August 2nd, 2016.

Notes are an important game mechanic in Yandere Simulator used for asking a student to come to a designated location at a specific time.

Notes play an important role in the faking suicide and befriending processes. However, they can also be used for other things such as leading a student to a isolated area.

The option to write a note is currently given after learning new information from an event. The information gathered must be used with the note to have the desired effect. Electing a topic that the target is not interested in will result in the student throwing away the note. The player is able to write a note on a different day if the student rejects the original note.


The note is pink and written in black cursive. The note automatically comes with sentences that have blanks that the player can fill in.


January 3rd, 2016.


The player can unlock the ability to write a note by listening to Kokona's conversation with Saki Miyu on the north western side of the rooftop. Once the player gets the "Learned New Info" HUD, they are able to place the note in Kokona's locker. This note will allow Kokona to meet up in any designated spot or time available. The note cannot choose a time that has already passed.

As of the 20th February 2018 build, Yandere-chan can write a note to Horuda Puresu to talk about bullying.

As of the 15th February 2019 build, Yandere-chan can leave a note in any student's locker.



January 3rd, 2016. The options for topics.

If Yandere-chan picks the wrong topic, the student will crumble up the notes and throw it onto the floor, if the topic is correct, the student will go to the designated location and time. Before the February 15th 2019 build, the topics were as follows:

Topic Currently usable? Respondent
Anime No None
Manga No None
The Internet No None
Video Games No None
My feelings No None
Bullying Yes Horuda Puresu
Low grades No None
Pregnancy No None
Drug Addiction No None
Domestic Abuse Yes Kokona Haruka

As of the February 15th 2019 build, the topics are as follows:

Topic Currently usable? Respondent
Making friends Yes Loners
Low grades Yes Teacher's Pets
Fighting evil Yes Heroic students
Suspicious activity Yes Sleuths
Juicy gossip Yes Bullies and Social Butterflies
Social media Yes Phone Addicts
Your sister Yes Either Basu Sister
The supernatural Yes Occult club members
Compensated dating Yes Kokona Haruka
?????????????? No Unknown



January 3rd, 2016. The options for places.

This will determine where Yandere-chan will meet their target, provided that she has selected the correct topic and time.

Yandere-chan can either talk to the student about their issues, use an elimination method on them, or ignore them. Certain elimination methods require the target to go to specific locations.


Main Article: Rooftop

If the player chooses to meet on the roof, Yandere-chan can either offer help or can use the fake suicide elimination method on chosen student. If Yandere-chan has Rank 2 in the Language skill, she can leave a convincing suicide note and the police will write it off as a suicide and thus the case will be closed.


Fake suicide, rooftop method. February 17th, 2016.


Main Article: Fountain

If the player chooses to meet at the fountain, Yandere-chan can either offer help or drown the chosen student by grabbing them and holding them under the water for ten seconds.

2-8-2016 - FountainDrown

Drowning Kokona. February 8th, 2016.

Storage Room

Main Article: Storage Rooms

If the player chooses to meet in the first floor storage room, Yandere-chan can either offer help or kidnap the chosen student by using a syringe with tranquilizer inside.


The first floor storage room.

Behind the School

If the player chooses to meet behind the school, Yandere-chan can either offer help or easily kill her chosen student, as there are currently no witnesses.


Offering help behind the school.



January 3rd, 2016. The options for time.

Yandere-chan will not be able to meet the chosen student at any time before the current time. If the player selects a time, such as 3:30 PM, they will not receive the note until they arrive at their locker.

In the future, if the player asks a rival to meet when she has a scheduled event, they will react to the note by saying, "Too bad. I can't meet them. I already have plans."[1]

Original Plan for Matchmaking

Main Article: Matchmaking

The original plan for matchmaking was to place fake love letters in a rivals' and suitors' lockers. This could not work, as both would realize that they never wrote letters to each other and the mission would fail.[2]


  • In the future, Yandere-chan may be able to write notes to Senpai explaining how much she loves him. They would have to be anonymous since Yandere-chan is too shy to let Senpai know about her feelings. It is a low priority at the moment.[3]