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Poisoning is a way to eliminate students or rivals without leaving any incriminating evidence.

On the schemes menu, the description is: "This scheme will end with your rival poisoned to death".


Obtaining Lethal Poison

Lethal poison is located on the second floor in the eastern wing, in the Science Lab. Ayano can only successfully obtain poison by having at least a Rank 1 Chemistry stat. If this requirement is not fulfilled, she cannot take the poison from the shelf despite the player knowing its location. As a note, the location of the poison can be pinpointed by using Yandere Vision, with the bottle of poison circled in cyan.

Lethal poison can also be obtained from Info-chan by using the Drops Menu. It costs 50 Info Points regularly and costs 10 Info Points in Mission Mode.

1980s mode

Lethal poison is located on the second floor in the eastern wing, in the Science Lab. Usually, you need a higher chemistry stat, but in 1980s mode both emetic and lethal poison are sitting on the counter. You can get sleeping tablets at the convenience store in town, lockpicking the infirmary cabinet, or from the insane asylum. Headache poison is not obtainable, hence why you may lockpick the cabinet.

How to Poison

Ayano is able to poison most students, with the exceptions being Gema Taku and Miyuji Shan (unless in Mission Mode), The Bullies (unless the pool is closed), and The Student Council members (unless fired in Mission Mode).

During lunchtime, most students eat lunch in the hallways near their clubrooms, while others sit on the rooftop and cafeteria. After distracting students by means such as hiding and giggling or using a radio, thus luring students away from their lunches, Ayano will have the chance to poison their lunch.

There are 4 different types of poisons available to the player for use: Lethal, Emetic, Sedative, and Headache. If the player laces a student's lunch with a lethal poison, he/she will die. If the poison is emetic poison, the student will quickly get up and head to the closest bathroom to vomit, with his/her hands clutched against their stomach. If one uses sedative poison, the student will become drowsy and will subsequently head to the infirmary to rest. If the poison used is headache poison, the student will go the infirmary, ask Nasu Kankoshi for some pills, and sit on the infirmary's couch until lunchtime ends. While Nasu takes the pills for the student in the infirmary cabinet, the player has the opportunity to steal a tranquilizer from that cabinet, which can be used for kidnapping.


Students will react to lethally poisoned victims according to their own Personas.

If Taro Yamada sees Osana Najimi lethally poisoned, he will try to wake her up to no avail. Afterwards, he will call the police, and then he will sob hysterically regarding Osana's death.

Teachers will react by contacting the paramedics as well as the police. The police timer will be triggered shortly afterwards. In future versions of the game, teachers may run to the nurse (Nasu Kankoshi/Muja Kina) instead.[1] When the paramedics and police arrive, they will be unable to revive the student but treat the death as a murder case. They will then try to search for any other corpses or weapons on school grounds. If neither are found, they will leave the school, having not enough evidence to perform an arrest. If weapons and corpses are found, the police will treat other disappearances as homicide cases and will begin to look for evidence regarding the deaths (along with the bodies, if the bloody weapons were what was found).

If Ayano hides a poisoned student's corpse but does not dispose of it by the end of the day, a teacher will find the body and react as described above. The School Atmosphere will then decrease by ten points.

Emetic Poison

Osana Najimi vomiting after ingesting emetic poison.

Emetic poison was implemented into the game in the January 3rd, 2017 Build. Rather than killing the victim, this poison instead makes the victim sick. When a student ingests emetic poison, they will run to a bathroom to throw up.

Emetic poison allows Ayano to sabotage rival events or put a rival in a more vulnerable position to be murdered (Ayano can drown a rival while she is hunched over the toilet).

It can be obtained via the drops menu, costing 25 Info Points. Rat poison, which has the same function as emetic poison, is located in the Gardening Club's shed. The player can also buy rat poison from Buraza Town's convenience store and bring it to school.


  • Poisoning was implemented in the June 1st, 2015 Build.
  • The January 17th, 2019 build made the player able to poison most students.
  • Senpai cannot be poisoned, with his bento disappearing when he goes to investigate strange laughter from Ayano.
  • The Poisoning event for Osana was originally in Tuesday instead of Wednesday; however, YandereDev moved it to Wednesday so that the player can have enough time to invest at least 20 study points into Chemistry.[2]
  • In the future, the player may be able to poison a rival's water. The method would be challenging and would require a lot of stalking[3], though potentially rewarding if done correctly.
  • In very old builds, there was an event where the paramedics are going to revive poisoned student (Currently only work on Kokona Haruka) but unable to revive them, though this no longer happen in demo builds for unknown reason.
  • When Kokona Haruka gets distracted by Senpai, the player can turn on Titan Mode and Kokona Haruka's lunch will grow with her when she holds it.
    • This glitch is also shared with the knife.
  • The poison used is barium acetate, which works incredibly fast and is almost untraceable.[4] A $150,000 poison detection machine is required to detect it in autopsies and Buraza Town evidently does not have this item.[4]
  • If a majority of rivals are poisoned (or otherwise died and he knows about it), Senpai will worry that he is cursed and will not accept your love confession, in fear of Ayano dying as well.[5]
  • Monday is usually the only day where the player has a chance to have Raibaru Fumetsu poisoned.
  • Poisoning is the canonical elimination method of Sumiko Tachibana.


Oh my god! Are you okay?!
— Any student witnessing another student being poisoned.
...Osana? Are you okay? What's wrong?! Hey! Do you need any help?!
— Senpai seeing Osana reacting to poison.
This is a tragedy...how could this happen...? I'll call the paramedics immediately.
— Teachers, when they see a poisoned student.