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Osana Najimi is the first rival and one of the female students who currently attends Akademi.


Osana has orange eyes and orange hair tied into twin-tails reaching her knees, with the ends of her hair fading into a light blonde ombré. Her scrunchies, thigh-high stockings, and panties are salmon pink with white polka-dots, and she wears a red bow on the left side of her head. She has a bust size of 1.15.

She's 158.5 cm tall (about 5'2).[4]

If Osana is eliminated peacefully, she will appear in subsequent weeks with a shoulder-length bob cut, in reference to her conversation with Senpai on Thursday before school.

When outside of school, Osana wears normal casual clothing, but always incorporate stockings in some way.[5][1]


Osana and Senpai have been close friends ever since they were very young children. They have always lived next-door to each other, and have always walked to school together.
Despite their closeness, Osana is quite rude and harsh towards Senpai; she is always easily irritated and quick to anger when he is around. The reason for this behavior is because Osana has developed romantic feelings for Senpai, but she is afraid of letting him know how she truly feels about him.
She doesn't want him to know how she really feels about him, so she is mean to him at almost every opportunity. However, her true desire is to confess her feelings to him underneath the cherry tree behind the school...and if nothing stops her, that day will come very soon.

— Description on Official Website.

Among the personas that are currently implemented, Osana is Lovestruck. If she witnesses a murder, she will run to Senpai and inform him that Ayano is the murderer, which causes an automatic Game Over. She will happily pose for the camera if Ayano aims her phone's camera at her face. Osana will only agree to go to the Matchmaking spot or follow Ayano if she has a high reputation and Raibaru is not around, suggesting that she doesn't trust others easily. Osana will also refuse to follow Ayano if she is a delinquent, but she can still be intimidated into doing other favors. If Raibaru is missing or dead, Osana's walking animation will change and she will mourn her death in the plaza before and after class.

In the Mission Mode, Osana is a Loner. If she witnesses a murder or sees a corpse, she will flee school and call the police. Her reaction to Ayano's phone camera is the same as in the Story Mode.

Osana is based off the tsundere character trope found in Japanese anime and manga. She acts hostile and irritated towards Senpai to conceal her romantic feelings for him, although her true personality appears to be kind and friendly as she acts as such towards other students. She has a tendency to softly speak of her affections towards Senpai in between her aggressive outbursts towards him, and also frequently expresses her kinder side during her events with Senpai.

Osana's embarrassing secret is that she used to write fan-fictions where she romances boys from her favorite anime. According to Kokoro Momoiro, her username was "The Ginger Ninja" on fansmut.jp.

She is implied to be self-conscious and worrisome, as she often speaks to Raibaru on the topic of romantically pursuing Senpai, unsure of whether or not she has been too desperate or harsh with him. However, Osana will willingly follow Ayano if she has a high reputation, even if Ayano has only spoken with her to complete her task. Although this behavior suggests that Osana easily believes her fellow students, it can be considered unusual that she exhibits gullibility despite her implications of issues with trust. For these same reasons, it is also unknown why Osana is able to become good friends with Raibaru even though they only met last school year.

Osana appears to be a popular student due to her high reputation. She is close friends with Raibaru, another popular student, and is seen sunbathing with the Bullies. She states during her confession that many boys ask her out, suggesting that she is also considered attractive.


Osana is an only child.[6] YandereDev doesn't imagine her mother to be a tsundere.[7]

Osana and Senpai attended the same middle school, and they live right next to each other.[8] They have known each other for over a decade.[9]



Osana and Raibaru's conversation at the Plaza by the tree.

At 7:07 AM, Osana enters the school grounds along with Raibaru. She walks to her locker at 7:09 AM and changes her shoes. At 7:20 AM, she goes into the Plaza and talks with Raibaru.

At 8:00 AM, Osana walks into Classroom 2-1 and sits at her desk. She starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM, and leaves the classroom at 1:00 PM before going to the Rooftop to eat her lunch with Senpai and Raibaru.

Osana walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates in cleaning time between 3:43 PM and 4:00 PM. During cleaning time, Osana cleans the Fountain in the Plaza with Taro and Raibaru nearby.

At 5:15 PM, she heads to her locker and changes from her indoor shoes to her outdoor shoes and walks home with Raibaru and Taro.

Screenshot (141)

Osana mourning Raibaru. September 14th, 2020

If Raibaru has died, she will go to the tree in the plaza where she usually chatted with Raibaru and mourn her death. She will still eat lunch with Senpai during lunch and will still clean the fountain during cleaning time. After school, Osana goes back to the tree to mourn. Alternatively, after Osana loses a friendship with Raibaru, she will spend her free time walking around the school. She also does this in Mission Mode as well.


At 7:00 AM, Osana will argue with Senpai about his waking habits. Afterwards, Osana will ask Senpai to meet her on the rooftop at lunchtime. He accepts.

At 7:03 AM, Osana and Raibaru talk about how harsh Osana acts around Senpai. At 7:12 AM, she will go to her classroom. Osana will place two bentos on her desk. She worries that Senpai won't like the lunch she made for him, but Raibaru encourages her, and the two go back to the plaza.

At 7:17 AM, Raibaru will ask Osana about the boy she likes, Taro Yamada. Osana will say that Senpai is not her type, but she still developed feelings for him over time. Raibaru then asks what she likes in a guy. Osana will say that she likes guys with tan skin, ponytails, glasses, and piercings. She also values intelligence, and says that any guy she dates has to be a cat person.


Osana talking to her stalker on the phone.

At 7:30 AM, Osana will have a phone call with her stalker, after which Raibaru will ask her if everything is okay. Osana will say that she isn't ready to talk about her personal problems just yet. They decide to talk about it on the rooftop when classes are done. Raibaru asks if Osana would like to take a stroll around the school with her to look at the clubs, and Osana agrees. At 7:37 AM, Osana and Raibaru will go to each club room, from the first floor to the third, then back down and around the outside of the school. Raibaru will ask Osana's opinion on each club, and Osana will answer.

If Raibaru was not present during the phone call, Osana will go back to the tree in the plaza.

At 1:00 PM, Osana will give Senpai a homemade bento for lunch. If Ayano does nothing, Senpai will love it, but if Ayano puts emetic poison in the food, he will run to the bathroom to throw up. At 3:30 PM, if Raibaru witnessed the phone call, Osana and Raibaru will talk about the phone call she had with her stalker earlier. If she didn't, the private conversation will not happen.


Osana reading book

Osana reading the book at the fountain.

At 7:00 AM, Osana will ask Senpai about his book, which was given to him by his sister. Senpai lets her borrow the book and Osana promises to take good care of it. At 7:03 AM, Osana and Raibaru will talk about the book that she borrowed from Senpai. At 1:02 PM, Osana reads the book at the fountain in the school's plaza. After a short period of time, Osana will take a break and stand up to stretch while walking around the fountain, with Raibaru beside her. This gives Ayano an opportunity to shove the book into the water while Osana has her back turned. After stretching, she will either continue reading or find Senpai's book in the water. After Osana realizes that the book is damaged, Osana will sit on a bench near the fountain and eat lunch with Raibaru until lunchtime is over.

At 5:29 PM, Senpai will ask Osana what she thought of the book. If the book was not damaged, she tells him that it was way more interesting than she thought, and they walk home together. If Ayano damages the book, Senpai will be disappointed in Osana, and he will walk home by himself.


At 7:00 AM, Osana asks Senpai why he spends all his time in the plaza. She then tells Senpai that she will find a better, more soothing spot. At 7:03 AM, Osana and Raibaru will talk about the conversation with Senpai.

At 1:04 PM, Osana will take a photo of the east fountain, the same one used for the Matchmaking elimination method. Ayano has an opportunity to steal Osana's phone and use it to take pictures of another girl's panties. At 5:21 PM, Osana will show the photo to Senpai. If her phone was not stolen, Senpai will tell Osana that the pictures are great, and they walk home together. If Ayano used the phone to take dirty pictures, Senpai will be disgusted and walk home by himself.


While walking to school together, Osana and Senpai have a conversation about nightmares. At 7:00 AM, Osana asks Senpai if he could go to the movies with her after school. He agrees, since he does not have any plans. They agree to meet up at the school entrance at 5:30 PM.

At 7:03 AM, Osana and Raibaru will talk about Osana's date with Senpai. At 7:11 AM, Osana tells Raibaru that she is hungry because she woke up late and skipped breakfast. Raibaru tells her that she should get a snack from the vending machine, but Osana didn't bring enough money. As part of the "Expulsion" elimination method, Ayano can use this opportunity to frame Osana for vandalizing school property. If Ayano sabotages the yellow vending machine, then gets her some chips from the red vending machine, Osana will get thirsty and try to get a soda. When the machine doesn't work, Osana will get frustrated and kick the machine, then head back down to the plaza.

At 1:03 PM, Osana and Raibaru sunbathe by the pool with the bullies. At 4:11 PM, Osana will take a nap on the rooftop so she doesn't fall asleep during the movie, and Raibaru sits next to her to make sure that nobody bothers her. Ayano has an opportunity to turn off Osana's phone alarm when Raibaru gets up to stretch. If Ayano does not turn off the alarm, it will go off at 5:30 PM, and Osana will run downstairs to meet Senpai at the gate. If Ayano does turn off the alarm, Osana will stay asleep until 6:00 PM, and Senpai will go home after getting tired of waiting.


At 7:00 AM, Osana and Senpai will talk about their favorite types of music. Senpai says he likes classical music while Osana likes J-pop and J-rock. Senpai doesn't like that kind of music, so Osana decides to make a pop music playlist for Senpai to listen to on the rooftop at lunchtime. At 7:03 AM, Osana and Raibaru will talk about the conversation with Senpai. After talking about it, Raibaru warns Osana that Musume Ronshaku wants to talk with her about something. At 7:15 AM, Osana and Musume will talk about Osana's stalker, who she mistakenly believes to be Osana's boyfriend.

At 7:25 AM, Osana will go to the Computer Lab to make a mixtape for Senpai. If Ayano recorded the conversation with Musume, she has an opportunity to steal Osana's phone and replace the music with audio that makes it sound like Osana is saying hurtful things about Senpai. At 1:00 PM, Senpai will listen to Osana's playlist. If Osana's phone was not stolen, Senpai will say that he likes Osana's favorite music, and they will eat lunch together. If Osana's phone was stolen, Senpai will hear the audio and become angry, causing him to go back to his class while Osana eats lunch alone.

At 5:00 PM, Osana will go to Senpai's locker and leave a note asking him to meet her under the cherry tree. If the player matchmakes her, she will go to Kyuji's locker instead. Osana will then run to the Confession Tree and wait for Senpai or Kyuji. She will then confess her love to him. If she confesses to Senpai, he will either accept her feelings or reject them. If she confesses to Kyuji, he will accept her feelings.


Main article: Tasks

Osana Najimi lost her cat-shaped phone charm in the hedge maze. Find it and return it to her.

The charm can be found in the middle of the hedge maze. It will not spawn unless the player has accepted the task.


The topics Osana feels Negative/Positive/Neutral towards are as follows:

Positive Negative
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Gardening
  • Cats
  • Drama
  • Occult
  • Science
  • Video Games
  • Violence



Main Article: Taro Yamada

Like most rivals, Osana has a crush on Senpai and will confess her feelings to him on the Friday of the first week. Osana and Senpai have been close childhood friends. They regularly spend time together, meeting in the morning and at lunch every school day. She, Senpai, and Hanako all played together when they were younger.[10] As a result of being childhood friends with Senpai, they have no initiation interaction in game.

Despite being his childhood friend, Osana prefers to refer him as 'Senpai' instead of his name. According to YandereDev, Osana is enamored with the concept of having a "senpai" at school and falling in love with him. It's not exactly a "fetish", but it's a concept that she finds to be super romantic. It was probably inspired by an anime she watched, or an otome she played. In reality, she uses the -senpai honorific with him because it's part of her romantic fantasy of falling in love with an upperclassman.[11]

If Osana entered a relationship with Senpai, she would give him "tough love". She would lecture him about leading a carefree life and encourage him to pursue a career that involves one of his interests. This would eventually lead him to become an author or a horticulturist.[12]

If all the rivals were in school in the same week, Osana would probably end up with Senpai.[13]

If Senpai knew who killed Osana, he would want to see that person imprisoned immediately.[14]

Raibaru Fumetsu

Main Article: Raibaru Fumetsu

Raibaru and Osana have been best friends before the start of Week 1. They spend all their time together and never separate from one another, despite only meeting one year ago. Raibaru follows Osana everywhere she goes, and will watch Osana's interactions with other students. She will instantly apprehend Ayano if she attempts to murder her or Osana, so Ayano has to use a clever strategy to get her out of the way. She serves as a great obstacle for Ayano.[15] She will also react negatively when Ayano gossips about Raibaru.

In Mission Mode, Osana and Raibaru are not friends each other anymore because they had a fight. According to YandereDev, Raibaru probably made a remark that Osana interpreted as insensitive over Taro's death. She probably didn't even say anything that bad, but Osana over-reacted at something small because she was emotional with her childhood friend's demise, or something along those lines.[16][17]


Hanako Yamada
Main Article: Hanako Yamada

Osana, Senpai, and Hanako played together when they were children.[10] Osana might be the only person that Hanako would be willing to "give" Senpai to since she wouldn't see Osana as competition, a threat, or an enemy.

Hanako would be very sad if Osana died.[18]

Kyuji Konagawa
Main Article: Kyuji Konagawa

Osana's suitor is Kyuji and as of the demo, Ayano can matchmake Osana with him. However, completing the Death Demon ritual will reveal that he likes her only for her looks and not her personality.

If matchmade with Kyuji, she will tell him about her problems with her stalker. He will offer to go to the stalker's house. The stalker will chicken out, return her cat, and will never bother Osana again.[19]

If she witnessed you killing Kyuji while she was matchmade, she will try to apprehend you.


If she saw Kyuji's corpse, she will mourn the death of her lover like the way Senpai does, without any dialogue.

Osana's Cat

Osana deeply cares about Kika[20], her cat. Ayano can save Kika from the stalker to either befriend or betray Osana.

Osana's Stalker
Main article: Osana's Stalker

Osana's stalker is a boy who is crazily obsessed with Miyuki, a famous anime girl that just so happens to look like Osana. He thinks that Osana can be the "conduit" to Miyuki entering the real world, so he kidnaps Osana's cat to blackmail her.

Completing Death Demon ritual will reveal that Osana fantasizes about murdering him.

Main Article: Info-chan

In the Yandere Simulator intro, Info-chan states that she wants to see Osana suffer, suggesting that Info-chan feels deep hatred towards Osana. Although, there is a possibility that Info-chan simply likes to see people suffer.

Kokona Haruka
Main Article: Kokona Haruka

They don't encounter one another very often, but they've been friendly whenever they've interacted.[21]

Osana's Other Friends

Osana has many friends besides Raibaru and Taro, but none of them attend Akademi. They spend time together on weekends or online.[22]


  • Her original look in very early versions of the game was almost identical to Raibaru Fumetsu.
  • Osana's design was inspired by anime characters such as Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night. Her twin-tails and stockings, in particular, were inspired by Michiru Matsushima from The Fruit of Grisaia.[23]
  • She is the second tsundere character to be introduced by YandereDev, the first being Tsundere-chan from Kuudere Simulator. YandereDev has said that Osana Najimi is "Tsundere-chan with an actual design that had effort put into it." [24]
  • At one point, YandereDev considered splitting Osana into two characters - a gentle childhood friend with Rival-chan's appearance, and a tsundere childhood friend. They wouldn't have been sisters, however, as that would mean eliminating one might affect the other so strongly that she couldn't consider dating.[25]
  • Along with the official demo of Yandere Simulator, Osana was released in the August 31st, 2020 Build.
  • Her "trademark" color is "probably" orange, but her favorite color is salmon or persimmon pink, like her scrunchies and stockings.[26]
  • In the final game, Osana may tease Senpai about how he stands under the cherry blossoms all day, a reference to how long Rival-chan was under the cherry tree.[27]
  • Osana will not be able to get harassed by the bullies if her reputation was -33 or low enough. This is because the bullies would fear Raibaru's presence, so they will only harass and bully Osana if Raibaru is absent from school.
  • Her birthday is August 31st.[28]
  • She watches cat videos.[29]

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Uh oh...I should take this call in private...

— Osana receiving a phone call from her stalker.

Hello...? / UGH! I told you to stop calling me, you creep! / How many times do I have to say it? I'm! Not! Interested! / If you don't stop bothering me, I'm gonna call the cops and- / ...wait...what...? Are you...serious...?! / Okay. Okay, fine! I won't call the police. / Look, this is a bad time for me. We'll talk about this later. Just...don't do anything rash, okay? / ...ugh...why did something like this have to happen...

— Osana talking on the phone with her stalker.

Well...no...but...I'm...not sure if I should say anything yet...I need some time to think...
I might be ready to talk about it when classes are done for the day. Somewhere...private. Maybe...the rooftop? Behind the airvents?
Yeah...yeah, that sounds nice. Let's do it

— Talking to Raibaru after talking to her stalker on her phone.

Ugh! You can be such a pain, Senpai!
I can't believe you overslept again! It's just like back in middle school!
I'm not your personal alarm clock, you know! You can't rely on me to wake you up every day!
...n...no...that...that's not what I...
...just forget it, okay?!
ANYway, I want you to meet me on the school rooftop at lunchtime. Got it?
Stop being so difficult! Just be there, alright? And don't keep me waiting!

— Osana and Senpai Monday morning conversation.

I know...I feel so bad about it...but, I didn't do it on a purpose! It just...happened.../Every time I think he's about to realize how I feel about him, I get afraid he'll reject me.../It makes me feel so scared...I started saying stuff to make him think I don't like him!/ Why do I have to be this way...? Why can't I just be honest with him.../I sure hope so...

— Osana and Raibaru's conversation on Monday.

Now that you mention it, yeah - there is something I need help with. I lost my phone charm - it's in the shape of a cat. I know that I lost it somewhere in the hedge maze - but I don't wanna go back in there. It's scary! I'm worried I'll get lost and be stuck in there for hours... I feel bad for asking, but... would you be willing to go into the hedge maze and get my phone charm for me?

— Osana asking Ayano to find her phone charm.

Really? You'll do it? You're a lot more brave than I am! Good luck!

— Accepting Osana's task.

Yeah, I don't blame you... I don't want to go anywhere near the hedge maze ever again...

— Denying Osana's task.

Oh my gosh! You actually found it! Wow - that's amazing! Thank you so much!

— Completing Osana's task.

Is this a bad idea? Maybe I shouldn't do this... what if he doesn't like it...?
I hope so...I just...I just wanna make him happy...

— Osana pondering about giving Taro Yamada a bento.

It's funny, actually...he's not my type at all. I just...slowly developed feelings for him over time. I didn't even realize it was happening.
Well...I think it's kinda hot when a guy has a ponytail. I think boys with glasses are SUPER cute. And if a guy has piercings...ahh...I just melt!
Um - Don't get me wrong! Looks aren't everything! For example: I can't get along with someone if they're dumb as a rock. So, really, the most important thing is intelligence.
Oh! And, he has to love cats! If he's a dog person...we're completely incompatible.

— Osana talk about her type of the boy she like with Raibaru.

It's a bento, stupid!
D...don't get the wrong idea! I didn't make it for YOU! I just... made too much food this morning. So, you can have the extras!
Just...shut up and eat it!

— Osana giving Senpai a bento

...r...really...? ...y...you like it, Senpai...?...
...That's right! You SHOULD be grateful! But don't expect me to keep giving you free food!...u...unless you want to eat my cooking every day...
I...I didn't say anything! D...dummy!

— Osana reacting to Senpai liking her meal.

Huh? What do you mean?
Hey! You shouldn't insult a girl's cooking, you dummy!
Huh?! Senpai, wait!...oh, no... what did I do wrong...?...

— Osana reacting to Senpai disliking her meal.

Okay, Osana...it's time...you can do this!

— Osana prepares her bento for Senpai at lunch.

So, Senpai, why do you spend so much time in the school plaza?
...I...I think the most soothing place is next to someone you care about...
...n-nothing. But, doesn't it get boring to spend most of your time sitting in one spot?
Oh, yeah? Challenges accepted! I'll prove that I can find a better spot!
Don't underestimate me! I'll show you, Senpai!

— Osana's and Senpai's Wednesday morning conversation.

Oh my god...I blew it! This is so....embarrassing! Just...kill me!
We were having a perfectly nice conversation, and then...I turned it into some... stupid competition or something! Grr, what was I thinking?!
Ahhhhh...okay...I'll try. Thanks, Raibaru...you always know what to say in times like this...

— Osana's and Raibaru's Wednesday morning conversation.

...oh! This place is perfect! Senpai would love it in here!

— Osana at lunchtime on Wednesday.

Hey, Senpai - I want to show you something! Take a look!
What? What is it? What's wrong?
What are you talking about? Let me see.
What the...What IS THIS?! How did this get on my phone?!
Wait! I didn't take these pictures! I swear! You gotta believe me!

— Osana's and Senpai's sabotaged Wednesday after-school conversation.

Hey, Senpai - I want to show you something! Take a look!
...r...really...? ...y...you think so...?
...Well, of course! I told you I'd find the best spot in the school, didn't I?
...m...maybe we can check it out together sometime...
I-I didn't say anything! C'mon, let's get out of here already.

— Osana's and Senpai's original conversation after school on Wednesday.

Hey, Senpai...do you ever have...recurring nightmares?
Sometimes, I have dreams where...somebody ties my hair around something really heavy, and...throws it into the ocean. I get dragged into the water and...drown...
No way! It took years for my hair to get this long; I wouldn't cut it because of a scary dream...
I made a promise to myself not to cut it until...a certain idiot stops being stupid and realizes how I feel...
A-anyway, if our dreams really do have meaning...what does your dream represent?

— Osana and Senpai's conversation before entering the school on Thursday.

Hey, Senpai - a guy like you doesn't have any plans tonight, right?
Good! Then you're going to see a movie with me.
I...Idiot! It's not a date! I was gonna go with my friend, but she had to cancel. You're only coming with me so that her ticket doesn't go to waste. Got it?
Good! It's settled, then. Meet me here at 5:30 so we can leave in time to see the film!
...ooh...a date with Senpai...!

— Osana and Senpai conversation at the morning on Thursday.

He! Said! YES! It's actually happening! I'm going...on a date...with Senpai!!
The last three times I went to a theater to watch a movie...I fell asleep and woke up during the credits. What if it happens again...during my date?! I'd die of embarassment!!
Ah - that's a brilliant idea! The school rooftop is really peaceful after cleaning time - I'll take a nap there!
By the way - you still interested in sunbathing at the pool during lunchtime?

— Osana and Raibaru conversation at the morning on Thursday.

I woke up late, so I had to skip breakfast this morning...I'm starving!
Oh, I would LOVE a bag of chips right now...but that machine is was overpriced. I don't have enough money with me.
Plus, I think some of the machines around here are just plain broken! Sometimes I put coins, and nothing comes out! I swear, I'm gonna kick the next machine that steals my money...
Ahh, don't worry about it...I'll be fine...

— Osana complaining to Raibaru about her being hungry.

I don't want to fall asleep during the film...I'll just take a quick nap...Just gotta set my alarm, and...done!

— Osana setting her alarm before taking a nap and going to the theater with Senpai.
  • Yawn* ...oh! Gotta meet Senpai!
— Osana waking up if the player didn't turn off the alarm on Osana's phone.

I'm glad you didn't keep me waiting...for once in your life! Come on, let's get going!

— Osana starting to leave school and going to the theater with Senpai.

Senpai, what kind of music do you like?
So, a bunch of old dead guys? You've got some pretty strange tastes, Senpai...
J-pop and J-rock, obviously!
You just haven't found the right bands yet! I'll put together a playlist for you to listen to at lunchtime.
I'll be waiting on the rooftop! Don't be late!

— Osana's and Senpai's conversation on Friday morning.

I already knew what kind of music he listens to...but I asked him anyway, to guide the conversation where I wanted it to go. The important thing is, it worked!
Thanks for the heads-up! I won't hide from her. I'll just talk with her, and...get it out of the way! Whatever she wants, it can't be THAT bad.
I'm sure it'll be fine! I just hope it's over quickly...so I can hurry to the computer lab and put together a mix tape for Senpai!

— Osana's and Raibaru's conversation on Friday, and if Musume Ronshaku is present at school.

Phew...I feel like I actually made it through a conversation without embarrassing myself for once...
Long story short, I'm making a mix tape for Senpai! I'm gonna head to the computer lab and put it together right away!

— Alternate Osana and Raibaru's conversation at the morning on Friday if Musume is not in school.

What? HIM? Ugh, No way! That guy's a total creep! I wouldn't date him if he was the last man alive on earth! He can go jump off a cliff for all I care!
O-oh...h...him...?...he's just my...childhood friend...it's not like I...like him, or anything...

— Osana and Musume's conversation on Friday.

He's just my childhood friend.
What? HIM? Ugh, No way! That guy's a total creep! I wouldn't date him if he was the last man alive on earth! He can go jump off a cliff for all I care!

— The doctored audio of her and Musume's conversation.

Seriously? Beethoven? Time to drag you into this century, Senpai...

— Osana at the computer lab on Friday.

Okay, Senpai! Time for you to hear what REAL music sounds like!

— Osana and Senpai conversation at the lunchtime on Friday.

Told you so, Senpai!
There's plenty more where that came from!

— Osana reaction of Senpai love hearing J-pop and J-rock on Osana's phone.

Huh? Wait, Where are you going?
geez...does he hate pop music THAT much?

— Osana realize that Senpai dislike J-pop and J-rock on Osana's phone if Ayano put a doctored voice recording on Osana's phone.

...you...you kept me waiting...you dummy...listen up, okay? Because...I have something...really important to say...
...you know...a lot of boys ask me to go out with them...but...I always turn them down...it's not like I'm not like interested in boys...I just didn't feel like dating anyone...except for one person
...someone who's always been there, right next to me...up until now, I always thought of you as just a childhood friend...no...I was just trying to tell myself that, because I was afraid to admit my feelings...but...I finally realized...I can't keep lying to myself, and lying to you...I have to be honest with my feelings...this is...so embarrassing, but...I can't stand just being friends anymore! Listen up, okay?! Because...it takes a lot of courage to say this! I...I love you, you idiot! Iloveyoumorethananythingelseintheworld!
...I...I don't get it...I should be so happy...but I can't stop crying... You're...being honest, right?
I'm...I'm so happy... Please...never leave me...you big dummy...

— Osana confessing to Senpai and getting accepted.

...wh...what...?...is this...because of the way I've treated you...?
I...I can...I can change... I, I can, I can stop...I, I can...

— Osana confessing to Senpai and getting rejected.

Ow! That hurts!

— Osana about to get decapitated by the fan.

Ahh, the sun feels so good today!

— Osana starting to sunbathe on Thursday

...a little nap won't hurt... *yawn*...*snore*...

— Osana napping while sunbathing.

Ahh...I must've dozed off...
Okay, ahh! That's enough for today!

— Osana finishing sunbathing on Thursday.

It's tempting...I'm hungry...but it doesn't feel right. Maybe later?

— Osana refusng to accept a salty snack from the vending machine from Ayano.

Whoa, that was close! Thanks for the heads-up, Raibaru!

— After Osana dodges buckets of gasoline.

Senpai...do you remember what we were talking about this morning?
It...didn't work out...so, just forget about it, okay?

— Osana talking to Senpai after her phone is never returned on Wednesday at around 5 P.M.

I...well...yeah...I do have a problem, but...I'm not sure if you'd be able to help me... / A few days ago, in Shisuta Town, this weird guy approached me and started flirting with me... / He was really creepy and gross, and I wasn't interested in him at all...it took forever to make him leave me alone... / The next day, I started getting text messages from him...even though I never gave him my phone number! / The worst part is, he keeps texting me pictures he's taken of me...it's like he's just following me around snapping photos all day! / No! I can't do that! He told me that if I got to the police, he'll...he'll... / I...I don't wanna tell you, but...calling the police is not an option! / No, it's nothing like that... / What...? No! I don't want you to get involved! Look, I appreciate your concern, but...please...just...let me deal with this myself.

— Osana during her conversation with Raibaru on the rooftop.

Raibaru?! What's wrong?! Are you hurt?!

— Sees Raibaru's corpse.

Raibaru!! Oh my god! RAIBARU! Answer me! Wake up...please...wake up...don't do this! Oh god...! This can't be happening! No! NO!!!

— Running up to Raibaru's corpse.

...he...hello...police...? I'm...a...student at Akademi.....my friend is...dead...I'm...I'm not sure what happened.....please....send someone....anyone...

— Calling the police about Raibaru's death.

Don't. I know what this is about. It's those stupid rumors, right? I don't care what people are saying. You're my friend. I'm not going to abandon you.
I already told you: I don't care! I won't desert a friend just because of some petty drama!
Raibaru, I...(sigh)...I can't talk you out of this, can I? ...well...if you change your mind, let me know. I'll be at your side in a heartbeat.

— Lose a friendship with Raibaru.

I'm sorry, I wouldn't be comfortable with that. I just...don't know you well enough. Maybe if there were more people at our school who were willing to vouch for you...

— Attempting to have Osana follow Ayano or court her to the matchmaking spot if Ayano's reputation is average or low, and Raibaru is gone or teaching the martial arts club

I'm sorry, I can't do that right now. I'm hanging out with my friend.

— Attempting to have Osana follow Ayano if Raibaru is talking with her.

Are you trying to intimidate me? Well, it won't work! Go away!

— Attempting to have Osana follow Ayano as a delinquent by intimidating her.

...oh! This place is perfect! Senpai would love it here!

— Osana about to take a photo of east fountain on Wednesday at lunchtime.

What's that book you're always reading, Senpai?
What's it called? What's it about?
...r...really...? You...you'd let me...
...I...I mean, of COURSE I'd take good care of it! That's obvious!
Yeah, I will!

— Osana and Senpai's conversation on Tuesday.

It actually went...surprisingly well! He let me borrow something - a book. It was a gift from his sister.
Nah - I'll wait until lunchtime. I'll read it at the fountain...in the same spot where he spends most of his time. It'll make me feel...closer to him.
Right - I'll take good care of it!

— Osana and Raibaru conversation on Tuesday.

Okay, let's see what's so special about this book...

— Osana start reading Senpai's book at lunchtime

Here's a good stopping point...woo, time for a break!
Just a quick stretch...

— Osana take a break after reading Senpai's book

Now, where was I...?

— Osana continue reading Senpai's book if Senpai's book is not damaged

Oh! Better go back to class

— Osana stop reading Senpai's book and heading to her class

Oh, no! The book! Senpai's gonna be so mad...

— Osana realized Senpai's book is damaged

It was actually...way more interesting than I expected. Thanks for letting me borrow it!
...y...you should spend more time with me...instead of reading old books...
I -I said, "There are better novels than this old book!" Anyway, let's get going already!

— Osana And Senpai Conversation on Tuesday After School if Senpai's book is not damaged.

No! I'm not the one who did this! I would never steal from anyone!

— Osana trying to defend herself after being framed for theft.

Huh? I don't smoke! I don't know why something like this was in my bag!

— Osana trying to defend herself after being framed for smoking.

What? I've never taken any pictures like that! How did this get on my phone?

— Osana trying to defend herself after being framed for panty shots.

W-wait, I can explain! It's not what you think!

— Osana trying to defend herself after being framed the vandalizing the school's property.

Huh? I don't know why something like this was in my desk!

— Osana trying to defend herself after being framed for cheating

N-no! Please! Don't do this!

— Osana implores the counselor not to expel her.

Huh? You're the one who wanted to meet me?
Your note said that you wanted to talk about...blackmail?
No - you've got the wrong idea. I mean...yeah, someone is stalking me, but...he's not blackmailing me!
He's...he's got a...he's got a hostage...he's threatening to harm them if I go to the cops...
Ugh...I know you're not going to able to take me seriously after you hear this...
It's my cat...my pet cat. He kidnapped her, and he says he's going to kill her if I call the police...
He says that if I want my cat back, I have to go to his house...but I know that if I step foot inside his home, he won't let me leave...
Well, yes, but -
Why? What are you planning to do?
W-what?! Don't try it! He's a dangerous person!
You don't know what you're getting yourself into!
Oh, fine...I just want this horrible experience to end, one way or another. I'll text you his address...
But, don't blame me if you get hurt...and don't let anything happen to my cat!

— Osana and Ayano's conversation.

Ugh, seriously?! Who did this?! This isn't funny!

— Osana after getting splashed by water from the bucket.

What is this?! Is this blood?! Where did all this blood come from?!

— Osana being splashed with blood

What...is this?! It smells like Gasoline!

— Osana being splashed with the gasoline.

Ugh! Now I have to change my clothes, what a waste of time!

— Osana about to go to the shower room after being dumped with water.

This is bad...I need to wash this stuff off right away!

— Osana going to the shower after being splashed with blood.

Hey! What are you trying to do? Keep your hands to yourself!

— Osana caught Ayano for tampering her phone

Um, excuse me? We're trying to have a private conversation here! (sigh) Never mind, we'll just...talk later.

— If Osana's conversation has been interrupted.

Um, EXCUSE me, we're TRYING to having a private conversation. (sigh)...Nevermind Senpai...We'll finish this later.

— Alternate Osana's line if her conversation with Senpai has been interrupted.

Everyone in this club seems really nice, and I've always wanted to get better at cooking! Right now, it's kinda my top choice...but I think I should check out the other clubs before I decide.

— Osana describe her thought about the Cooking Club

Uh...I dunno...the people in this club are kind of...well...I don't want to sound rude, but...they're just...not my crowd.

— Osana describe her thought about the Drama Club

Ugh...this place gives me the creeps, I'm not even sure why the school allows this club to exist. Next club, please...

— Osana describe her thought about the Occult Club

Seriously? Video games? *Scoffs* Really? Who still plays video games after middle school? Like, grow up already!

— Osana describe her thought about the Gaming Club.

I guess I don't really have a strong opinion about it either way. I mean, I'd consider it, but...it wouldn't really be my first choice, you know?

— Osana describe her thought about the Martial Arts Club

Ooh, this club is so cool! Everyone here is so talented! But...I can't play any instruments, so...I wouldn't really fit in. I think I'd better look for a different club...

— Osana describe her thought about the Light Music Club

Hmm...well, it could be fun, but I've never really thought of myself as an artist. I'm sure it's a nice club and all, but...I think another club would be a better fit for me.

— Osana describe her thought about the Art Club

Oh, I've heard about these guys. Their club is supposed to be about photography, but they spend all their time just goofing around. No...I'd want to be in a club that takes itself seriously.

— Osana describe her thought about the Photography Club

...what's with this place, anyway...? It wasn't here last year...the doors are always locked, but it sounds like there's someone inside...ugh...it gives me the creeps. Let's go...

— Osana describe her thought about the Info Club

Huh, Oh man. The only place that might scare me more than the Occult Club. I'm genuinely worried that one of their crazy experiments is going to blow up the school one day.

— Osana describe her thought about the Science Club.

You know, I actually think this club looks really fun! But...it would be really awkward to be the only girl in the club. I guess I'll pass.

— Osana describe her thought about the Sports Club

You're...joking, right? I'm going to assume that was a joke. Please, let's get out of here...I don't feel safe around them...

— Osana describe her thought about the Delinquents

Oh, this is another one of my top choices! Everyone here is so friendly, and I've always wanted to try gardening! I'll give it some thought.

— Osana describes her thought about the Gardening Club

Well, I'm not ready to decide which club I want to join...but I feel way better after taking a walk with you. Thank you so much for being there for me!

— Osana after describe her thought about all of the clubs

Huh? ...where's my phone? Did I leave it in the classroom?

— Osana realized her phone was missing.

Oh! So it was right here the whole time...

— Osana found her phone.

Really? I'm happy to hear that! Sometimes I worry about what kind of impression I make on people...

— When Kyuji tells Osana that she seems nice.

...um...was that supposed to be a compliment? You're...not very good at this, are you...

— When Kyuji tells Osana that she looks sexy.

Hmph! Well, I plan to keep my hair the way it is for now!

— When Kyuji tells Osana that she looks cute with short hair.

I'm glad to hear that! I can get pretty self-conscious about my hair...

— When Kyuji tells Osana that her twin-tails suits her.

I couldn't agree more! I'm getting tired of people trying to pressure me into joining their club...

— When Kyuji tells Osana that the "Go-Home Club" is the best.

...ugh...you too...?...I'm pretty sick of hearing people say that...

— When Kyuji tells Osana that she should join a club.

...uh...why don't you go talk to her, then...

— When Kyuji tells Osana that Raibaru is cute.

She is! She's my best friend, and I'm so glad I met her!

— When Kyuji tells Osana that Raibaru seems nice.

Oh, thanks! It's really nice that the school gives us the freedom to customize our uniforms a bit.

— When Kyuji tells Osana that her stockings are nice.

...wait...what?! You...ugh!! I ought to break your nose, you creep!

— When Kyuji tells Osana that her panties are nice.

Ugh, seriously?! Whatever, I'll read it later.

— Osana after a stink bomb was thrown at her before she sat down on the fountain.

Ew! Something STINKS! Gonna hold my breath until it's gone...

— Osana holds her nose after the player throws a stink at her in her pool event.

Hey! She's my friend! Don't say anything weird about her!

— Osana rejects Ayano's gossip about Raibaru Fumetsu.

I'm telling the truth! I didn't steal the answer sheet! I don't know why it was in my desk!

— Unused Osana's voiceclip while trying to defend herself for cheating during the expulsion process.


Oh my god - That's my cat!
I can't believe it...y-you really rescued her!
Now I can finally report that scumbag to the police!
I will! And one last time...thank you!

— Osana surprised that her cat is rescued by Ayano.

You have a nice place, Yan-Chan!
Where are your parents?
So, you take care of yourself?
That must be hard...
I want to thank you again for rescuing my cat...
...and saving me from that stalker!
That was a horrible experience...
...I'm so glad it's all over!
I can't imagine what it's like to become obsessed with someone after meeting them for the first time...
It doesn't make any sense!
I'm shocked that there are people in this world who would be willing to harm a cat just to get what they want!
That's insane! He said he loved me, but...
I don't think it was love.
It was just a sick, twisted obsession that he BELIEVED was love.
It makes me feel sick!
But, starting tomorrow...
I won't have to worry about it anymore.
It's all thanks to you!
Thank you!
Oh - I just realized I've been rambling this entire time.
You said you had something important to tell me, right?

— Ayano's and Osana's conversation at Ayano's house before school.

H...huh?! I don't have a crush on him!
H-he's just my childhood friend, that's all!
I-I don't have feelings for him at all!
Confess your...love?
Are you saying that...you have feelings for him?
You got me...
...it's true...
...I do have feelings for him...
...after everything you've done for me...
...I could never take someone away from you...
Okay...I'll do as you've asked...I'll stay away from him...
But...you'd better take really good care of him, okay?!

— Osana during the final phase of the Befriending elimination method.

Huh? I...I...don't...I don't have a crush...on...
...something's...wrong...I feel so...s-sleepy...
Wh-why are you...smiling...huh...

— After being served drugged tea as part of the Betrayal Method.

...huh? ...what is this? ...why am I tied to a...chair?! Why are you doing this?! This isn't funny! Lemme go! Lemme go right now!

— After Ayano betrays Osana.


N-no! W-why are you asking ME?! I-it's not like I like him or anything! I don't even NEED a Senpai! I wouldn't date YOUR Senpai! D-don't ask me any more questions! Baka!

— Osana talking to Ayano in "I Want My Senpai Back".

Did you oversleep again!? UGH! You ALWAYS keep me waiting! D-don't get the wrong idea! It's not like...I LIKE you, or anything! ...d...dummy...

— No source provided.

Geez, stop pushing yourself. You're going to get yourself hurt one day, you idiot. / D-don't get the wrong idea! It's not like...I LIKE you, or anything! ...d...dummy...

— Alternate Osana line for the "Rival Introduction Video".

Ugh, you can be such a pain, Senpai!

— No source provided.

Just forget it, okay?! Anyway, I want you to meet me on the school rooftop at lunchtime! Got it?

— Osana in "Kuudere Simulator 3".

A flower? For me? Really? ...idiot! What a stupid gift! What do you expect me to do with this?! I'll put it in my hair for the rest of the day - but ONLY because I don't have anywhere else to put it! It's not like I WANTED a flower from you or anything! Baka!

— Hypothetical dialogue of Osana reacting to someone giving her a flower.[32]


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