The radio in the Audiovisual Room. June 29th, 2016.

The Radio is an object that allows Ayano Aishi to distract students and teachers in order to avoid being caught doing suspicious activities.


Yandere-chan carrying the radio. June 29th, 2016.

The radio is depicted as a portable radio. It is colored a dark turquoise and has a gray handle. The front of the radio has a large speaker on its right side, while its left side features a frequency screen, and features both a volume and tuning dial. On the top of the radio, there is a on/off switch, a volume control, and a Saikou label imprinted on it. The radio can be brought everywhere around the school and is not seen as suspicious.

When turned on, the frequency screen will turn dark yellow.


The radio can be found inside the Audiovisual Room. When put down, the radio can be turned on. If turned on, it will play loud music. This will cause the nearest NPC to react, interrupting their routine to go turn it off. This can be used to distract someone in order to avoid being seen doing suspicious activities. The radio can also be used as a way to lure in a victim.

The song played by the radio


  • The radio was implemented in the April 1st, 2016 Build as a decoration prop for the Computer Lab. In the June 29th, 2016 Build, it was moved inside the Audiovisual Room and made functional.
  • NPCs without AI will not react to the radio.
  • Another radio can be found by the incinerator in a box. It plays the same music which is used for the delinquent easter egg.


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