although the person she likes isn't actually her type. When Osana has her conversation with her stalker at 7:30 AM, Raibaru will watch from a short distance away. After the call ends, Raibaru will ask her if everything is okay. To take her mind off of it, Raibaru will then lead Osana to check out each club.

At lunchtime on Monday, Osana will take out her bentos for her and Taro in the classroom. Raibaru will reassure Osana that Taro will like her bento before they go to eat lunch with him.

After school on Monday, Raibaru and Osana will talk behind the vents on the rooftop about her stalker. Osana will tell her about the stalker and his attempt to blackmail her. Raibaru suggests Osana to tell the police, but Osana tells her it that is not an option. Raibaru then offers to beat up the stalker, but Osana doesn't want Raibaru involved, leaving her worried.

On Tuesday, when Osana reads the book in the plaza at lunchtime, Raibaru will walk around the fountain stretching.

On Thursday, when Osana is taking a nap after school on the rooftop, Raibaru will accompany her to make sure no one disturbs her. Raibaru will cycle between writing in a notebook while sitting next to Osana and getting up to stretch at various spots. As Osana invites Taro to go to a movie at 5:30 PM, Raibaru, Osana and Taro will leave school slightly later that day.

On Friday, Raibaru will accompany Osana to the Computer Lab in the morning to make her playlist for Taro.


Osana Najimi

Main Article: Osana Najimi

Raibaru is overly close and protective of her best friend, Osana, with most of her daily routine revolving around following her friend around the school. Raibaru is, for all intents and purposes, Osana's personal bodyguard. Because of this, she is a great obstacle for Ayano should she wish to silently kill Osana. Strangely enough, she also stalks Osana's conversation with Senpai to give advice. The two are very close despite them having only met not one year ago. During Osana's week, Raibaru encourages Osana, shows her friend the clubs, cheers the other up, gives tips about Senpai, and offers to help whenever she overhears that Osana is in trouble.

Budo Masuta

Main Article: Budo Masuta

Budo is her former star disciple and the one who defeated her winning streak. She allowed him to succeed her as president of the Martial Arts Club as a reward for defeating her.


  • In earlier builds, if Raibaru was in the area while Osana was dead, she would always pursue Ayano regardless of the method used to kill Osana, even if Ayano was not witnessed directly committing murder.
  • In earlier builds, if Raibaru saw Osana's corpse, a glitch would occur where Osana's corpse would attach itself to Raibaru, causing her to appear to push it like a wheelbarrow. All the while, Raibaru would go towards the school's exit to warn her of the murder, ignoring the fact that Osana is dead.
  • Raibaru can be killed with fire, and if killed with fire, Raibaru's hair will turn black with yellow on the tips.


  • She is heavily based on Rival-chan and the many jokes surrounding her.
    • Her appearance is taken almost directly from Rival-chan.
    • Rival-chan and Raibaru both share the design of the Unity Asset character named Satomi Makise.
    • Her nickname as "The Indestructible Rival" is based on the "Indestructible Rival" video series on YandereDev's YouTube Channel. The video also stems from the concept that Rival-chan is literally indestructible, while Raibaru is also near-unkillable in the game.
    • Her backstory as Osana's best friend provides the reason for her extremely similar appearance to Osana. Rival-chan was also the original design for Osana.
  • Her name "Raibaru" (ライバル) is the katakana for the word "rival", while her surname "Fumetsu" (不滅) translates to "indestructible" or "immortal" in Japanese. This is further emphasized by her self defense level, which is currently set to Invincible, making it impossible for Ayano to directly kill her with a weapon. This currently makes her the most powerful proper character to appear in the game so far.
  • YandereDev has stated that she is a senior, since her backstory would not work out if she is a junior.[2]
  • She is not a fan of Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki.[2]
  • In the YouTube video revealing her identity, YandereDev revealed that Raibaru can be defeated, which is a necessary step to eliminating Osana. However, he also stated that while he usually explains things in detail like how to defeat Raibaru, he will not tell the game's players how to defeat her and instead leave the game's players to find out for themselves in order to provide an actual challenge to players, as opposed to them immediately finding out how to defeat her and easily beating her.
    • The way to defeat Raibaru is to send a mindslave after her and stab her while the mindslave is attacking her, as detailed in one of Info-chan's schemes.
    • YandereDev has stated that the player may be able to befriend her. However, there is currently no option to do so.[2]
  • Raibaru is not the one who put the Mysterious Tapes around the school.[3]
  • She is currently the only student with the Protective Persona.
  • Raibaru's verbal response to seeing Osana's corpse was originally Senpai's.
  • If she was put in-game before her official implementation and the player tried to have Info-chan send a text message to her to send her home, Info-chan would respond that she could not do so due to Raibaru's phone always silent.
  • It is possible to talk with her like a normal student if Osana is killed or missing. She can be befriended and asked for favors like any other student.
  • Even though there is only supposed to be one proper method of killing her (sending a mindslave after her and stabbing her while she's being attacked), it is possible to kill her via burning, poisoning and drowning. She is also technically able to be killed by electrocution and crushing (although doing so requires cheating or very specific circumstances). Additionally, since she can be talked to if Osana is killed, she can be killed in even more ways if this occurs. As with all NPCs, she is also able to be killed by Ayano via SNAP Mode.
  • According to YandereDev, she is just as strong as Osoro Shidesu.[4]
  • Raibaru cannot be sent home as she kept her phone on silent while at school and can't manipulate her with the message, according to Info-chan.
  • As of the September 16th Build, you can no longer make her remove the box cutter while she is talking to Osana.


Ah!! What are you doing?! Are you crazy?! I won't let you hurt me!
— Blocking the attack of Ayano.
What are you DOING?! STOP!!
— Witnessing a murder.
You won't get away with this!
— Running to apprehend Ayano.
I'm sorry, Osana, I overheard your phone call earlier. You sounded really upset. Is something wrong? / Please, tell me what's wrong. I'll listen. / You got a stalker? Oh my god, that's horrible! We need to tell the police before he does something bad. / What? What will he do? / What is it? Is he blackmailing you? Are you... hiding some kind of secret? / Osana, I try to avoid talking about this, but I'm actually very strong. If you tell me who is doing this to you, I'll stop them. / ...if you say so...but, now I'm really worried...
— Raibaru during her conversation with Osana on the rooftop.
Osana?! What's wrong?! Are you hurt?!
— Raibaru's words (Originally Senpai's) spotting Osana's corpse.
Osana!! Oh my god!! Osana!! Answer me!! Wake up, please, wake up!! Don't do this!! Oh, god!! This can't be happening!! NO!!
— Raibaru upon reaching Osana's corpse.
...hello...police? ...I'm...a student at friend is...dead...I'm not sure what happened...please...send someone...anyone...
— Raibaru calling the police after witnessing Osana's corpse.
Oh! I would be more than happy to visit the martial arts club! It'll be so nice to see Budo again! I'll head there right away! I'm sure Osana will be fine by herself for a little while, right?
— Raibaru's response if she wants to come back to Martial Arts Club again.'ve been would probably be for the best...if...
You don't understand...if you spend time around me, you'll become a target, too. I don't want you to get dragged into my mess.'s not your choice to make. I've already made my decision. Please...just let me be alone
— Raibaru lose a friendship with Osana.
Um...Osana? What exactly happened back there?
— Conversation with Osana if Osana and Senpai's conversation were interrupted by Ayano.
Osana? Is everything okay?
Okay. I'll wait until you're ready to talk.
Would you like to take a stroll around the school to take your mind off of it? You still haven't joined a club yet...maybe we can check out the clubrooms.
— Raibaru talk to Osana about Osana's phonecall.
What do you think of this club?
Have any thoughts about this club?
What's your opinion on this club?
How about this club?
Would this club suit you?
Can you see yourself in this club?
Do you think you'd enjoy this club?
Are you interested in this club?
Do you want to join this club?
What do you make of this club?
— Raibaru talk to Osana about her opinion of all clubrooms.




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