Phone Addict is one of the many personas that appear in Yandere Simulator.


Kokoro Momoiro, a Phone Addict. February 2nd, 2018.


Phone Addict. February 2nd, 2018.

If a Phone Addict student witnesses a corpse or Ayano murdering an NPC, they will snap a picture on their phone and run towards the school entrance. Phone Addicts will text the picture to the police. If they take a picture of the murder itself, Ayano will receive an instant Game Over. If they take a picture of a corpse, the police timer is triggered instead. When Ayano kills a Phone Addict who has taken a picture of her, she will have to destroy the phone as well, as the police can use the pictures on the phone as evidence of her crimes.

If a student has their phone out while witnessing a murder or seeing a corpse, they will automatically take on the Phone Addict persona, regardless of their previous persona. However, they will take twice as much time to text the police.



  • This persona was implemented in the February 2nd, 2018 Build.
  • This persona was first mentioned in "The Origin of Midori Gurin".
  • If multiple Phone Addicts are texting the police, the "Chase Camera" will follow the Phone Addict who is closest to finishing their text message.


Oh my god! This can't be happening!
— A Phone Addict witnessing murder.
Oh my god! Is that a dead body?!
— A Phone Addict seeing a corpse.



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