Poisoning is a way to eliminate students or rivals without leaving any evidence incriminating the player.

On the schemes menu, the description is, "This scheme will end with your rival poisoned to death".


Location of Poison

The Lethal poison is located on the second floor in the western wing, in the Science Lab. The only way Ayano can successfully obtain poison is by having twenty study points invested in the Chemistry stat.

If she doesn't have Chemistry Rank 2, then she cannot take the poison from the shelf, even if the player knows its location. If the player is having trouble finding the poison, they can use Yandere Vision to pinpoint its location. The poison is circled in cyan.

Alternatively, poison can be obtained through the drops menu.

How to Poison

Ayano is able to poison most students (except Gema Taku, Miyuji Shan, The Bullies, and the student council members).

During lunchtime, most students eat lunch in the hallways near their clubrooms (except Gema Taku, Miyuji Shan, The Bullies, and the student council members), while others sit on the rooftop and cafeteria. If you go behind a wall and giggle, the student will get up to investigate (You could use a radio too). While they're behind there, you have the chance to poison their lunch. There are 4 different types of poisons you can use: Lethal, Emetic, Sedative & Headache. If you lace their lunch with a lethal poison, they'll die. If you do it with emetic poison, the student will quickly get up and head to the closest bathroom to vomit, with their hands clutched against their stomach. If you use sedative poison, the student will become drowsy and will head to the infirmary to rest. If you poison them with headache poison, the student will go the infirmary, ask Nasu Kankoshi for some pills, and sit on the infirmary's couch until lunchtime ends. While Nasu takes the pills for the student in the infirmary cabinet, the player has the opportunity to steal a tranquilizer from that cabinet, which can be used for kidnapping.


If a student sees the poisoned victim (Lethal Poison), regardless of their persona, they will run to a teacher (Note: this only happens in older builds, because in the newer builds of Yandere Simulator, they react to the poisoned student with their own persona (for example, social butterfly discover poisoned student will run to crowd place and call the police). If Senpai witness Osana poisoned, he will try to wake up Osana, but failed. Afterward, he will trigger the police timer, as he will call the police after trying to wake up Osana but failed. The teacher will contact the paramedics as well as the police, and the police timer will be triggered shortly afterwards. They may run to the nurse (Nasu Kankoshi/Muja Kina) in future versions.[1]

When the paramedics and police arrive, they will be unable to revive the student. They will treat the death as a murder case. They will then try to search for any corpses or weapons on the ground. If no other corpses or weapons are found, they will leave since they don't have enough evidence to perform an arrest. If weapons and corpses are found, the game will treat the other deaths as homicide cases and will begin to look for evidence for the deaths, along with the poisoned corpse. If Ayano hides a poisoned student's body but does not dispose of it by the end of the day, a teacher will still find the corpse and call the paramedics. The School Atmosphere will then decrease by ten points.

YandereDev has stated that in the final version of the game, other students will notice the person loudly choking to death instead of just ignoring them. Right now, this does not happen due to programming limitations.

Emetic Poison

Osana Najimi vomiting after ingesting emetic poison.

Emetic poison was implemented into the game in the January 3rd, 2017 Build. Emetic poison makes the victim sick, rather than killing them. When a student ingests emetic poison, they will run to a bathroom to throw up.

Emetic poison allows Ayano to sabotage rival events, or puts a rival in a more vulnerable position, such as hunched over a toilet.

Emetic poison is located in the Gardening Club's shed. It can also be obtained via the drops menu, but it costs 25 Info Points. In the future, the player will be able to buy an emetic from Buraza Town's convenience store.


  • Even if the teachers discovered the poisoned corpse, and call the ambulances and the polices (in case they assume that the poisoned corpse is actually murder), the game will fail to recognize that poisoned corpse will count as "murder corpse" (This is because the ambulance of reviving poisoned student is not taken place).


  • As of the January 17th, 2019 build, the player is now able to poison other students.
  • Gema Taku, Miyuji Shan, The Bullies, and Student Council members will not be possible to be poisoned in this method, as they haven't got their routine to eat bento (which means that they are impossible to be poisoned if the player attempt to poison them in mission mode).
  • Unlike the other students, if the player attempts to giggle so that Senpai will investigate it, his bento will not be on the bench. This is probably because it was possible to poison Senpai as of January 17th, 2019 Build.
  • Poisoning was implemented in the June 1st, 2015 Build.
  • The Poisoning event was originally in Tuesday instead of Wednesday, however, YandereDev moved it to Wednesday so the player can have enough time to invest at least 20 study points into Chemistry.[2]
  • In the future, the player may be able to poison a rival's water. The method would be challenging and would require a lot of stalking[3], though potentially rewarding if done correctly.
  • When Kokona Haruka gets distracted by Senpai, the player can turn on Titan Mode and Kokona Haruka's lunch will grow with her when she holds it.
    • This glitch is also shared with the knife.
  • The poison used is barium acetate, which works incredibly fast and is almost untraceable.[4] A $150,000 poison detection machine is required to detect it in autopsies and Buraza Town evidently does not have this item.[4]
  • If a majority of rivals are poisoned (or otherwise died and he knows about it), Senpai will worry that he is cursed and will not accept your love confession, in fear of you being killed.[5]
  • Monday is usually the only day where the player has a chance to have Raibaru poisoned.


Oh my god! Are you okay?!
— Any students witness a student been poisoned.
...Osana? Are you okay? What's wrong?! Hey! Do you need any help?!
— Senpai sees Osana been poisoned.
This is a tragedy...how could this happen...? I'll call the paramedics immediately.
— Teachers sees a poisoned student.



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