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Osoro Shidesu
OsoroNewestPortrait 3.png

Student Info
Role Rival,
Leader of the Delinquents
Class 2-2
Club Delinquent
Persona Lovestruck
Crush Senpai
Strength Invincible (Strongest student in the school)[1]
Appears Week 8
Voice Alexis Silvera

Osoro Shidesu is the leader of the delinquents and the eighth upcoming rival in Yandere Simulator.[2]


Osoro has unkempt, shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes. She wears the regular female uniform with black shorts underneath her skirt, along with a large, torn jacket hanging off her shoulders. She also has bandages on her muscular arms and legs as well as around her ankle. She has an 'X' shaped scar on her left cheek.

Osoro's appearance was first partially revealed in YandereDev's video, "October Update Preview". As of November 23rd, 2015, YandereDev has already designed the rival.[3]

As seen in the first teaser, she wore a torn male uniform as a cape. She has bandages on her arms and an adhesive bandage on her right leg. She has spiky blonde hair with raised tufts on the top. Under her skirt were baggy navy blue pants that end above the knees. She wore ankle socks.

She may be the heaviest character due to her height and muscle mass.[4]


"Osoro is the leader of the school's gang of delinquents. Very little is known about her past, or her goals. She has been known to be violent, so most people tend to stay away from her out of fear.

Osoro will be absent from school for a very long time, and will not make her appearance until the eighth week of gameplay. Against all odds, she will develop a bond with Senpai, who normally keeps his distance from people like Osoro.

Senpai and Osoro are polar opposites - so, what kind of experience could possibly cause them to form a friendship? What does Senpai know about her? What does he see inside of her? And what could stop their friendship from blossoming into something deeper?"[5]


She will most likely have the violent persona, making her unique among the rivals. If she witnesses the player committing murder, she will not run to Senpai, but will attack the player instead.[6] She will not be an evil character,[2] but she has been suspended from school for something gravely serious. She is the most dangerous girl in school (besides Ayano Aishi).[7]


Osoro's reputation graph.

Osoro's default reputation is -33.

Liked: -100

Respected: -100

Feared: 100


Though it is unknown at the moment, YandereDev has said that her routine will put her in close proximity to Senpai or other students.[8]


The topics towards Osoro are (Negative/Positive/Neutral) as follows:


  • Drama
  • Gardening
  • Reading
  • School
  • Family


  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Martial Arts
  • Violence
  • Money


  • Everything else.



Main Article: Senpai

As she will be a rival in the future, she will have a crush on Senpai. There will be a reason as to why she can win Senpai over even though she is a delinquent and will most likely have a low reputation. YandereDev will not spoil the reason on Twitter,[3] but apparently the two will grow some sort of bond together.[7]

Umeji Kizuguchi

Main Article: Umeji Kizuguchi

Umeji is trusted to lead the delinquents while she is absent, as her right-hand man.


Main Article: Suitors

In the future, Ayano will be able to matchmake Osoro with a suitor. Possibly one of the male delinquents, or Kizuguchi as his crush is listed as "?????" (unknown).


Main Article: Rivals

She feels indifference towards other rivals.[9]


She has five cronies in total, all male.


  • Osoro can be killed by a mind-slave, but it will be much more difficult than using a mind-slave to kill other rivals. If a mind-slave attacked Osoro, she would be able to defend herself. However, while Osoro is defending herself, Ayano will be able to sneak up from behind and stab her in the back. This would probably be enough to give the mind-slave the advantage and play out the normal "killed by mind-slave" animation.[10]
  • It will be more difficult to soak Osoro with a bucket, as she will have fast reflexes.[11]
  • Her name is derived from the phrase "恐ろしいです" (osoroshīdesu), which means "terrifying".
    • The word "Osoro" (おそろ) also means "Same", "Matching", and "Going Together".[12]
  • If Osoro saw Ayano taking a panty shot of her, she would run up to Ayano and start fighting her.[13]
  • YandereDev's current reasoning for her absence for the first 7 weeks of school, is that she was suspended for one week seven times.[14]
  • Osoro is involved in a side story with Genka Kunahito and the delinquents.[15]
  • YandereDev thinks that she could defeat Megami Saikou in a one-on-one fight.[16]
  • Her coat came from a student who attends high school in Shisuta Town.[19][20] She took it from him after she beat him up, along with all his other classmates that challenged her.[21]
  • After Megami, she is YandereDev's second favorite rival.[22]
  • Osoro's mother isn't alive.[23] The only things YandereDev could say about her would be spoilers.[24]
  • Strength-wise, she is pretty much tied with Budo Masuta and Aoi Ryugoku.
    • She is also just as strong as Raibaru Fumetsu.[25] In fact, she was shown to perform the same arm-breaking technique as Raibaru's when apprehending Ayano.[26]
  • She has a pet bird. You could consider taking care of her bird to be a hobby. Aside from that, she works out a lot.


Girls like you really get on my nerves. Get lost. That boy...he's the only one who...
— Osoro in "Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video". [27]
Who the hell do you think you are? Get out of here before I break your neck! That boy. He's the only person I can be my true self around.
— Alternate Osoro line for the "Rival Introduction Video".
...Keep it.
— Hypothetical dialogue of Osoro reacting to someone giving her a flower.[28]




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