Panty Shots

Panty shots are the currency that Ayano Aishi can exchange with Info-chan. They are completely optional[1] and have not been fully implemented yet.


Visibly Lewd HUD.


Info-chan will exchange Panty Shot Favors with Ayano if she has enough panty shots. Ayano can send photos of girls' panties to Info-chan by going prone behind them and taking pictures with her phone. Once all the conditions are fulfilled, the Visibly Lewd warning will appear at the top of the screen, and she will only get a few moments before she is caught.

If a student sees Ayano taking panty shots, she will get a reputation penalty of twelve points if her reputation is bad, ten if her reputation is neutral and eight if her reputation is good. The penalty will not be affected by School Atmosphere. The penalty will be applied every time she is seen taking panty shots. If she apologizes to the person who sees her, five points will be taken off the penalty. She can reduce reputation loss if she is friends with the student or her Seduction skill is over level 3.

If Senpai sees Ayano taking panty shots, he will become disgusted, resulting in a Game Over. If a teacher sees Ayano, she will be sent to the Guidance Counselor.

Most panty shots are worth five credits toward Panty Shot Favors.

Nasu Kankoshi's, the Student Council's, and the Bullies' panty shots are worth 10 credits.

If Ayano sends Info-chan a panty shot of the same girl twice, it will not count as another credit toward Panty Shot Favors. In the final version of the game, either Ayano can take multiple panty shots of the same girl, as long as they are wearing a different pair of panties[2] or Info-chan's prices will be more balanced.[3]

Midori Panties

When Ayano has taken a panty shot of a girl, a panty icon will display on their student profile picture.

YandereDev has stated that Ayano may be able to take panty shots of her own panties in the full game; however, this is only a possibility.[4] Ayano may be able to take a picture of a female Senpai's panties, but she will not be able to send them to Info-chan.[5]

In the future, Ayano may be able to take panty shots of unsuspecting teachers if their final character models wear skirts.[6]

After collecting enough panty shots, the player can give them to Info-chan in exchange for services, drops, or schemes.

In order to get a rival expelled, Ayano can steal a rival's phone from the Shower Room while they are bathing and use it to take a panty shot. She can then report this to the Guidance Counselor.


Using Kokona's phone. June 29th, 2016.


  • Setting Bugs will give you 5 panty shots.

An incorrect panty shot. June 3rd, 2016.

  • Stealing a female student's phone, having Info-Chan install software on the phone, and then placing their phone on their desk will give you 20 panty shots.
  • Info-chan will not recognize the panties of those with an incomplete AI, such as Rival-chan, the placeholder club leaders and the old delinquents.
  • A dismembered torso does not have any visible panties, so Ayano cannot take a picture of them.
  • Since phones won't be in 1980s Mode,[7] it is unknown how Panty Shot Favors will work or if they will be implemented in that mode at all.
  • Senpai has never bought a panty shot from Info-chan.[8]
  • Info-chan does not accept panty shots of deceased students.
  • Pressing P in the debug menu gives the player 17 panty shots.
  • Pressing Q in the debug menu replaces panties with a black shadow.
    • The player can still take panty shots.
  • As of the February 2nd, 2017 Build, Musume Ronshaku, Oka Ruto, Midori Gurin, Yui Rio, Yuna Hina, Koharu Hinata, Mei Mio, Saki Miyu, and Kokona Haruka all have different colored panties.
    • In older builds, Midori Gurin wore lime green panties, these were later returned along with green stockings.
    • Osana Najimi wears salmon pink stockings and panties.
    • As of the December 16th, 2016 Build, Nemesis wears black panties in Mission Mode.
    • In older builds, Musume Ronshaku and Oka Ruto were the only students to have different colored panties.
    • Kizana Sunobu wears purple rose patterned panties that match her stockings.
    • If the unknown student is added via JSON, she will have a shadow where her panties should be.
  • Mida Rana may not have any sort of negative reaction to the player taking panty shots of her due to her lewd personality.[9] This makes her the only faculty member not to be disgusted by Panty Shots.
  • As of now, it is possible to exchange panty shots for cash. You can exchange 10 panty shots for a wad of cash, which totals up to $100.
  • It's possible that faculty members' panty shots might be worth more.[10]
    • As of the February 7th, 2018 Build, Nasu Kankoshi's panty shots are worth 5 credits. The same goes for those of the Student Council Members and Bullies.


That's disgusting! Stop it, you creep!
— Caught by a regular student when taking panty shots.
What the hell are you doing? That's horrible! Stop it, you creep!
— Caught by Senpai taking panty shots.
I saw that! You disgusting pervert! How could you do such a thing? I'm taking you to the counselor immediately!!
— Caught by a teacher taking panty shots.
My, my! You really should be a bit more discreet about that sort of thing, darling. / You'd better be careful, dear... that's dangerous territory for a young woman. / Here's some advice, sweetie... next time, make sure that nobody is watching. / Goodness! You're bound to get into trouble if you keep that up, honey... / Tsk, tsk! You'll never learn unless you're punished for your mistakes. Come with me, sugar... we're taking a trip to the Guidance Counselor.
— Hypothetical dialogue if Ayano was found taking Panty Shots by Mida.
Oh, my! Has someone taken a liking to me? *Giggle* / You know, dear, all you had to do was ask... / Is this pose better for you, darling~?
— Hypothetical dialogue if Ayano was found taking Panty Shots of Mida.
Excellent! Now I have a picture of (NPC name)'s panties. I owe you a favor for this one.
— Info-chan responding to receiving a successful panty-shot.
I already have a picture of (NPC name)'s panties. I don't need this shot.
— Info-chan responding to receiving a shot of the same girl's panties twice.
Is this supposed to be a panty shot? My clients are picky. The panties need to be in the EXACT center of the shot.
— Info-chan's response to receiving an incorrect panty-shot.
How peculiar. I don't recognize these panties.
— Info-chan's response to Nemesis' panties before the July 15th, 2017 Build.
Wait...I recognize those panties! This person is extremely dangerous! Avoid her at all costs!
— Info-chan's response to Nemesis's panties.
A high value target! (NPC name)'s panties were in high demand. I owe you a big favor for this one.
— Info-chan's response to the Bullies', Student Council's, and Teacher's panties.



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