The Outdoor Cafeteria is a place where students may be able to eat in the future.


Out cafe

The area is located on the east side of the school, mirroring where the incinerator is. It has tables as seen in the cafeteria with small, partial, glass roofs covering them. There are three Vending Machines and two sinks next to them.


Currently, the use of the Outdoor Cafeteria is unknown but for now, Kokona Haruka takes her phone call here.

Via Notes, Ayano can convince students to come to this area at a certain time. From the rooftop, she can douse students below or crush them with the use of buckets.


  • It was implemented during the December 1st, 2018 Build.
  • If Ayano throws a bucket at a student from above at this area, and if Q is pressed while the bucket is falling, a view of the target will show as they get doused/crushed.
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