Placeholder Club Leaders
Placeholder chan april 2nd
Student Info
Role Student,
Club leader
Class Unknown
Club No Club
Persona Evil (as of 10/31/18)
Crush Unknown
Strength Unknown
Appears Unknown
Voice Michaela Laws[1]

The Placeholder Club Leaders were, as their name suggests, placeholders of the current club leaders.

YandereDev has stated that adding new students would have taken too long for the February 1st, 2016 Build, so he added these leaders as placeholders until the real leaders were modeled, voiced, and implemented. The Placeholder Club Leaders all had the same dialogue and couldn't be killed or affected by easter eggs.

Info-chan would not recognize them and Ayano couldn't take panty shots of them.


They all wore the default school uniform regardless of customization and were all female. They were entirely monochrome, except for the red armband of leadership on their left arm that all club leaders wear. Their short, shaggy, gray hair completely covered their face, but behind it, their eyes were completely black. They spoke in a hollow, robotic voice.

As of the October 14th, 2018 Build, all the leaders have been removed from the game. One exists as the Empty Demon in the demon realm.

As of the October 31st, 2018 Build, after activating the Empty Demon's ritual, all club leaders became empty husks, as they were when they existed.


The placeholders couldn't show emotion or any shred of humanity, as they were soulless. They would not react to murder or any suspicious activity. They only served to allow Ayano to join their respective clubs.

As of the October 31st, 2018 Build, the husk club leaders have the unused Evil persona.


Even though they were partially implemented, they stood in place all day.


  • The leaders were implemented in the February 1st, 2016 Build. A leader for the Gaming Club was implemented in the April 15th, 2016 Build.
  • In "Personalities and Photography", YandereDev called the leaders "nameless, faceless, soulless beings that will not react to murder or show any emotion".[2]
  • They were unaffected by any Easter Egg mode, and couldn't be killed or dismembered by the Pain Demon's ritual or the Flame Demon's ritual.
  • The characters on the club leaders' armbands are "部長", which translates to (club) leader.
  • As of the October 14th, 2018 Build, they have been removed from the game, as all the leaders are now implemented.
  • Their model was re-used for the Empty Demon.


— Talking to them.
— Deciding not to interact.
Join club?
— Asking to join the club.
You have joined the club.
— Joining the club.
Quit club?
— Asking to leave the club.
You have left the club.
— Leaving the club.
— Deciding against participating in club activity, joining and leaving the club.
You are already in a club.
— Trying to join the club after joining another.
Too early.
— Trying to participate in club activities too early.
Participate in club activity?
— Participating in club activities.
Beginning club activity.
— Participating in club activities.
Too late.
— Trying to participate in club activities too late.
You cannot re-join a club.
— Asking to join again after leaving the club.
You are banished.
— Being kicked out of the club because a member saw Ayano killing somebody.
You are not allowed to join.
— Trying to join the club if another member of the club sees the player killing anyone.
You are not welcome here.
— Trying to join the club if the club leader sees Ayano killing somebody. Unused.




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