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Panties are a special type of accessory each female student wears in Yandere Simulator.

Change Panties HUD

Change Panties HUD.

At the beginning of each day, Ayano Aishi can change her panties by interacting with the drawer in her bedroom. At the start of the game only the plain panties(no advantages) will be in Ayano's drawer and the rest will either have to be bought at the lingerie store or found, like the old-fashioned fundoshi at the east japanese garden. Ayano can only put them on in the daytime. Different types of panties have different advantages that allow her to carry out various tasks with more ease, such as earning a reputation bonus or being able to commit murder with less risk of getting caught. When walking to the drawer, a pink HUD pops up saying "Change Panties". If the player skips the process of changing panties, she will wear the default panties (plain panties) which has no bonuses. If she is late to school she will also wear the default panties. Changing panties allows the player to plan what they will do on that school day.

Panties also serve as another gameplay element: if the player takes pictures of other girls' panties with her phone and sends them to Info-chan, they can exchange them for various favors.

As of the April 4th 2020 build, the player has to buy special panties(with bonuses) from the lingerie store.

Student Panties

Rival Panties

In the future, every rival will have unique panties.[1] The player will be able to unlock the rival's panties by eliminating her.[2] Wearing them will grant a unique unknown buff that no other panties have.[3]They are currently not implemented yet.

Types of Panties

Picture Quote Function
White Panties

Plain White Panties

"Only a boring girl would wear such plain panties!" No bonus. (Is the default panties that the player originally owns.)
Better Low Leg Panties

Low Leg Panties

"How do these even work?! They look like they could slip off at any moment!" Pools of blood created after murder will be smaller.
Better Girly Pink Panties

Girly Pink Panties

"Pink is the color of compassion, nurturing, and love." Ayano will receive a bonus when matchmaking two people.
Better Skimpy Sexy Panties

Skimpy Sexy Panties

"These panties are for the bedroom, not for school!" Ayano will receive a bonus when spreading rumors. The damage is always -2, unless combined with other variables.
Better Old-Fashion Fundanshi

Old-Fashioned Fundoshi

"Underwear for old-fashioned girls. SERIOUSLY old-fashioned girls." Ayano will receive a bonus when studying school subjects. She will progress to the next rank of that subject much faster. She will have ten study points every time she goes to class on time.
Sweet Strawberry Panties

Sweet Strawberry Panties

"A girl who wears these panties must be sweet, just like strawberries!" Ayano will receive a bonus when complimenting students. Her reputation will be increased to two points per compliment, unless combined with other variables.
Stealthy Black Panties

Stealthy Black Panties

"Black is the color of mystery, secrecy, and evil." Students will have a smaller range of sight - meaning that they won't detect murder or suspicious actions so easily.
Cute Kitty Panties

Cute Kitty Panties

"Ehhhhh? Nani? You're still wearing animal panties at your age?" Less reputation penalty when performing Yandere Actions.
Better Kawaii Moe Shimapan

Kawaii Moe Shimapan

"The reason these are so popular is because the stripes show off the curves of a girl's butt." Ayano will receive a bonus when apologizing to students. Ayano will gain 75% of reputation back.

Speedy Sporty Spats

"Spats can be worn as shorts or underwear. So, if a girl is wearing spats without panties underneath, and you see her spats, that technically counts as a panty shot! Are spats for sporty girls, or for exhibitionists?!" Ayano's running speed is increased to six meters per second, if not combined with anything else.[4]
Better Lewd Lacy Panties

Lewd Lacy Panties

"A high-school girl has no business wearing panties like this!" Ayano will leave less bloody footprints.
Pink Thongs

Tiny Thong Panties

"Senpai could never love a girl who wears such lewd underwear!" Ayano's sanity meter will decrease at a much slower rate. It will take ten kills to become completely insane, if not combined with other variables.

Original Panties

These panties were removed in the May 3rd, 2015 Build and replaced with newer, better models. The Speedy Sporty Spats, Cute Bear Panties, and the Stealthy Black Panties were present, but remain the same as the updated panties. The Kawaii Moe Shimpan panties were also present, but their design and effect was changed.

Picture Quote Function

Blood Red Panties

"Red is the color of passion! It is also the color of fire, danger, and blood." Pools of blood are smaller.

Pure White Panties

"Everyone knows that if a girl wears white panties, she must be a pure and innocent angel." Less reputation penalty for performing Yandere Actions.

Girly Pink Panties

"Pink is the color of compassion, nurturing, and love." Bonus when matchmaking.

True Blue Panties

"Blue is the color of trust, loyalty, and honesty." Bonus when spreading rumors.

Brilliant Cyan Panties

"Cyan is the color of wisdom, intelligence, and truth." Bonus when studying School subjects.

Cheerful Yellow Panties

"Yellow is the color of joy, happiness, and energy." Bonus when complimenting students.

Kawaii Moe Shimapan

"The reason these are so popular is because the stripes show off the curves of a girl's butt." The Sanity Meter will decrease slower.


  • The rest of the panty functions were implemented in the November 1st, 2015 Build, excluding the Girly Pink Panties, which function was implemented in the September 24th, 2016 Build.
  • Ayano will be able to wear the same kind of panties every single day for the entire game. Ayano always washes and dries her panties before she goes to sleep.[5]
  • In the August 16th, 2015 Build Midori Gurin was given green panties; her panties were later changed back to white, however as of the August 15th, 2016 Build she again wears green panties.
  • YandereDev has said that in the future, Ayano may be able to take a shot of her own panties and send it to Info-chan, but this has not been implemented yet.
  • A small town is implemented, so the player may have to buy some types of panties.[6] If not, then the player will have to perform certain actions to unlock achievements.[7]
  • The "Rainbow 6" girls wore matching panties to their hair color when they were implemented.
  • As the April 4th build, 2020 Build, the player has to buy panties from the lingerie store.



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