Phone Addict is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator.

Profile Kokoro (3)

Kokoro Momoiro, a Phone Addict. November 19nd, 2019

If a Phone Addict student witnesses a corpse or Ayano murdering an NPC, they will snap a picture on their phone and run towards the school entrance. Phone Addicts will text the picture to the police. If they take a picture of the murder itself, Ayano will receive an instant Game Over. If they take a picture of a corpse, the police timer is triggered instead. When Ayano kills a Phone Addict who has taken a picture of her, she will have to destroy the phone as well, as the police can discover the incriminating pictures on the phone.

If any other student has their phone out while witnessing a murder or seeing a corpse, they will automatically take on the Phone Addict persona, regardless of their previous persona. However, they will take twice as much time to text the police.



Gaming Club


  • This persona was implemented in the February 2nd, 2018 Build.
  • This persona was first mentioned in "The Origin of Midori Gurin".
  • If multiple Phone Addicts are texting the police, the "Chase Camera" will follow the Phone Addict who is closest to finishing their text message.


Oh my god! This can't be happening!
— A Phone Addict witnessing murder.
Oh my god! Is that a dead body?!
— A Phone Addict seeing a corpse. do you, like, want something from me?
— When complimented while Ayano has a low reputation.
Well, I try to look my best!
— When complimented while Ayano has an average reputation.
Thanks! We should hang sometime!
— When complimented while Ayano has a high reputation.



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